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February 18 2023 06:00PM
Cyberfeminism Index BOOKLAUNCH !

A very special book launch, with a conversation between designer and editor Mindy Seu and legendary multumedia artist Shu Lea Cheang !

In Cyberfeminism Index, hackers, scholars, artists, and activists…

CATLOW, Ruth; RAFFERTY, Penny (eds.)
Radical Friends: Decentralised Autonomous Organisations and the Arts

In recent years DAOs have been heralded as a powerful stimulus for experimentation to reshape new cultural value systems for interdependence, cooperation, and care. At a time when the mainstream artworld is focused on…

FRANKE, Anselm; GIULIANO, Elisa; TANCONS, Claire; RYNER, Denise; XIANG, Zairong (eds.)
Ceremony (Burial of an Undead World)

According to the writer and cultural theorist Sylvia Wynter, “we humans cannot pre-exist our origin myths any more than a bee can pre-exist its beehive.” Drawing inspiration from her seminal essays “The Ceremony Must Be…

Slingshot Organizer

IT'S NOT TOO LATE to get organized in 2023 !! Here come the legendary Slingshot organizers straight from Berkeley, California. – spiral bound pocket version (4.25 inches X 5.5 inches) – working title “Slingshot deviant”…

GAMPER, Martino
100 Chairs in 100 Days and its 100 Ways (5th edition, 5th size)

Still going strong !

A recalled dialogue from some time ago:
Martino: I will make 100 chairs
åbäke: What, the same one 100 times?
M: No, they will be different. They’ll…

LAHAYE, Lieven (ed.)
All horses are the same colour

Parts make up a body, the ringing of bells directs attention, the toilet brushes from KFC collect cultural residue, a series of gaps create the possibility of an alternate reality, avatars lead lives otherwise impossible,…

BOIS, Yve-Alain
An Oblique Autobiography

This has no longer to do with the myth of a one-way trajectory from the influencer to the influenced; instead, it speaks of a click or spark between poles. It evokes the idea of an encounter. It takes two to tango.…

DURAND, Amélie
Grammaire pour cesser d’exister

Inspiré par La Grammaire méthodique du français, ce texte est composé de 19 chapitres évoquant des principes grammaticaux (l’accord dans le groupe nominal, l’absence de déterminant, formes actives et passives),…


On construit une architecture mentale et émotive, calée sur le système nerveux. Enfin on essaie à deux, pendant trois ans, de reconstruire en français une architecture que Martin Högström a élaborée en suédois, une architecture…

LESI, Zoltán
En habits de femme

Le recueil de poèmes "En habits de femme" nous plonge dans la vie et l’intimité de Dora Ratjen, une athlète intersexe qui a défendu les couleurs nazies dans les années 1930. Avec une sobriété dans le verbe, une écriture…

PUYOL, Rosanna
A Thing Conducting

Me I have a click with birds

Two translations from Rosanna Puyol's upcoming poetry book, D'l'or,

In the first text, a thing conducting, Sandar Tun Tun's music is in the air, birds…

In Pursuit of Revolutionary Love: Precarity, Power, Communities

Violence is arrayed against us because we’re Black, or female, or queer, or undocumented. There is no rescue team coming for us. With that knowledge, we need a different operational base to recreate the world. It is not…

DAVIS, Glyn; GUY, Laura (eds)
Queer Print in Europe

How have radical print cultures fostered and preserved queer lived experience from the 1960s to the present? What alternative stories about queer life across Europe can visual material reveal?

Queer Print in Europe…

SOVA, Reagan M.
Wildcat Dreams in the Death Light

Wildcat Dreams in the Death Light is an incantatory work of narrative poetry. Infused with hobo melancholy, Jewish lore, bloodshed, and hilarity, this epic poem is nothing short of a contemporary masterpiece.


