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LEWIS, Sophie
Abolish the Family: A Manifesto for Care and Liberation

Abolish the Family traces the history of family abolitionist demands, beginning with nineteenth century utopian socialist and sex radical Charles Fourier, the Communist Manifesto and early-twentieth century Russian…

TUCKER, Alexander
Fifth Quarter: Derek Jarman, Keith Collins & Dungeness

Fifth Quarter: Derek Jarman, Keith Collins & Dungeness brings together collaborators, friends, contemporary artists, writers, musicians, and curators to respond to the influence and legacy of Jarman and his late partner…

Rough Trade Editions #52 : We Are But Nothing - No somos nada

We Are But Nothing takes place during a funeral in Argentina, when the unnamed narrator meets some of his old school friends after a long time away. What is a sad albeit boring occasion serves here as an excuse…

JEMISON, Steffani
A Rock, A River, A Street

In her experimental debut novella, A Rock, A River, A Street, artist Steffani Jemison moves deftly across narrative genres and styles as she interrogates the boundedness of the self, the possibilities of plurality,…

VAN BENNEKOM, Jop; JONKERS, Gert; FELDMANN, Nathaniel (eds.)
BUTT #32

AKEEM SMITH, stylist-turned-artist gets frisky in titty suit
By Zak Stone and Philip-Daniel Ducasse
EILEEN MYLES, legendary dyke is turned on by poetry
By Brontez Purnell and Jack Pierson

As A Journal , Body

Limited in space, bodies are immense in their potentiality. Today, in the face of a crisis – ecological, military, economic and social – it is their vulnerability that defines them most. Guest edited by Neringa Černiauskaitė,…


Powerfully inventive and atmospheric, Strega is a modern gothic story of nine young women on the cusp of inheriting society’s submission to violence, and the age-long myths that uphold it



Originally released as a feature film in 1993, the year before the acclaimed artist and filmmaker Derek Jarman’s death due to an AIDS-related illness, Blue is a daring and powerful work of art. The film and its…

Nicht Neues / Nothing new

Working as a self-taught artist, and employed as an office manager in the former GDR, Ruth Wolf-Rehfeldt used her typewriter to create patterns and abstract compositions with characters and letters at the junction of Concrete…

PRIOR, Dorothy Max
69 Exhibition Road

A vibrant, wry, and engaging account of life as an adventurous, queer young person in late 1970s London discovering themselves as an artist, and an individual.

While working as a photographer's model, gallery usher,…

DELIRE, Luce; KÖLBL, Antonia; LICLAIR, Christian; SINOFZIK, Anna (eds.)
Texte Zur Kunst 32/129 (Mar. 2023) Trans Perspectives

The March issue of TZK centers perspectives of trans artists and writers. They call attention to transmisogyny and intersections between racism, anti-Semitism, and transphobia in the art field as well as to the potentials…

Amsterdam Photos

Amazing large-sized publication on newsprint, with mirror paper on the inside cover, gathering 63 photos of Amsterdam by Robby Müller.

“This publication is intended as an ode to the special light of Amsterdam,…

DENNY, Simon; BEYES, Timon; HOLT, Robin; PIAS, Claus; STEINBRÜGGE, Bettina (eds.)
Proof of stake – Technological claims

Based on the exhibition Proof of Stake: Technological Claims at Kunstverein in Hamburg, curated by Simon Denny and Bettina Steinbrügge, the book brings together a global group of artists and scholars who inquire…

Candles. A Photographic Novel

In Candles, Onderbeke uses his own work and that of others to research what he calls "the colour of darkness," or negative space—a concept he borrowed from the Japanese writer and essayist Jun'ichirō Tanizaki.…

HUBERT, Arnaud (ed)
Louisa Gagliardi

This first monograph on Swiss artist Louisa Gagliardi introduces her specific voice within the landscape of contemporary painting.
Louisa Gagliardi (born 1989 in Sion, Switzerland) draws freely from the codes of painting…

BURDEN-STELLY, Charisse; DEAN, Jodi (eds.)
Organize, Fight, Win. Black Communist Women’s Political Writing

Black Communist women throughout the early to mid-twentieth century fought for and led mass campaigns in the service of building collective power in the fight for liberation. Through concrete materialist analysis of the…

KVAM, Erlend Peder
Tools of Encouragement

The inner life of objects according to Erlend Peder Kvam. Humans have created many tools in order to make life better and more organized, such as languages, nation states and a lot of different objects. But who ever asked…

