October 13 2019 04:00PM
SUNDAY brainwaves: Age of Sand, a publication by Lisa Radon

Come over this afternoon to hear the great Lisa Radon read from her new publication !
Age of Sand is a book of log entries that imagines impossible interconnectivities, rewritings and rewrightings of the digital and…

ACKER, Kathy
Constamment effrayée par le nuage noir je me marie avec

Quelques textes inédits de Kathy Acker avant ses trente ans, traduits par Elodie Petit et Claire Finch. 

ACKER, Kathy
Kathy Acker (1971-1975)

First critical edition of Kathy Acker’s unpublished 1971-1975 early writings, the book features also the transcription and presentation of Acker’s two 1974 experimental videos.

† C. Finch - Introduction † A. Sondheim…

SMITH, Clark Ashton; ANZUONI, M.E.; DE KIIPT, Enzio (eds.)

Finally collected in a signature single standalone edition, Clark Ashton Smith's Averoigne is a testament of temptation and transcendence: corrupt sellswords, vengeful sorceresses, and time-warping dissident priests…

Mono Kultur (ed.)
Mono Kultur #47 Iris van Herpen

I. At the end of Iris van Herpen’s Haute Couture Fall 2018 show titled ‘Syntopia’, an otherworldly, bird-like creature ambled down the runway with intricately layered wings that undulated like a stingray’s fins underwater.…

BERTOLOTTI Francesca; BAILEY, Stuart; LATRONICO, Vincenzo; REINFURT, David (eds.)
The Serving Library Annual 2019/20 (Bruno Munari Obvious Code)

The 2019/20 issue of The Serving Library Annual is entirely devoted to Bruno Munari. At its core, the first English translation of Obvious Code, the 1971 collection of Munari’s own writings, sketches and poems…

Re-Printed Matter

First published in 1996 and for a long time out-of-print. New expanded edition presenting almost sixty years of the Dutch master practice!

TERZIS, Panayiotis; BECKHORN, Cullen (eds.)
An Unknown Power

Androgynous angelic beings emerge from blinding white light. A commanding voice booms from an unknown source. The veil of everyday reality is lifted to reveal primordial worship rituals performed by beings both monstrous…

Autumn’s Sun

In the mid-80s, Connors took a partial break from music and focused instead on the art of haiku, for which he received the Lafcadio Hearn Award in 1987. With his wife Suzanne Langille he also co-wrote an article on blues…

MUSHAKAVANHU, Tinashe, MUTITI, Nontsikelelo (eds.)
Some writers can give you two heartbeats

Writers in Zimbabwe talk less to each other about their craft than perhaps they should. Some Writers Can Give Yuo Two Heartbeats is an eclectic and indispensable treasury of wisdom from Zimbabwe’s literary masters…

The Undying

"Now that I am undying, the world is full of possibility. I could write a book in which nothing is left out, or write a book of undying litterature in which everything that is missing shows up as the shadow of its own…

STAGG, Natasha
Sleeveless. Fashion, Image, Media, New York 2011-2019

“If we have no gender, we have no women. Lately, we like the idea of obsession. Straight men are obsessed with sex, gay men are obsessed with form, women are obsessed with themselves, the internet is an obsessive habit.…

Anthea Hamilton

Hamilton's artist book comprises a series of images collaged from personal photographs, found images and computer-based drawings as well as a short talk with her daughter.

HOPPS, Walter
The Dream Colony. A Life in Art

An innovative, iconoclastic curator of contemporary art, Walter Hopps founded his first gallery in L.A. at the age of twenty-one. At twenty-four, he opened the Ferus Gallery with then-unknown artist Edward Kienholz, where…

YAGO, Dena
Fade The Lure

Hello there. So very happy to hold this new publication today.
Fade the Lure is a collection of poems and photographs created between 2014 and 2017, during Dena Yago’s experience working and living alongside…

Texte Zur Kunst 29/115 (Septembre 2019) Literatur

In the current issue of Texte zur Kunst, “Literature,” we explore the emergence of the genre “autofiction”: a field in literature that has taken up space between the formally distinct categories of fiction and autobiography.…

Les Ordures Ménagères

Sa buche avait prédit
L'âpreté de la lutte
Elle marchait loin devant
Mais je sentais son souffle
Les chemins intenstins
De cette île légendaire

