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AUERBACH, Anthony ; SANDEMAN, Michael AUERBACH, Anthony ; SANDEMAN, Michael Reciprocal Puzzle Vargas Organisation 1999 Multiples & Ephemera 20€ 20€
BRENER, Alexander; SCHURZ, Alexander BRENER, Alexander; SCHURZ, Alexander Bukaka spat here Vargas Organisation 2002 Artists' Writings 12€ 12€
DAUČÍKOVÁ, Anča DAUČÍKOVÁ, Anča Scene Book Vargas Organisation 2014 Artists' Books / Artists' Writings 18€ 18€
HOME, Stewart; SCOTT-BOLTON, Andrew HOME, Stewart; SCOTT-BOLTON, Andrew Market Forces: Or Why Despite My Money-Grabbing Change In Career Trajectory It Is Impossible For Me To Sell Out To The Institution of Art Vargas Organisation 2014 Zines / Scenes 10€ 10€