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July 17 2024 07:00PM

Ce mercredi, After 8 Books ouvre son département d’art dramatique avec Groom Service, une pièce de théâtre écrite par Teddy Coste, en collaboration avec Timothée Trouche.



Mystique des rues vides et peu éclatantes des banlieues pavillonnaires, ce court poème en prose interpelle par sa langue sombre. Dans une parodie de messe noire – beigeasse comme le crépis des façades –, Théo Robine-Langlois…

ZURN, Unica
Katrin – The Tale of a Young Writer

Unica Zürn tells the story of fifteen-year-old motherless Katrin, an aspiring writer, who lives with her father, also a writer. The novel is set in an imaginary world, a metropolis called Linit, split into three levels:…

MADANI, Adnan ; MARTINON, Jean-Paul (eds)
Visual Cultures as World-Forming

How does the world form itself? How does it create itself as a world? And how do we understand the role of the visual in this regard? Most responses to these questions within cultural theory and visual culture refer to…

BROWN, Glen James
Mother Naked

The City of Durham, 1434. Out of a storm, an aging minstrel arrives at the cathedral to entertain the city’s most powerful men.

Mother Naked is his name, and the story he’s come to tell is the Legend…

collectif Fléau social
L’Homosexualité, ce douloureux problème

 Cette première création du collectif queer Fléau social met en résonance les luttes des années 70 avec celles, toujours vives, de notre société contemporaine. Ce fut l’un des moments fondateurs de l’histoire des combats…

Conflicted Copy

Sam Riviere is a past master of taking and exploiting “found” content and process and transforming it into poetry that captivates and unsettles. Here, he harnesses anxiety about AI only to exploit it for his own extraordinary…


D’l’or est une suite de poèmes, le premier livre de Rosanna Puyol Boralevi, également fondatrice de la maison d’édition Brook. Un texte qui parle de la traduction comme d’un aller-retour plutôt que comme d'un…

KLUGE, Alexander
The Dragonfly's Eye - My Virtual Camera (AI)

In The Dragonfly’s Eye, 92-year-old author and filmmaker Alexander Kluge tests out the cooperative capacities of the Stable Diffusion model, which uses AI to process images. As a film-maker, he has many years of experience…

Maker’s Muck

Let the studio top you . . . surrender to Process, take Process straight to the face, get down on the ground with Process.

At the center of New York–based artist Nicole Eisenman’s sculpture Maker’s…

JAFA, Arthur

Arthur Jafa’s ***** is a reinterpretation, or détournement, or retake, or remake, or find the right word, of the final gunfight in Martin Scorsese’s Taxi Driver, featuring black characters instead of the original…

Love Poems

Flowers, blood, jewels.

“With three simple poems, Rene Ricard exposes us to the often strained love within class stratification, between those coming together from different worlds, whether Bowery panhandlers or…

PAVÓN, Cecilia
Bonbon à l’anis

« C’est excitant de savoir que désormais la poésie sera parfaite et que jamais plus je n’aurai à écrire. »

Bonbons à l’anis est un recueil de poèmes et récits de l’autrice argentine Cecilia Pavón – traduits…

Abu Jildeh and Al-Armeet

Abu Jildeh and Al-Armeet looks at anti-colonial insurgency in Palestine through the story of the Abu Jildeh bandit gang, a group of farmers from the greater Nablus region who rose up against the British colonization…

Inventory Works

The largest book of Max Lamb’s work to date, Inventory Works combines new and archival photographs of Max’s work and letters and essays contributed by åbäke, Alexander S. C. Rower, Brent Dzekciorius, Charlotte…

Jewellery Drawings

A selection of drawings that later became jewellery. The insight into what is in progress, unfinished. The only visible hints between Lisa's brain and the works. The drawings are an exclamation of the thoughts, on a piece…

The Ginny Suite

Information didn’t need to be remembered; it remembered her…

A mysterious global syndrome is affecting women, causing symptoms of submissiveness and aphasia. While the number of sufferers grows, so does…

CARTER, Julian
Dances of Time and Tenderness

Dances of Time and Tenderness is a bold, sensual cycle of transpoetic stories that blend memory and movement in an innovative choreo-text of rage, sweetness and sorrow. A dance hall where the dead and the living…

The MoMA Plant Collection

The MoMA Plant Collection displays the tradition of including plant life in the Museum of Modern Art in NY. The book presents 340 photographs and drawings that pay tribute to the pairing of plants with art. What…

BRUNNER, Orlando
Archeology of Consequent Forms

Archeology of Consequent Forms explores the use of neural-network-based artificial intelligence in the creative process of a typeface. [publishers’ note]

* Includes a Font License for MX Archeology.