Identity Pitches

In Identity Pitches, artists Stine Janvin and Cory Arcangel have composed conceptual music scores based on the knitting patterns for traditional Norwegian sweaters known as Lusekofte. Utilizing three of the most popular…

The classic of in passing

A collection of pictures taken, or found, by Gintaras Didžiapetris during a stay in Japan. Most of the photos have been slightly altered with inclusion of digital patterns. The book is an integral part of the artist’s…

THOBURN, Nicholas
Brutalism as Found. Housing, Form and Crisis at Robin Hood Gardens

The Robin Hood Gardens public-housing estate in East London, completed in 1972, was designed by Alison and Peter Smithson as an ethical and aesthetic encounter with the flux and crises of the social world. Now demolished…

LEE, Chris
Immutable: Designing History

Immutable: Designing History explores the banal genre of the document and its entanglement with statecraft and colonial(ism/ity). This is framed as a ~5,000 year chronology, imbricating the developments of money…

The Clearing

BACK IN STOCK : ) JJJJJerome Ellis’s The Clearing asks how stuttering, blackness, and music can be practices of refusal against hegemonic governance of time, speech, and encounter. Taking his glottal block stutter…

Souris en résidence

Après Schappi et ses fables politico-animales, Anna Haifisch revient à son thème de prédilection : l’artiste. Dans Souris en résidence, elle raconte la résidence artistique de…

SELF, Jack (ed.)
Real Review #13 (Winter 2022)

All times appear equally and at once. The past no longer recedes in an orderly way, but threatens to resurface at any moment in the guise of the contemporary. Nostalgia cycles are getting faster. Old material artefacts…

DITTMAR, Jérôme (ed.)
Pandore : le monde dans l’œil d’Adam Curtis

En plus de trente ans de carrière, Adam Curtis est devenu l’une des figures majeures du cinéma documentaire. Célébré dans le monde anglo-saxon, mais peu connu en France alors qu’il a pourtant tout d'un cousin punk de Jean-Luc…

SOFER, Danielle
Sex Sounds

In Sex Sounds, Danielle Shlomit Sofer investigates the repeated focus on sexual themes in electronic music since the 1950s. Debunking electronic music’s origin myth—that it emerged in France and Germany, invented…

Paths to Autonomy

A path is created when a direction is taken, its production marks the imbrication of personal choice, communal action and subhuman (structural, historical, ecological) conditionings. We are at the same time the makers…

PEETERS, Julie (ed.)
Here comes the fourth issue of the awesome “magazine without words”: BILL ! With Greece shot by George Tourkovasilis, Cinzia Ruggeri through the lenses of Ilvio Gallo and OCCHIOMAGICO, SC103’s first runway,…
FLYNT, Henry
Three essays on Spirituality & Art

Three Essays may be the first book ever published that offers a panoramic account of spirituality without reference to religion or comic-book supernaturalism. Of course, that means redefining spirituality. The…

HIGGINS, Dick (ed.); CENTAMORE, Alice (ed.)
A Something Else Reader

A Something Else Reader is a previously-unpublished anthology edited by Dick Higgins in 1972 to celebrate Something Else Press, the publishing house he founded in 1963 to showcase Fluxus and other experimental…

McBRIDE, Jason
Eat Your Mind: The Radical Life and Work of Kathy Acker

Drawing on exclusive interviews with hundreds of Acker’s intimates as well as her private journals, correspondence, and early drafts of her work, journalist and critic Jason McBride offers the first full-scale, authorized…

CHAN, Paul; NAKAMOTO, Tominaga
Above All Waves: Wisdom from Tominaga Nakamoto, the Philosopher Rumored to Have Inspired Bitcoin

This book introduces English readers to the life and ideas of Tominaga Nakamoto (1715–46), an 18th-century maverick Japanese philosopher who is rumored to have been an inspiration for the inventor of Bitcoin, known only…

IGLIORI, Paola (ed.)
Harry Smith: American Magus

Best known during his lifetime as an experimental filmmaker and Folkways Records music anthologist, Harry Smith (1923–1991) was a spiritual outsider and one of the most original, influential artists of the mid-century…

HOLLANDER, Benjamin (ed.)
Letters for Olson

“I commissioned these letters, hoping for a depth of response which would echo correspondence with Charles Olson, coming in any form, as if correspondence were, in the words of Kenneth Warren, "the seal of the planets…

MEUNIER, Karolien; GRAW, Isabelle; LICLAIR, Christian; SINOFZIK, Anna (eds.)
Texte Zur Kunst 32/128 (Dec. 2022) Art History Update

This December issue of Texte zur Kunst attempts an “update” of art historical methods, which have been regularly reflected upon since the publication’s founding. The pressing questions of the moment not only ask whether…

LAGUNA, Fernanda; GÜIRALDES, Rosario (ed.)
Fernanda Laguna: The Path to the Heart