RITTER, Morgan
Free Charger

Most generous, profusive, beautiful and crazy artist's book by the loveliest magical presence in Portland, Oregon. This object contains 9 works written over the past decade, poetry and text written in the entirety of Morgan’s…

Private Book #7

Seventh volume in Karma’s 11-volume facsimile printing of Lee Lozano’s “Private Book” project. Lozano (1930-99) has marked conceptualism with a severe sense of the body and the political. As she retreated from the art…

NEFZGER, Jürgen; THOREAU, Henry David
Bure (ou la vie dans les bois)

In Bure, a small French commune in the Meuse department in the Grand Est region, French and German opponents of nuclear power have been campaigning for decades against the construction of a permanent disposal site for…

The Albertine Workout

Marcel never says the word "lesbian" to Albertine. He says "the kind of woman I object to."
Albertine denies she knows any such women. Marcel assumes she is lying.

The Albertine Workout

Cooking Sections; PASCUAL, Daniel Fernández; SCHWABE, Alon
The Empire Remains Shop

“Empire shops” were first developed in London in the 1920s to teach the British to consume foodstuffs from the colonies and overseas territories. Although none of the stores ever opened, they were intended to make previously…


In 1974, women in a feminist consciousness-raising group in Eugene, Oregon, formed a mock organization called the Ladies Sewing Circle and Terrorist Society. Emblazoning its logo onto t-shirts, the group wryly envisioned…

TREMBLEY, Nicolas (ed.)
Wade Guyton

Monographie présentant une trentaine d'œuvres inédites réalisées spécifiquement pour un double projet curatorial, avec un essai, sous la forme d'une enquête, de Tristan Garcia. Publié à l'occasion des expositions de Wade…

COX, Ines

In the book SAVE Ines Cox protagonizes the volatile and seemingly unimportant steps of the digital (working) process and reveals them as printed matter. The elements which appear in the book are the result of…

CURA (ed.)
Cura. n° 31

Cura. 31 is devoted to 22 women artists and features essays on Rebecca Ackroyd, Farah Al Qasimi, Bianca Bondi, Maja Čule, Nikita Gale, Ilana Harris-Babou, Jamila Johnson-Small, Valerie Keane, Jade Kuriki Olivo (Puppies…

Bad Writing

For a “wild writing,” a boundaryless etching into the future unknown, a writing that is inherently frameless, it becomes all about extension – the self no longer a self but a vehicle, the writing a trajectory extending…

The Disintegration of a Critic

Jill Johnston—cultural critic, auto/biographer, and lesbian icon—was renowned as a writer on dance, especially on the developments around Judson Dance and the 1960s downtown New York City scene, and later as the author…

MÜLLER, Andreas; KÄHNY, Lydia; LICHTENBERG, Sophie; WERBICK, Aaron; WEIRICH, Maxim (eds.)
Re-reading the Manual of Travelling Exhibitions

Published by UNESCO in 1953, The Manual of Travelling Exhibitions is a handbook on organizing touring exhibitions. Aimed at museums and other public institutions, it formulates a “grammar” of how to exhibit, ranging…

Telling Invents Told

The latest release by the excellent Visible Press is a collection of writings by artist and filmmaker Lis Rhodes! The book includes the influential essay, “Whose History?” alongside texts from works such as Light Reading,…

SUO WU, Annie
A Cookbook of Invisible Writing

This wild book is an introduction to analog steganography, a type of secret writing that is hidden in plain sight. It is an invisible ink colouring book, recipe book, puzzle book and artistic research book. This book also…

HOFF, James (ed.)
Top Ten: 1998-2008

Top Ten: 1998–2008 is a new edition of the long-out-of-print publication by James Hoff.

In almost every issue since April 1998, Artforum has asked an individual from the art world to compile a top ten list of their…

PAGLEN, Trevor
From the Archives of Peter Merlin, Aviation Archaeologist

Continuing his ongoing work with geography, state secrecy, and military symbology, Trevor Paglen has selected coins, patches, models, and other objects from the archive of Peter Merlin—a historian, technical writer, and…

La Sagesse des Nations

Publié à 20 exemplaires, La Sagesse des Nations est un Hentai sur les bulles duquel viennent se superposer des dialogues issus de la pièce de thêatre Le Balcon de Jean Genet (1956).