Cornbread the Legend. Graffiti in Philadelphia 1965-1971

Cornbread the Legend depicts the legendary story of Darryl ‘Cornbread’ McCray, the pioneer of modern graffiti. Explore archive newspapers, drawings, photographs, and an interview by Maxitype revealing his groundbreaking…

YOUNG, La Monte; ZAZEELA, Marian
Dream House 78'17"

Originally released in 1974 on Shandar, Dream House 78'17" is the second full-length album by La Monte Young and Marian Zazeela. This first-time US edition reproduces the original gatefold sleeve with beautiful…

DWYER, Terence
Composing with Tape Recorders

Terence Dwyer’s iconic 1971 tutorial Composing with Tape Recorders (originally published by Oxford University Press), re-published by JOAN, includes new texts by Sarah Angliss, Irene Revell, John Hughes and a…

ANASTASI, William; VERHAGEN, Erik (ed.)
William Anastasi. This Is Not My Signature

William Anastasi is the author of a prolific body of work. A major figure in conceptualism and in many respects one of its initiators, his trajectory cannot be solely confined to this chapter in the history of contemporary…

BLANC, Tiphanie; TEGEGNE Ramaya (eds.)
Wages For Wages Against – Volume 3. How Are Artists Chosen? Exclusivity, Precarious Work and Asymmetries in Art Competitions

In 2022, the collective Wages for Wages Against applied for the Swiss Art Awards with the ambition of questioning the very model of the prize and its impact on artists. Art competitions are presented as real opportunities…

MULVEY, Laura; WOLLEN, Peter
Laura Mulvey / Peter Wollen: Kahlo / Modotti – Forty Years Later / 40 Jahre spater

This booklet – the result of a visit by Laura Mulvey to the Department of Film Studies at the University of Zurich in November 2022 – contains two texts: Mulvey’s evening lecture at the Cabaret Voltaire, revisiting hers…

DOLVEN, Jeff; KOTIN, Joshua
The Yellow Papers 6. The Parkland Mysteries

And so, beginning in September of 2020, and carrying on, with occasional interruptions and dilations, until the next April, we read from the first page of J. H. Prynne’s Parkland to the last. After that first pass through…


It’s 2009 and summer is encroaching on the town of Bellingen when Rhiannon is forced to move from her local high school to one in Coffs Harbour. Initially reluctant to leave behind her best friend Ellie, she quickly finds…

UGELVIG, Jeppe; GARDNER, Laura (eds.)
Viscose 06: Text

The sixth issue of Viscose focuses on fashion as constructed through words, language and writing. From the pens of fashion journalists and art critics to the conceptual wordplay of designers, the issue delves…

TAKAEZU, Toshiko; ADAMSON, Glenn (ed.); HART, Dakin (ed.); WIENER, Kate (ed.)
Toshiko Takaezu: Worlds Within

Toshiko Takaezu (1922–2011) was an American artist whose multidisciplinary work in ceramics, painting, sculpture, weaving, and installation innovatively drew from the natural world, combining expressionist energies with…

D'SOUZA, Aruna
Imperfect Solidarities

Can empathy deliver political change? Does art that elicits emotional identification with others take us where we need to go? In Imperfect Solidarities, writer and art historian Aruna D’Souza offers observations…

BISHOP, Claire
Disordered Attention: How We Look at Art and Performance Today

Lessons from Sun & Sea!? The ways we encounter contemporary art and performance is changing. Installations brim with archival documents. Dances stretch for weeks. Performances last a minute. Exhibitions are spread…

Black Meme

In this book, Legacy Russell, explores the “meme” as mapped to Black visual culture from 1900 to the present, mining both archival and contemporary media.

Russell argues that without the contributions of Black…

JACOBY, Cooper
How do I survive?

After 8 Books is pleased to present a new publication: How do I survive?, an artists’ book by Cooper Jacoby!