DUMAS, Marlene
Cycladic Blues
This cahier is a visual sketchbook for an exhibition by Marlene Dumas at the Museum of Cycladic Art in Athens, in dialogue with the museum's collection. Although the exhibition…
Ce qui vit la nuit

“Je voyais ce qui était écrit sur les murs. Ce n’était plus les années 1990. Ce n’était même plus le Pacifique Nord-Ouest. Quelque chose était arrivé qui avait tout balayé et j’avais été abandonnée enfermée dans un sarcophage…

Rent Boy

It's New York City, 1981, and everyone wants to be at the Emerson Club, from Cindy Crawford to Cindy Adams; from Famous Roger, one-time lion of the talk shows, to Sandy Miller, the “downtown” writer with the tattoos and…

MACLEOD, Clem; MCLOUGHLIN, Caitlin; ELDRIDGE, Pierce; MOLINAS, Arcadia; CORROY, Violet (eds.)
Worms for Luncheon

Worms and Luncheon have come together to bring the tastiest of fertilisers, to accompany your lunch for one. Think of this publication as a wine pairing for bookworms. Each story has been tailored to…

HATO (ed.)
Cooking With Scorsese: The Collection

Or should we say Cooking with Scorsese & Juzo Itami & John Hughes & Gabriel Axel & Jeremiah Chechik & Tran Anh Hung & Campbell Scott & Stanley Tucci & Nora Ephron & Stephen Chow & Li Lik-chi & Ang Lee & Francis…

Slow Grown: Plants, Folklore and Natural Dyeing

This zine turns our eyes to the great histories of natural dyers.

Women, witches and healers throughout time have practised dyeing out of necessity and joy, and passed down the sacred knowledge to their children.…

BRENEZ, Nicole
Jean-Luc Godard. Écrits politiques sur le cinéma et autres arts filmiques (tome 2)

« Chez Godard, tout geste, toute pratique, toute phase dans la création, depuis sa conception jusqu’à sa diffusion dans l’espace public, se transforme en proposition sur l’art. Le terme d’ « art » , ici, renvoie non pas…

VERGÈS, Françoise
Programme de désordre absolu. Décoloniser le musée

Le musée occidental est un champ de bataille – idéologique, politique et économique. Si à peu près tout le monde veut aujourd’hui « repenser le musée », peu ont pourtant l’audace d’interroger…

my o’hara

"Mais je ne veux pas créer une somme de prose à propos de quelque chose qui est déjà clair dans mes poèmes. Si l'on couvre quelqu'un de terre et que de l'herbe pousse, on ne sait plus de quoi iels avaient l'air."

DEBRE, Constance

«Un meurtre c'est fait pour que quelque chose s'arrête. Est-ce que c'est possible que les choses s'arrêtent, que ce ne soit pas toujours le même aplat de tout, sur le même ton, à la même vitesse qui vous avale, irrespirable,…


Foutaise est un recueil de poésie illustré par Mélody Da Fonseca (jeune illustratrice de renom), dans lequel l’impénétrable Bibi-la-Vertu nous a invité à picorer sans nous soucier d'une trame fixe. Plongez dans…

Lettres Révolutionnaires

Diane di Prima commence à écrire ses Lettres révolutionnaires en 1968, peu après avoir emménagé à San Francisco. Diffusés d’abord sous forme de tracts, ces poèmes participent de l’agitation politique et culturelle…

Night Studio. A Memoir of Philip Guston

A new edition of this classic, intimate memoir by Philip Guston’s daughter, Musa Mayer, with a new afterword. Beginning as a muralist in the 1930s, Philip Guston (1913–1980) embraced the lyrical vocabulary of Abstract…

BIOLICHINI, Irene (ed.)
Per un Manifesto per una nuova ceramica / For a manifesto of the new ceramics

Manifesto per una nuova ceramica [For a Manifesto of the New Ceramics] is born from the necessity to shape a shared feeling, a “trembling,”…

GRAW, Isabelle
On the Benefits of Friendship

Isabelle Graw’s latest book reflects on the purposes and struggles of friendship in competitive social milieus. By focusing on her own social milieu—the art world—Graw demonstrates how…

SUPE, Mathilde
Keren Cytter Does Not Like to Share

While studying at the Fine Arts School in Paris (Cergy) in 2013 and having to complete an internship abroad, Mathilde Supe, a 24-year-old student, contacted Keren Cytter to be her assistant. The latter, who had just left…

Social Dissonance

We are not what we think we are. Our self-image as natural individuated subjects is determined behind our backs—historically by political forces, cognitively by the language we use, and neurologically…

HERSEY, Tricia
Rest Is Resistance. A Manifesto

Disrupt and push back against capitalism and white supremacy. In this book, Tricia Hersey, aka The Nap Bishop, encourages us to connect to the liberating power of rest, daydreaming, and naps as a foundation for healing…

Narcissus Book #2

The Narcissus series is the comic portion of a multimedia project exploring the queer love, labour, mythology, and the embodied self under capitalism.