Estimada Nueva York,
Hace días que me pregunto como conectar con vos… así afectivamente. Me doy cuenta que mi alta de ganas de conocer geografías nuevas un poco puso un freno a nuestra relación, aún casi inexistente.…

Queen of Wands

“You ought to bow a little before you enter the house. Upon entry we are greeted by a smell of dried plums, sour and seeped by smoke. While our eyes are adjusting to the darkness we might not notice an old cane standing…

TEIGE, Karel; BOYNIK, Sezgin (ed.); FEINBERG, Joseph (ed.)
Karel Teige. The Marketplace of Art / Commentary (2 volumes)

Acclaimed as one of the leading theoreticians of avant-garde art and architecture between the two world wars, Teige's more political writings still remain to be discovered. Written in 1936, in the context of the rising…

RUGGERI, Cinzia; LO PINTO, Luca (ed.)
Cinzia Says...

Artist and fashion designer Cinzia Ruggeri (1942–2019) made her artistic research a tool for inquiry into the functional and semantic properties of the object and the architectural…

Ignota Diary 2023

This beautifully designed diary and week-to-view planner is filled with historically significant magical and sacred dates from around the world. Drawn from events such as the Buddha’s…

SYMS, Martine; CALESHU, Rocket
The African Desperate

The African Desperate is the script of the eponymous film by Syms. The camera follows Palace Bryant on one very long day in 2017 that starts with her MFA graduation in upstate New York and ends at a Chicago Blue…

SILT, Irene
The Tricking Hour

What is a world in which work disappears?
“Time has never made any sense to me. Or rather, I am told the way I describe my experience of time does not add up. I am so disconnected from any common meter that I remain…

Gufo (ed.)
HOOT #8 Carla Adra

Une conversation imprimée entre Gufo et Carla Adra, entre retranscriptions de discussions et échanges épistolaires, où il est question de marionnettes, d’auto-stop, de Bureau des Pleurs, de Paroles Chaudes,…

CHAN, Paul; PYS, Pavel S. (ed.)
Paul Chan. Breathers

This volume surveys Paul Chan’s publications and works made between 2010 and 2022 following his return to artmaking. The exhibition takes as its organizing principle the notion of the “breather,” a word that can signify…

FAR-NEAR Volume Four: Guidance

FAR–NEAR is a curated cross-cultural book series broadening perspectives of Asia through image, person,…

MMDC3: Angie Keefer

MMDC is a series of publications documenting libraries. Initiated by Julie Peeters in 2015, the series allows an artist to enter into a dialogue with a particular library collection. The publication can be seen as a kind…

CANET, Marie (ed)
Marc Camille Chaimowicz. Reverie, Its Practice and Means of Display

This reference monograph revisits the conceptual and sensorial developments pursued by the artist since the 1970s. With a layout by graphic designer Zak Kyes under the artistic direction of Marc Camille Chaimowicz and…

Textes à lire à voix haute

Textes à lire à voix haute réunit les textes de quinze auteur·ices contemporain·es brésilien·nes qui abordent les notions de soin et de privilège, dans une perspective de critique transféministe, antiraciste et…

Martin Wong. Malicious Mischiefs

Poetically weaving together narratives of queer existence, marginal communities, and urban gentrification, US-Chinese artist Martin Wong (1946–1999) is recognized for his depictions of social, sexual, and political scenographies…

Kathy Acker. Get Rid of Meaning

The American author Kathy Acker was one of the most influential writers of the 20th century. Working through a tradition spanning Bataille, Burroughs, Schneemann, French critical theory and pornography,…

collymore, nan; The Black Aesthetic Curatorial Collective (eds.)
Black Aesthetic Season III. Black Interiors

This volume explores the collective depths and singular nuances of Black experience through cinema and visual representation. Edited by nan collymore and The Black Aesthetic Curatorial Collective…

MAURIES, Patrick
Pages arrachées à un journal de mode

Entre 1989 et 1994, Patrick Mauriès signa l’éditorial qui ouvrait tous les mois les pages de Jardin des Modes. Créée en 1922 par Lucien Vogel, cette publication exemplaire connaissait alors une de ses périodes les plus…

soyer, sabrina (ed.)
HOW TO become irrésistible #4

Au sommaire :