How do I survive? was written with machines over the course of a year. I say ‘with,’…

Being Reflected Upon

Alice Notley’s new collection is at once a window into the sources of her telepathic and visionary poetics, and a memoir through poems of her Paris-based life between 2000 and 2017, when she finished treatment for her…

McCALDEN, Heather
The Observable Universe

In the early 1990s, Heather McCalden lost both her parents to AIDS. She was seven when her father died, ten when she lost her mother. Raised by her grandmother, Nivia, she grew up in Los Angeles, also known as ground zero…

LE BRUSQ, Lou-Maria

Il est connu qu'un battant fait
des courants d'air
et que le verre est plus dur que l'or

Un recueil de poèmes qui sent le pain, la terre humide, le vent et le sel des embruns…

BOVET, Roxane; BROQUART, Dimitri; TAVELLI, Julien (eds.)
IRL – In Real Life #1: The MONEY Issue

IRL – In Real Life est la nouvelle revue du département Communication visuelle de la HEAD-Genève : elle aborde, sous la forme d’entretiens, les questions concrètes et matérielles relatives aux réalités professionnelles…

PARKER, Rozsika; POLLOCK, Griselda
Maîtresses d'autrefois. Femmes, art et idéologie

Publié en 1981, Maîtresses d'autrefois, ouvrage fondateur de Rozsika Parker et Griselda Pollock, ne propose pas une histoire de l'art au féminin. Son projet est bien plus radical, émancipateur et, de fait, toujours…

JAMES, Selma
Sexe, race et classe. La stratégie de l'autonomie

Ce livre rassemble six décennies de mobilisations internationales, d'expériences politiques et d'analyses. Selma James, en défendant l'autonomie des luttes de chaque secteur de la classe ouvrière, y encourage la multiplicité…

QUINLAN, Hannah & HASTINGS, Rosie; HANHARDT, Christina B.

In Tulips, artist duo Hannah Quinlan & Rosie Hastings, alongside scholar Christina B. Hanhardt map a terrain where they explore gestures of authority and obedience in the public space within the urban context…

STRICKLER, Yancey (ed.)
The Dark Forest Anthology of the Internet

A 208-page book that documents five tumultuous years when we learned how to live, create, and conspire on an increasingly adversarial internet. The original “Dark Forest Theory of the Internet” essay was published by Yancey…

LAFRENIERE, Steve (ed.)
Hello We Were Talking About Hudson

Hello We Were Talking About Hudson is the first book to focus on Hudson (1950–2014), the legendary “artists’ dealer” behind the storied gallery Feature Inc. Active in Chicago from 1984–88, and in New York City…

A Book About Colab (and Related Activities) [new edition]

2ND PRINTING :) Edited by Max Schumann, and with a foreword and afterword by art writer and Colab member Walter Robinson, A Book About Colab (and Related Activities) is a great book that traces the output of Collaborative…

ENGMAN, Charlie
Hello Chaos, a Love Story: The Disorder of Seeing and Being Seen

Kitty, the cute and mute cartoon protagonist of Hello Chaos, a Love Story: The Disorder of Seeing and Being Seen, embarks on an ill-fated endeavour to win the eyes of her estranged counterpart Mickey in this genre-defying…

CENTAMORE, Alice; XATREC, Christian (eds.)
Call it Something Else: Something Else Press, Inc. (1963-1974)

We can talk about a thing, but we cannot talk a thing. It is always something else.
—“A Something Else Manifesto,” 1964

This companion publication to the same-titled…

Basta Now. Women, Trans & Non-binary in Experimental Music

Basta Now. Women, Trans & Non-binary in Experimental Music is a non-academic essay by French poet, novelist and music enthusiast Fanny Chiarello. It’s also the first book to be published by Permanent Draft, an…

GANGLOFF, Paul (ed.)
Freinet TechniquEs / Freinettechn¡eken / Techniques Frein℮t

À l’ombre du baobab, un livre fou qui rassemble des reproductions d’extraits de “journaux scolaires” réalisés dans les écoles Freinet, publications issues d’un des principes de la pédagogie Freinet, l’utilisation de l’imprimerie…

MCGRAW, Patrick (ed.)
Heavy Traffic #4

And how, at heart, it’s ridiculous to publish a magazine, and a fiction magazine at that, and how, it has to be covered with words, because the words are images, or become that way…

If You’re a Girl. Selected Stories 1985–2023

In the beginning when everything was very sexual we talked about our fantasies. She thought about having a guy for some of it. She thought about having a gun. I had gone through a lot to get away from guys so I admit…

JULY, Miranda
All Fours

A semi-famous artist announces her plan to drive cross-country, from LA to NY. Thirty minutes after leaving her husband and child at home, she spontaneously exits the freeway, checks into a nondescript motel, and immerses…