In book 2 Jerry struggles…

The Half-Drowned

the half-drowned is a vision of a future at the end of the world where what survives is the shapeshifting love of family both given and chosen. Drawing on the Afro-diasporic ancestral knowledge of water and the…

BISHOP, Claire
Artificial Hells

The award-winning, highly acclaimed Artificial Hells is the first historical and theoretical overview of socially engaged participatory art, known in the US as “social practice.” In recent decades, the art gallery…

The Saddle Hurts, Too

The Saddle Hurts, Too is a poetic excavation through the grit and grime of personal and intergenerational history. A hybrid text of essays, prose and poetry, this collection explores what stands in the way of…

New Infinity

New Infinity is an experimental novella that follows a woman as she lives and dreams her way through the philosophical implications of autoimmune disease. Met by a labyrinth of closing doors, she searches for…


In Edmonton, Ronnie learns what it is to be a young Indigenous woman, almost-alone in the city; unable to hear herself over its noise, see through the glare of its lights to find the ground beneath her feet. Stories of…

Ever Given

EVER GIVEN by Rindon Johnson is the artist's latest collection of poetry and visual art, examining the contentious relationship between work and title. Johnson's titles, which range from paragraph-long philosophical investigations…

FULTON, Nora Collen
Thee Display

From its situation in Ancient Greece through the various rewritings and commentaries and interventions of the last 2500 years, there is certainly no book being transmitted in the anything-but-unbroken and often comic transmission…

Psychotronic Crimes

PSYCHOTRONIC CRIMES is the English translation of an educational manga published in February 2020 by the Technological Crime Victims Network Nonprofit Organization of Japan. Originally titled お前はまだ集団ストーカーを知らない…

GIBBS, Steven L.
Chronological Discoveries

CHRONOLOGICAL DISCOVERIES by Steven L. Gibbs is a physical, spiritual, and mental guide to the art of time travel. Based on Gibbs' own original research and inventions, this instructional manifesto contains revelatory…

DESANA, Jimmy; SAWYER, Drew (ed.)
Jimmy DeSana: Submission

This book is the first monograph to present the work of Jimmy DeSana, a pioneering yet underrecognized figure in New York’s downtown art, music, and film scenes during the 1970s and ’80s.…

MACLEOD, Clem (ed.)
Worms (Six)

The new issue of WORMS

“The themes of this issue are broad and sprawling. We look at humour, collage, and honesty – finding what’s relatable in the literature we love, and uncovering what it tells us…

ARCHER, Sol (ed.)
Held by Hands: K-pop and the Social Potencial of Fandom

This book is a collective body dancing utopia.

Held by Hands: K-pop and the Social Potencial of Fandom brings together personal and theoretical reflections written by members of the Brazilian K-pop community…

BUCH, Esteban
Playlist. Musique et Sexualité

Playlist. Musique et Sexualité est constitué de seize essais autonomes, qui explorent tour à tour la musique dans les pratiques sexuelles, et le sexe dans les pratiques musicales. Il se déploie d’une thématique…

PROSSER, Simon (ed.)
Francis Upritchard. A Loose Hold

“Ram’s eyelids lazily closed, nostrils silently flared and ears flopped like a teddy bear. Two humanoid figures lay on its head in a centaur’s posture, feet dangling upwards.” —LPPL

The book explores scale and…

Wages For Wages Against – Volume 2. Tout ce qu’on tait on sait / We Know What Remains Unsaid

Tout ce qu’on tait on sait est le second volume de la série de publications du collectif Wages For Wages Against, qui agit pour de meilleures conditions de travail dans les arts visuels et contre toutes formes…

New Forms of Art and Contagious Mental Illness

Over the years 1919–20, the celebrated medical scientist and doctor Carl Julius Salomonsen began giving public lectures and publishing pamphlets regarding a new “epidemic” that had begun to affect the European populace:…