LOCKWOOD, Annea; KNOWLES, Alison (eds.)
Womens Work

Originally published in the mid-1970s, Womens Work was a magazine that sought to highlight the overlooked work of female artists working at the cusp of the visual arts, music, and performance. The magazine was…

Comptes rendus photographiques des sorties des Naturalistes en lutte sur la ZAD de Notre-Dame-des-Landes, août 2015 – avril 2017

“Les sorties organisées par les Naturalistes en lutte les deuxièmes dimanches de chaque mois étaient ouvertes à tous. Venait qui voulait avec son savoir et ses compétences et les mettait en commun, les partageait. On venait…

LEE, Pamela M.
The Glen Park Library. A Fairy Tale of Disruption

In October 2013, twenty-nine-year-old Ross William Ulbricht was arrested at the Glen Park Public Branch Library in San Francisco, accused of being the “Dread Pirate Roberts” and mastermind of a dark net drug marketplace…

England’s Hidden Reverse

The secret history of the UK esoteric underground—aka the biography of Coil, Current 93 and Nurse With Wound—by Wire contributor and Volcanic Tongue co-founder, David Keenan. Revised & expanded edition.

HUILLET, Danièle; STRAUB, Jean-Marie

Finally available, the critical edition of Jean-Marie Straub and Danièle Huillet’s writings, from Jean Marie Straub’s film reviews in the 1950’s to the “Three messages to the 63rd Venice International Film Festival” in…

AL-MARIA, Sophia

“For me this book is a bag... Like any single-use carrier bag – I disapprove. It shouldn’t exist, it contributes to pollution, it should be banned... And yet, in spite of the fact I know this book may be a waste product...…


Lyn Hejinian’s unpublished prose poem which (in her better-known essay The Rejection of Closure) the author reads closely as model for various, open, equitable relations between language and things (such…

UCHINO, Natsuko
cups & bowls

Natsuko Uchino strikes again ♥
Those beautiful pieces are each one of a kind, made with love in Saint-Quentin-la-Poterie, Occitanie. Come over to the shop in Paris, or ask us about shipping (just mark the image number)…

DEAN, Aria; ESPENSCHIED, Dragan; CONNOR, Michael (eds.)
The Art Happens Here: Net Art Anthology

An history of net art through a selection of 100 works/artists from the early '80s up to the present days, accompanying the eponymous ongoing online exhibition curated…

TESCHNER, Frédéric; DIMOS, Alexandre (ed.); MUNIER-TESCHNER, Geneviève (ed.)
Frédéric Teschner

Bilingual French/English monograph dedicated to the work of French graphic designer Frédéric Teschner.

Ouvrage monographique retraçant le travail du graphiste français Frédéric Teschner (1972-2016) à travers une…

FRASER, Andrea
Collected Interviews 1990—2018

This substantial archive offers an ideal point of entry into the work and reception of Los Angeles–based performance artist and writer Andrea Fraser (born 1965). The interview format provides particular insight into Fraser's…

CHAN, Paul
Odysseus and The Bathers

“The situation Odysseus finds himself in bears a striking resemblance to contemporary art’s situation in contemporary society. The echo resounds with the same undertones: the seduction of material luxuries, notions of…

Quotidienne D2rivation sous les N2ons

Petit recueil édité à l'occasion d'une soirée de lectures proposée par Théo Robine-Langlois à la radio *DUUU, à Paris, le vendredi 14 Juin 2019. Avec des textes de Maxime Actis, Mélanie Blaison, Claire Finch, Tatiana Karl…

Two Kids, One Grown-up

A beautifully crafted, new artist’s book from John Baldessari, a non-linear narrative based on the blown-up emojis from the artist's 2017 series. Playing with the limits of language and imagery, it’s both conceptual art…

HALITI, Bardhi
May 25 is now October 1

A very beautiful book in silver and black, May 25 is now October 1 is an extensive research across Kosovar newspapers published between 1974 and 2018. The book documents sports activities that took place in seven…

Richard Roe

Richard Roe is the fictional memoir of a legal person. The name is one of the oldest used in English law when the real name of someone is withheld, or when a corpse can’t be identified, Richard Roe is a known…