ASHBY, Sam (ed.)
Little Joe. A book about queers and cinema, mostly

The cult periodical Little Joe, published from 2010 to 2021, challenged the mainstream narrative of film history with a rebellious, queer perspective. Rather than reviewing new releases, it explored forgotten…

ALETTI, Vincent
The Drawer

BACK IN STOCK! American critic and curator Vince Aletti has been collecting photographs printed on the pages of magazines and books since the 1970s. For the very first time the hundreds of tearsheets, newspaper clippings,…

Cruising Archeology - a catalog of pleasure

Initially borne from an Instagram account bearing the same name, this project is a careful process of selection and curation that sees the anonymous artist reconstitute detritus and debris discarded in over half…

FELICORI, Bianca (ed.)
Forgotten Architecture – An Archive of Overshadowed Projects

Initially founded as a Facebook group in May 2019, Forgotten Architecture’s goal is to research and unearth not well known modern architecture worldwide. The idea behind it is simple: to recover projects by little-known…

Le Bestiaire n° III de Marcel Broodthaers


Je fais carrière dans le marbre, j’ai de la veine.

OMG! La poésie de Broodthaers, en fac-similé – des animaux, des objets, des lettres, des fables, des dessins, rhinocéros, bas-bleu, lézard,…

Blotter. The Untold Story of an Acid Medium

The first comprehensive written account of the history, art, and design of LSD blotter paper, the iconic drug delivery device that will perhaps forever be linked to underground psychedelic culture and contemporary street…

TEA, Michelle (ed.)
SLUTS Anthology

What does it mean to be sexually promiscuous in contemporary American culture??

Edited by cult-favorite author Michelle Tea, SLUTS, the first publication from vulgarian queer publisher DOPAMINE, is an…

Settlers Landing


In Travis Jeppesen's Settlers Landing, a wholly fantastic yet nightmarishly real excavation of the Trumpian malaise, Mrdok is a self-made billionaire who has everything…

DUSAPIN, Alice; LABORDE, Martin; PINTEAUX, Baptiste (eds.)
Octopus notes #11

Ce numéro s’est construit comme tous les précédents : sur un temps long et par une série de rebonds. Il est l’occasion de mettre en valeur les recherches qui nous ont accompagnées les dernières années (celle d’Hélène Giannecchini…

SMITH, Barbara T.; PORTER, Jenelle (ed.)
Barbara T. Smith: Proof

Now we’re talking. Barbara T. Smith: Proof is IMHO the ideal exhibition monograph: light, elegantly designed, exciting to browse, rich with documents—photographs of works and performances, reproductions of documents—,…

La parole aux négresses

Paru en 1978, La Parole aux négresses est l’ouvrage fondateur du féminisme noir francophone. L’anthropologue sénégalaise Awa Thiam y met au jour le vécu, les maux et les combats des femmes noires, à travers leurs…

Agitations. Capitalisme et plus-value de vie

Les textes réunis ici analysent les mécanismes de marché et l’abstraction financière à travers les effets corporels et affectifs de ces mouvements du capital, tout en articulant cette investigation des économies contemporaines…

DAUVÉ, Gilles
Pommes de terre contre gratte-ciel

Plus la crise écologique s’aggrave, plus l’écologie devient une idéo­lo­gie domi­nante. Elle nous promet un monde « décar­boné » grâce au tout-électrique, au tout-numé­ri­que et au « nucléaire vert ». Mais capi­ta­lisme…

Josephine Baker: Icon in Motion

Baker fragmented her authorship and retained authority to protect and retell conflicting versions of her personal life in a s trategy to sustain her privacy—all while living in the public eye.


NASHAT, Sharyar; BENINI, Francesca (ed.); DAL MOLIN, Gioia (ed.)
17 Waves

Shahryar Nashat explores the space between the real, tangible object and the incorporeal—be it a sensation, an idea, or a virtual image. His art is never assertive. Neither is this book, published to accompany the artist's…

WOOD, Paul (ed.)
Biting the Hand: Traces of Resistance in the Art & Language diaspora

Edited, compiled and introduced by Paul Wood, Biting the Hand: Traces of Resistance in the Art & Language diaspora is about a dissident formation of artists active in the UK in the 1970s and 80s. It tells the…

CHARI, Anita
A User’s Manual to Claire Fontaine

A User’s Manual to Claire Fontaine explores the work of the feminist conceptual artist collective through the lens of her theoretical and political innovations, both inside and outside the context of contemporary…

Prisoner's Inventions (2nd edition)

In 2001, the group Temporary Services invited their friend Angelo, a prisoner in California, to write about and draw the different things he had seen other prisoners invent.