Hani Yikyung Han, Conversation
Marie Legros M, Pas de poèmes isolés. L’artiste, à elle, tout lui sert
Nayun Eom,말[mal] du mal[말]
Charles Dauphinot traduit Nayun Eom, A speech from…

BORDEN, Lizzie (ed.)
Whorephobia. Strippers on Art, Work, and Life

No one knows more than strippers about being looked at: as objects of desire, objects of curiosity, as angels or Jezebels or hookers with hearts of gold. In this anthology, twenty-three dancers whose careers span decades,…

CCA Singles – Abolish Human Bans. Intertwined Histories of Architecture

In this book, Esra Akcan builds on her theory of architectural translation to construct an activist gesture—through the lens of architectural history—against the anti-immigration policies of ruling powers. To contest the…

RUSSELL, Harriet
Adieu, pétrole

Qu’est-ce qui réunit les dinosaures et les ânes ? Le pétrole !

L’album illustré Adieu, pétrole explore comment le pétrole est produit et comment nous pouvons diminuer notre dépendance à celui-ci. Le récit…

Désirs postcapitalistes

Retranscription d’un cours donné en 2016 par Mark Fisher, théoricien critique britannique, auteur du Réalisme capitaliste et de Spectres de ma vie, Désirs postcapitalistes commence par une question…

SCHER, Julia
Filzengraben Boulevard

Conjuring Gloria Swanson’s role as former-silent film actress Norma Desmond in the 1950 Hollywood classic Sunset Boulevard, Julia Scher’s Filzengraben Boulevard weaves autobiography with melodramatic…

The Book of Na

In The Book of Na, translation acts at the edge of perception. Tracing across projects in film, video, and performance, Na Mira reflects on the violent fragmentation of bodies while refusing the containment of…

MYLES, Eileen (ed.)
Pathetic Literature

“Literature is pathetic.” So claims Eileen Myles in their bold and bracing introduction to Pathetic Literature, an exuberant collection of pieces ranging from poetry to drama to prose…

BUURMAN, Karolien; GRŪZĪTE, Monika; MECKLENBURG, Florian (eds.)
NXS Issue #6 (Summer 2022): Phygital Fashioning

NXS #6 explores the representation, consumption and transmission of digital fashion as one of the key mediators of the collective and individual public construction of the Self. How do these new ways of dressing…

MATOS, Afonso (ed.)
Who can afford to be critical?

“Critical designers” produced by an increasing number of design schools are prompted to address social, political and environmental issues through their practices. Yet, who can afford to continue such effort after graduation?…

LOVAY, Balthazar; SCHWEIZER, Marianne; ZOUYENE, Jehane (eds.)
Travailler, lutter, diffuser: Archives militantes du Centre Grisélidis Réal de documentation internationale sur la prostitution, Genève

« Dans aucune bibliothèque, dans aucun centre de documentation officiel, social, féministe, religieux, on ne dispose d'archives sur la Prostitution, sujet maudit, tabou, escamoté, boycotté partout. Pour leurs travaux…

On the inconvenience of other people
In On the Inconvenience of Other People Lauren Berlant continues to explore our affective engagement with the world. Berlant focuses on the encounter with and the desire…

First published in 1972, Ann Quin’s fourth and final novel was a radical break from the introspective style she had developed in Three and Passages: a declaration of independence from all expectations.


Broadcasting: EAI at ICA

This volume marks the 50th anniversary of Electronic Arts Intermix (EAI), one of the first nonprofit organizations dedicated to the advocacy and development of video art.

Foreword by John McInerney. Text by Rebecca…

BERGÉ, David (ed.)
Bodies of Extraction. Underneath the Ground of Islands

What does it mean to drill deep and interfere with the configuration of tectonic plates? What does it mean to hollow out and alienate islandic undergrounds? How is wealth extracted and exploited from the ground, crumbled…

Exilee. Temps Morts. Selected Writings

In her radical exploration of cultural and personal identity, the writer and artist Theresa Hak Kyung Cha sought “the roots of language before it is born on the tip of the tongue.” Her first book, the highly original postmodern…

ALETTI, Vincent
The Drawer

American critic and curator Vince Aletti has been collecting photographs printed on the pages of magazines and books since the 1970s. For the very first time the hundreds of tearsheets, newspaper clippings, gallery announcements,…

DARRICAU, Stéphane
De quoi Garamond est-il le nom ?