DUSAPIN, Alice; PIALOUX, Alice; PINTEAUX, Baptiste; LABORDE, Martin (eds.)
Octopus notes #9

The 9th issue of octopus notes is conceived as the sum of several affinities around Pati Hill, Greer Lankton, Lil Picard, and Bern Porter. In different ways (baroque performances, collages, a lot of collages,…

Texte Zur Kunst 29/114 (June 2019) The Sea

The sea has inspired artists, writers, and thinkers for centuries; but what has changed in our view of the sea since the canonical seafaring novels and paintings of the 19th century? The June issue of Texte zur Kunst is…

PORTER, Richard (ed.)
A queer anthology of sickness

“‘The hardest thing is not illness but the institutionalisation of cures.” —Derek Jarman

The latest anthology from Pilot Press—following a trilogy dealing with loneliness,…


“i cant lay down
the spoken word
show seats are
remember much
long it takes
to be or not be
going back and
uncapitalizing insipid

Rob's Word Shop

"On Wednesday, May 5th, 2010, I opened Rob's Word Shop, a storefront shop where individual letters and words were sold. My shop location was 308 Bowery (the south window at the Bowery Poetry Club), and my hours of operation…

Stage Fright: Selected Plays from San Francisco Poets Theater

"Kevin Killian’s plays remind me of Preston Sturges’s movies, with their fast repartee, hilarious ripostes, and crazy situations. Killian lets readers listen in on imagined conversations with literary greats, film-makers,…

ARMIN, Janine; WIEDIJK, Laura (eds.)
SideReal Reader

Artist-run project SideReal looks into alchemical ideas of passage, manipulation, magic, and occult politics through events and research related to music, art, and theory. Considering alchemy as a counterpublic…

WALDROP, Keith; WALDROP, Rosmarie; LERNER, Ben (ed.)
Keeping / the window open: Interviews, statements, alarms, excursions

A rich array of materials coalesce here into a vibrant portrait, in text and image, of two extraordinary artists and collaborators. For nearly sixty years, the Waldrops have influenced multiple generations of writers through…

How to spell the fight

“How will the future study group for liberation from autonomic computational governance look like?” That’s how Natascha Sadr Haghighian’s How to spell a fight starts. Telling the story of James R. Murphy, a math…

Last Days at Hot Slit. The Radical Feminism of Andrea Dworkin

This collection brings together selections from Andrea Dworkin’s work, both fiction and nonfiction, with the aim of putting the contentious positions she’s best known for in dialogue with her literary oeuvre: a radical…

YUICHI, Yokoyama

Ballistic buzzing guided camera drones, terrorizing fur and feathers. Drip drop drop top inside your futuristic RV Zen boombox, and then you float away. There’s nothing like a trip into the great unknown with avant-garde…

BROWN, Rita Mae
Rubyfruit Jungle

'What?' her hair flew around her head as she turned to eye me.
'Oh, you really think I'a a dolt. Aha, the truth comes out..'
'Not at all. Where can we dance together?'
'In a lesbian bar, where else?'

Carrington's Letters

"His apparence was too wonderful! Lying on two chairs, surrounded by silk shawls and cushions, writing poetry on a large sheet of paper. His collar turned up straight against his cheeks, like Byron, with a black tie wound…

WILLATS, Stephen
Attracting the Attractor

‘The Attraction Of The Attractor’ is a key concept in our understanding and perception of relationships between people in Western social reality. For it centres on how we possess another person psychologically, how we…

DAVEY, Moyra
Moyra Davey

From early portraits of her five sisters, to photos taken above bookshelves and under beds, and later series on the New York City subway, Moyra Davey has spent four decades developing a practice that comprises photography,…

HARTFORD, Paul Anthony
Other Voices, Other Rooms

Paul Anthony Harford lived and made drawings in Southend-on-Sea and Weymouth, before passing away at the age of 73 in Leigh-on-Sea in 2016. Harford produced hundreds of meticulous large-scale drawings throughout his lifetime.…

Unusual Sounds. The Hidden History of Library Music

In the heyday of B-movies, low-budget television and scrappy genre filmmaking, producers looking for a soundtrack reached for library music: LPs of stock recordings for any mood. Initially regarded as an inexpensive alternative…