Angelo illustrated everything from immersion…

SERRA, Albert
A Toast to St Martirià

A Toast to St Martirià is an improvised speech given by the cult Catalan filmmaker Albert Serra at the St Martirià fiesta in Banyoles, the town of his birth. Transmitting his subversive attitude and impulsive…

LIGON, James; HOFF, James (ed.)
Glenn Ligon: Distinguishing Piss from Rain – Writings and Interviews

This long-awaited and essential volume collects writings and interviews by Glenn Ligon, whose canonical paintings, neons and installations have been delivering a cutting examination of race, history, sexuality and culture…

LIM, Kyung yong; KU, Helen Jungyeon (eds.)
Publishing as Method: Ways of Working Together in Asia

This book explores art publishing today, in particular, the practices of small-scale publishing in Asia. Focusing on “Asia” and “small-scale publishing,” it attempts to contextualize and read together the increasingly…

Le nettoyage ethnique de la Palestine

Dans cet ouvrage majeur, Ilan Pappé, historien israélien de renom, revient sur la formation de l’État d’Israël : entre 1947 et 1949, plus de 400 villages palestiniens ont été délibérément détruits, des civils ont été massacrés…

Les liens qui empêchent : l’homophobie familiale et ses conséquences

Dans Les liens qui empêchent, Sarah Schulman analyse la reproduction de l’homophobie au sein du cercle familial, quand bien même ce dernier devrait être le lieu du développement et de l’épanouissement de chacun·e.


MÜLLER, Ariane; OLESEN, Henrik (eds.)
Starship #20 – Spring 2024

“This is the 20th issue of Starship and we are proud and very happy to present it, and mainly want to thank all the artists, the contributors, the columnists, and the people who helped us gather images of exhibitions…

KURIKKA, Pertti Kalevi
Kalevi Helvetti

the skeleton comes to visit
and can not sleep
anymore when the skeleton
comes to visit and
just gets coffee
and cake and

Faster than an Erection [2d edition]

New edition! Faster Than An Erection lays out Reba Maybury’s methodology as an Artist and Dominatrix whose medium is men. Accompanied by a poem by Cassandra Troyan and documentation of Maybury’s visual practice…

RIANTO, Januar; MIKHAIL, Almer; NOORMAN, Shaquille (eds.)
Serving Suggestion #02 / 2023

On the cover of Serving Suggestion #02 / 2023, an amazing prawn print by Loule Lee created through the Japanese fish printing technique of gyotaku; an artwork accompanied by a postcard and a  text, “Writing…

Fun to be Dead: The Poems of Bob Flanagan

The first complete collection of Bob Flanagan’s poetry, edited by Sabrina Tarasoff and with contributions by Jack Skelley, Sheree Rose, Chiara Moioli, David Trinidad, Dodie Bellamy, and Dennis Cooper.


MIELI, Mario
La gaie critique. Politique et libération sexuelle dans les années soixante-dix. Ecrits (1972-1983)

Le désir homosexuel est partout, présent en chacun de nous : là où il n’est pas manifeste, il est latent. Un projet révolutionnaire global visant la réalisation de la communauté humaine ne peut ignorer l’importance fondamentale…

HAN, Geoff
Image RIP: After Printing, Work & Planet Earth

BACK IN STOCK – Image RIP, the first publication from Source Type, is centered around New York graphic designer Geoff Han’s investigation into the Shenzen-based printer Artron…

Astonish me

This lavishly illustrated volume explores the influence and significance of the Russian-born photographer, designer, and instructor Alexey Brodovitch (1898–1971), best known for his art directorship…

MCARA, Catriona
The medium of Leonora Carrington - A feminist haunting in the contemporary arts

Before her death, the artist and writer Leonora Carrington (1917-2011) had already garnered a cult following, with numerous creative people making the pilgrimage to meet her at her home in Mexico City. Since then, her…

CARLSON, Rey; KIM, Rin; NI, Nix
Vessels: Hands. Summers, and other Goodbyes

Inspired by Korean, Chinese, and Vietnamese mythology, queer world-building, and fantastical story telling, Vessels is a zine in 6 chapters: The vessel of the Moon (She Stays on Earth With me Under the Sun), Vessels…

CESARCO, Alejandro (ed.)
buen diseño para la industria

This publication charts the history of the groundbreaking textile design portfolio created by the Argentine collective Buen Diseño para la Industria—formed by geometric abstract artists…

OAKLEY, Be (ed.)
An Incessant Unknowability: An Archive of Protest Inspired Typography and it’s Open Source Uses

The 2nd in volume in the GenderFail, Anthology of Queer Typography ongoing series, this book centers on the open source uses of GenderFail fonts from 2018 (when the first font was made) to the present. It features 26 unique…

CARR, Cynthia
Candy Darling. Dreamer, Icon, Superstar

OMG From the acclaimed writer Cynthia Carr, the first full portrait of the queer icon and Warhol superstar Candy Darling!!!!