Un essai qui s’attache à décrire et à expliciter l’histoire du plus célèbre des caractères typographiques classiques et de ses multiples avatars modernes et contemporains.

Cet ouvrage participe tout autant de la…

What have you left behind ?

In 2015, a year after it started, Bushra al-Maqtari decided to document the suffering of civilians in the Yemeni Civil War, which has killed over 350,000 people according to the UN. Inspired by the work of Svetlana Alexievich,…

L'histoire secrète de Kate Bush

Il n’existe pas deux artistes au monde comme Kate Bush.
Chanteuse, songwriter, performeuse à l’univers incomparable, créatrice innovante, femme libre et puissante, elle est aussi paradoxalement une des pop stars les…

SEIDEL, Stephanie (ed)
Betye Saar. Serious Moonlight

Showcasing a lesser-known aspect of Saar’s art, Betye Saar: Serious Moonlight provides new insights into her explorations of ritual, spirituality and cosmologies, as well as themes of the African diaspora. Featured…

HASSAN, Yusuf ; OMARI, Kwamé
A tooth for a tooth

A visual conversation between Yusuf Hassan and Kwamé Omari, thinking about how images live in space next to one another, in or out of context. Each artist selecting 51 images in response to one another, the two build a…

Terres frontalières / La Frontera, la nouvelle Mestiza

Ce livre hybride mêle les genres (essai et poésie) et les langues (anglais, différentes formes d'espagnol et quelques touches de langue indigène aztèque), pour mieux évoquer l'existence méconnue et précaire de celleux…

MINH-HA, Trinh T.
Femme, indigène, autre. Écrire le féminisme et la postcolonialité

Dans Femme, indigène, autre, Trinh T. Minh-ha explore la question de l’écriture d’un point de vue postcolonial et féministe. Ce livre qui s’inscrit à l’intersection de différents domaines – critique littéraire,…

The Barefoot Promise

A study on foot fetishism trough set photographs of Western films. From Hollywood Golden Age to French Nouvelle Vague, the motif of the foot reveals the hidden fantasies and gender norms conveyed by European and American…

Young-Girls in Echoland. #Theorizing Tiqqun

Tiqqun’s Preliminary Materials for a Theory of the Young-Girl is a controversial work of anticapitalist philosophy that has attracted musicians, playwrights, feminist theorists, and men's-rights activists since…

BROWN, DeForrest
Assembling a Black Counter Culture

DeForrest Brown, Jr.’s Assembling a Black Counter Culture presents a comprehensive account of techno with a focus on the history of Black experiences in industrialized labor systems—repositioning the genre as…

LUNSFORD, Bret (ed)
Sounding for Harry Smith. Early Pacific Northwest Influences

°MAGIK!° Pacific Northwest musician-historian Bret Lunsford (Beat Happening/D+) unravels a string of mysteries to reveal the avant-garde shards of a 20th century alchemist in his hometown. Harry Everett Smith (1923-1991)…

On Letters

On Letters is an epistolary essay penned by the amazing polymath Prem Krishnamurty; it is structured as thirteen wide-ranging and personal letters to the late conceptual artist On Kawara. Playing with language…

KAC, Eduardo

Porneia features incredible, amazing, hilarious, fantastic works realized in the context of the Porn Art Movement, a vanguard that emerged in 1980 under a military dictatorship in Brazil and which, for two intense…


oberih [ukr.: ‘an item that protects’] is a publication that serves as a fundraising project for people affected by the war in Ukraine. It is a collection of stories about things that accompany us everywhere and provide…

Dead Winter

These twenty-seven poems of Dead Winter continue the poet’s ongoing “From a Winter Notebook” cycle which plays on traditional winter themes of stasis, ruin, aging, lost love, belatedness, dormancy, and decline.…

Faster than an Erection

HOT STUFF back in stock!
Faster Than An Erection lays out Reba Maybury’s methodology as an Artist and Dominatrix whose medium is men. Accompanied by a poem by Cassandra Troyan and documentation of Maybury’s…

BRUEL, Christian
L'aventure politique du livre jeunesse
Coucou Fabrice, Ca va ?