MEKAS, Jonas
A Dance with Fred Astaire

What an emotional book. The volume covers the 94 years Jonas Mekas has spent weaving himself inextricably into the fabric of postwar culture, featuring a dizzying cast of cultural icons both underground and mainstream.…

ODUNDO, Magdalene
The Journey of Things

The book features 44 of Odundo’s vessels alongside a large selection of museological and contemporary objects that reveal the wide range of global references that have informed her practice. The book object comprises a…

The Readymade Century

When Marcel Duchamp invented the readymade one hundred years ago, there was no way of knowing that these random objects taken from everyday life would have such a lasting influence on art. The book The Readymade Century

HOLLIS, Richard
Henry van de Velde: The Artist as Designer

Henry van de Velde (1863–1957) is a pivotal figure in the history of modern design. His range was prodigious: from furniture, jewellery and dress design to interiors and entire buildings. His radical ideas on design education…

Nightcleaners + ’36 to ’77

Nightcleaners (1975) by the Berwick Street Film Collective has long been recognised as a landmark of British experimental film and political cinema. Together with its companion film, ’36 to ’77 (1978)…

WERNER, Jasmin
Scalalogia and The Wheel of Life

Drawing on the tradition of the stairway as an element of prestige and distinction in architecture, Jasmin Werner’s modular systems of aluminium and threaded rods symbolise wobbly career ladders, individual life plans,…

Don’t Trust Anyone Over Thirty

Continuing the artist’s cultural analysis of the ’60s, this is a satiric entertainment which began with Graham’s 1981 video, Rock My Religion, dealing with the evolution of youth culture during the ’50s, ’60s,…

k-punk: The Collected and Unpublished Writings of Mark Fisher (2004-2016)

The long-awaited anthology of Mark Fisher’s seminal posts on the k-punk blog—including the previously unpublished, unfinished introduction to his planned book on “Acid Communism”—collected together with a comprehensive…


A product of the contemporary environment, which, more than ever, is bleakly electronic and at the mercy of rabid socio-economics, as symbolised in the sleeve’s illustration of a financial trader’s open palm, contrasting…

DÉNERVAUD, Guillaume; DOUARD, David

Beau comme la rencontre sur papier jaune d’une machine à coudre et d’un photocopieur à Saint Denis, ce zine rassemble de manière impromptue et automatique des dessins anciens et/ou nouveaux de Guillaume Dénervaud et David…

HOWE, Susan
La marque de naissance

“Ici champs non défrichés habitants non déchiffrés d’autres bois dans d’autres voix: énigme en charabia non écrite. 
La poésie désétablit nos défenses griffonées; impossible à appréhender mais précieuse malgré tout.

EBNER, Shannon; HOWE, Susan; MACKEY, Nathaniel

This fourteen-track vinyl LP in gatefold sleeve features poems of American poets Susan Howe (b. 1937) and Nathaniel Mackey (b. 1947) as produced by visual artist Shannon Ebner. Juxtaposing historic and recent material…

HÖLDERLIN, Friedrich
Selected Poems and Letters

When I was a boy
A god rescued me often
From shouts and whips of men,
It was then that I played
Safely and well with woodland flowers
And the winds…

RAY, Ruby
Kalifornia Kool. Photographs 1976-1982

THE family album of the American West Cost early punk, post-punk and industrial scene. Commented by the author and introduced by Search & Destroy and RE/Search founder, collaborator and close friend V. Vale ("How Punk…

CLARK, Adele; HARAWAY, Donna (eds.)
Making Kin Not Population

As the planet’s human numbers grow and environmental concerns proliferate, natural scientists, economists, and policy-makers are increasingly turning to new and old questions about families and kinship as matters of concern.…

That Was The Answer: Interviews with Ray Johnson

Are these poems that you have written?