Warhol superstar and transgender icon Candy Darling was glamour personified, but she…

REY PÉREZ, Christopher (ed.)
DOLCE STIL CRIOLLO. Extraordinarily Apotropaic

Dolce Stil Criollo’s fifth issue, “Extraordinarily Apotropaic,” aims to rethink reality in its current ordinary form by discovering and creating charms and rituals for changing it into one where there is less harm. The…

YAO GIOIELLO, Lulu (ed.)
FAR-NEAR Volume Five: Divergence

What we choose to idolize says a lot about who we are. Vol. 5 is an ode to divergent voices — artists who follow their gut even in the face of ridicule, who express passionate outcries of love despite opposition. We visit…


Salvation is a previously-unpublished artist book by Jimmy DeSana that he conceptualized shortly before his death in 1990. The publication contains 44 of the artist’s late photographic…

Berlin to Houston
“Berlin to Houston was written in the dead of the 2020/2021 winter months, in that elongated endlessness of the COVID-19 pandemic before the vaccines were available, during which time Aura [Rosenberg] and John…
ESS, Barbara

"Fragments come from a number of Barbara Ess’ notebooks dated 2014–2020. In the wake of her death in 2021, sorting through her archive, Barbara’s sisters Janet and Ellen spent time with these notebooks, reading…


Cactus erotica. Dykes taking T erotica. Handmade rope erotica. Tangentially alien erotica. Clit long like laffy taffy erotica. Death erotica.

In L.A. Warman's anti-sequel to her award-winning…

MAYER, Bernadette
Midwinter Day

Perhaps Bernadette Mayer’s greatest work, Midwinter Day was written on December 22, 1978 at 100 Main Street, in Lennox, Massachusetts. “Midwinter Day,” as Alice Notley noted, “is an epic poem about a daily routine.”…

BUTTERICK, Brian ; MARTIN, Susan ; NAKAS, Kestutis (eds)
"We Started a Nightclub" – The Birth of the Pyramid Cocktail Lounge as Told by Those Who Lived It

What Studio 54 was for disco, the Pyramid Cocktail Lounge was for the alternative scene of 1980s downtown New York. Located at 101 Avenue A, the Pyramid offered a mixture of cultures: from groundbreaking, irreverent theater…

IANNONE, Dorothy
Dorothy Iannone. Love Is Forever, Isn't It?

Published to accompany Dorothy Iannone's retrospective exhibition held at M KHA (Antwerp) in 2023–2024, this publication sheds new light on the legendary artist's practice by dealing specifically with her idiosyncratic…

CLARK, Ashley
Facing Blackness

“In Facing Blackness, Ashley Clark traces the contours of Bamboozled, guiding readers through Lee’s intricate representation of race, politics, and popular culture. Clark moves beyond straightforward…

Inge Grognard. Makeup 1989-2005

From the first days of  Maison Martin Margiela through to contemporary Balenciaga, Inge Grognard has spent her career as an integral part of  fashion’s avant garde: this book features the formative work of one of the fashion…

BAER, Ulrich Jesse K.
Deer Black Out

Deer Black Out is a(n obsessional re) mediation of violence and trauma through the trans/coalescence of identities surfacing and resurfacing within a manuscript of serialized poetry, influenced by HD, Zukofsky,…

FROST, Jackqueline
Notes sur le tragique prolétaire expérimental

Notes sur le tragique prolétaire expérimental est un essai qui noue avec précision un geste politique et un geste poétique. Ce nouage se produit doublement : 1) par la thèse qui est soutenue dans le livre et 2)…

BUCHLOH, Benjamin H. D.; FOSTER, Hal
Exit Interview

In Exit Interview, the prominent art critics and historians Hal Foster and Benjamin Buchloh discuss their intellectual foundations and the projects they've worked on together, from October to Art…