Risographie Recueil Images Sculptures Photographies Textes Vert Rose Noir et Blanc La Défense Cergy Reliure Faite Main 30 Exemplaires

CHESNOT, Émilien
Fentanyl Flowers

vous venez de faire l'acquisition d'un joueur Blu-Ray et nous vous en remercions
monsieur Johnson nous remarquons la confiance témoignée
vivez la Blu-Ray expérience en sérénité accrue &…

ALGERA, Kirsten; VAN DER HOEVEN, Ernst (eds.)
MacGuffin #11: The Chain

From charms and chokers to shackles and fetters, MacGuffin Nº11 explores the many manifestations of that most contradictory of objects: The Chain. Worn with love since time immemorial, it is also the ultimate…

OFFERMANNS, Ingo (ed.)
Graphic Design is (...) not innocent

Graphic Design Is (…) Not Innocent questions ingrained approaches, values and assumptions of graphic design in globalized societies. The publication aims to initiate a dialogue between designers, scholars, critics…

Tantôt #3 Automne 2022

Troisième numéro de la revue Tantôt, revue de poésie imprimée à la main à Tiohtià:ke /
Montréal depuis l’automne 2021. Vieillir l’a rendue jeune d’un an. Et puisqu’elle est pareille
au temps – une création –,…

PURNELL, Brontez
Fag School #5

I started writing this zine like almost 20 years ago. I did a new one because I have absolutely NOTHING new to contribute to the convo and that should be celebrated. Also the future isnt as kool as I thought it would…

Color Problems. A Practical Manual for the Lay Student of Color

Emily Noyes Vanderpoel (1842-1939) was an artist, collector, scholar, and historian working at the dawn of the 20th century. Her first and most prominent work, Color Problems: A Practical Manual for the Lay Student…

A Few Personal Messages

“In movies by Buñuel, Visconti, Bertolucci, and Pasolini Pierre Clémenti was ravishing a louche angel and devil, unreachable, unknowable, beautiful. In A Few Personal Messages, Clémenti claims your head and heart…

SM BNGRZ. [New Order Edit]

This artist’s book accompanies Tony Cokes’ SM BNGRZ series, that takes as its starting point Rainald Goetz’s book Rave to analyse club culture as the celebration of life and political resistance. The…

PEARCE, Naomi; READ, Shirley; SULLY, Isabelle (ed.)
Unbidden Tongues #7: Continuity Girl

Unbidden Tongues #7: Continuity Girl unpacks the “forensic feminist methodology” developed by writer, curator and administrator Naomi Pearce. Informed by research conducted in various personal archives of women…

ABASHIDZE, Elene (ed.)
Danarti #14 — Like Parent Like Child

Like Parent, Like Child is a compilation of works on parenthood by artists : Ketuka Alexi-Meskhishvili, Jesse Darling, Maia Naveriani, Esma Oniani, David Horvitz, Christine Sun Kim & Thomas Mader

HEUGUET, Guillaume; VAUTHIER, Fanny (eds.)
Audimat #18

Au sommaire de ce numéro: « Faire grimacer la pop » par Julie Ackermann; « Jouir dans les aigus » par Valentin Grimaud; « J Dilla, presque…

Mélancolie des groupes

Pourquoi décide-t-on de participer aux activités d’un groupe à vocation politique et, qui plus est, révolutionnaire ? Que celui-ci soit formel ou informel,…

GAVIN, Francesca
Rough Version

This book brings together open and frank conversations around art and music from the first five years of the ongoing radio show, Rough Version, on cult online station NTS Radio.

Conceived and presented by writer…

Tout est si brillant

Amir adore chanter. Lorsque ses proches découvrent sa voix, tout le monde l'encourage à poursuivre son rêve : briller ! Un peu de maquillage, quelques accessoires, une grande dose de courage et d’amour, voilà les ingrédients…

RIANTO, Januar; MIKHAIL, Almer; ANINDYA, Michelle (eds.)
Serving Suggestion #01 / 2022

Serving Suggestion is a magazine reading into culture through food—aiming at discussing “our connection with what we consume through multifarious perspectives. We celebrate the idiosyncrasies in how we take certain…

5 Prose Fictions

Putting myself on paper.
Putting myself down on paper.

Putting myself…

Selected Collages 2002 to 2022

“I love these high-gloss, hardcover portraits of American Universities, preferably from the 80’s, with high color saturation. Breathtaking treasures are offered within their pages; the manifold sports activities... Pre-game…