By poems I mean writings, things that I write which are often poetic, nature-like, like, I killed an ant today. I'm doing a full documentation on carpenter ants which are…

ALS, Hilton; ELMS, Anthony (eds.)
Christopher Knowles. In a Word

The artistic career of Christopher Knowles (born 1959) began at the age of 13, when his writings and recordings came to the notice of avant-garde theater director Robert Wilson. Still a teenager, Knowles went on to write…

Jan Tschichold and the New Typography. Graphic Design Between the World Wars

Published in Berlin in 1928, Tschichold’s book Die Neue Typographie was one of the key texts of modern design, partly due to its grasp of Constructivist ideas and new print technology, but equally, because it…

Shared Eye

So happy to hold this beautiful book, documenting Sadie Benning's image works. New essays by Christine Mehring and John Corbett, an interview between the artist and Julie Ault, and installation views from the Renaissance…

New Dark Age

[BACK IN STOCK!] As the world around us increases in technological complexity, our understanding of it diminishes. Underlying this trend is a single idea: the belief that our existence is understandable through computation,…

Le capitalisme patriarcal

Comment faire tourner les usines sans les travailleurs vigoureux, nourris, blanchis, qui occupent la chaîne de montage ? Loin de se limiter au travail invisible des femmes au sein du foyer, Federici…

El sexo que habla.

“On March 24, 1976, I, who was crazy, homosexual, Marxist, drug addict and alcoholic, became crazy, homosexual, Marxist, drug addict and alcoholic.”
— Osvaldo Lamborghini, 1988.

An excessive and challenging…

Be a Place, Place an Image, Imagine a Poem

“I like: Byzantine mosaics, Moslem mosaics, Kachina dolls, Roman villa murals, Aegean art, Sumerian idols, Good liars, Sculptors—real, Printed circuits, Ingres.

I hate: Symbolism, Abstract Expressionism, Surrealism,…

Métromarxisme. Un conte marxiste de la ville

Métromarxisme est une déam­bu­la­tion métro­po­li­tai­ne sur les traces du capi­ta­lisme construite à partir de cha­pi­tres mono­gra­phi­ques et bio­gra­phi­ques évoquant les figu­res de Marx et Engels, David…

GROENENDIJK, Henk; KLEMENT, Elisabeth; KREUTZER, Matthias (eds.)
Test Press. 20 Years of Student Publications, 1999-2019

More than 400 publications (often unique in small print runs) from the archive of graphic designer, collector and teacher Henrik Groenendijk that have been produced by students of the Gerrit Rietveld Academie Amsterdam…

FICHTE, Hubert
The Black City

The Black City is a portrait of New York written by Hubert Fichte between 1978 and 1980. Fichte researched the city as the center of the African diaspora, conducting interviews and composing essays about syncretism…

ROMAGNY, Vincent (ed.)
Anthologie, aires de jeux au Japon

Cette anthologie esquisse un paysage de l'aire de jeux au Japon en le distinguant de celui qu'offrent l'Europe et les États-Unis, dont il procède et révèle des aspects impensés: la question de la survie à la catastrophe,…

Techniques de la Distraction
Les deux textes présentés ici accompagnent deux projets distincts. Le premier, Dreamland : la Société psychanalytique amateur de Coney Island et son cercle, 1926-1972, porte sur une communauté…
Un objectif & deux autres essais

Figure majeure de l’avant-garde poétique américaine au 20e siècle,
co-fondateur du mouvement « objectiviste » dont font aussi partie Charles Reznikoff ou George Oppen, Louis Zukofsky a publié un nombre important de…

Intermedia, Fluxus and the Something Else Press. Selected Writings by Dick Higgins

1) Once upon a time there was collage, a technique. Collage could be used in art, not just in visual art.

2) When collage began to project off the two-dimensional surface, it became the combine (Rauschenberg's…

Nobody Sleeps Better Than White People

“Listen G, You aren’t in love.
It’s just easier to see the depths of another with your hand in her pu$$y.”

Rin Johnson’s first collection of poems and photography handles race, identity, politics, family and…

FISHER, Jack Henrie (ed.)
Counter Signals #3: (All the Way) Down with Platforms!

Counter-Signals is a periodically produced journal addressing, in variable iterations, convergent aspects of design, media, and politics. The third issue of Counter-Signals — (All the Way) Down With Platforms — jumps off…

ACKER, Kathy
Algeria. A Series of Invocations because nothing else works

The Land in Algeria
is pink
Life in this
America stinks


In 1979, right before 
the Algerian revolution

Seven: ... :Sounds

01: Kentucky trucker in the Rocky Mountains
04: Man in dark sunglasses by the Silver Arc
12: Canada bound trucker on Interstate 90
21: Twenty-three year old sword swallower fire eater waiting for a hotshot