DRUCKER, Johanna
Inventing the Alphabet. The Origins of Letters from Antiquity to the Present

Inventing the Alphabet provides the first account of two-and-a-half millennia of scholarship on the alphabet. Drawing on decades of research, Johanna Drucker dives into sometimes obscure and esoteric references,…

ALS, Hilton
My Pinup

In this brilliant two-part memoir, the Pulitzer Prize–winning writer Hilton Als distills into one cocktail the deep and potent complexities of love and of loss, of Prince and of power, of desire and of race. It’s delicious…

BECK, Martin; VON BISMARCK, Beatrice; BUCHMANN, Sabeth; LAFER, Ilse (eds.)
Broken Relations: Infrastructure, Aesthetic, and Critique

Broken Relations: Infrastructure, Aesthetic, and Critique is a symptom and an outcome of a collectively experienced crisis — one that has produced a new, widespread sensorium for often invisible and overlooked…

Health Communism

In this fiery, theoretical tour-de-force, Beatrice Adler-Bolton and Artie Vierkant offer an overview of life and death under capitalism and argue for a new global left politics aimed at severing the ties between capital…

Against the Written Word

Against the Written Word is the most important, most revolutionary book produced since the advent of the printing press; the book that will liberate readers from reading, writers from writing, and booksellers from peddling…

CATLOW, Ruth; RAFFERTY, Penny (eds.)
Radical Friends: Decentralised Autonomous Organisations and the Arts

In recent years DAOs have been heralded as a powerful stimulus for experimentation to reshape new cultural value systems for interdependence, cooperation, and care. At a time when the mainstream artworld is focused on…

FRANKE, Anselm; GIULIANO, Elisa; TANCONS, Claire; RYNER, Denise; XIANG, Zairong (eds.)
Ceremony (Burial of an Undead World)

According to the writer and cultural theorist Sylvia Wynter, “we humans cannot pre-exist our origin myths any more than a bee can pre-exist its beehive.” Drawing inspiration from her seminal essays “The Ceremony Must Be…

Slingshot Organizer

IT'S NOT TOO LATE to get organized in 2023 !! Here come the legendary Slingshot organizers straight from Berkeley, California. – spiral bound pocket version (4.25 inches X 5.5 inches) – working title “Slingshot deviant”…

GAMPER, Martino
100 Chairs in 100 Days and its 100 Ways (5th edition, 5th size)

Still going strong !

A recalled dialogue from some time ago:
Martino: I will make 100 chairs
åbäke: What, the same one 100 times?
M: No, they will be different. They’ll…

LAHAYE, Lieven (ed.)
All horses are the same colour

Parts make up a body, the ringing of bells directs attention, the toilet brushes from KFC collect cultural residue, a series of gaps create the possibility of an alternate reality, avatars lead lives otherwise impossible,…

BOIS, Yve-Alain
An Oblique Autobiography

This has no longer to do with the myth of a one-way trajectory from the influencer to the influenced; instead, it speaks of a click or spark between poles. It evokes the idea of an encounter. It takes two to tango.…

DURAND, Amélie
Grammaire pour cesser d’exister

Inspiré par La Grammaire méthodique du français, ce texte est composé de 19 chapitres évoquant des principes grammaticaux (l’accord dans le groupe nominal, l’absence de déterminant, formes actives et passives),…


On construit une architecture mentale et émotive, calée sur le système nerveux. Enfin on essaie à deux, pendant trois ans, de reconstruire en français une architecture que Martin Högström a élaborée en suédois, une architecture…

LESI, Zoltán
En habits de femme

Le recueil de poèmes "En habits de femme" nous plonge dans la vie et l’intimité de Dora Ratjen, une athlète intersexe qui a défendu les couleurs nazies dans les années 1930. Avec une sobriété dans le verbe, une écriture…

PUYOL, Rosanna
A Thing Conducting

Me I have a click with birds

Two translations from Rosanna Puyol's upcoming poetry book, D'l'or,

In the first text, a thing conducting, Sandar Tun Tun's music is in the air, birds…

In Pursuit of Revolutionary Love: Precarity, Power, Communities

Violence is arrayed against us because we’re Black, or female, or queer, or undocumented. There is no rescue team coming for us. With that knowledge, we need a different operational base to recreate the world. It is not…

DAVIS, Glyn; GUY, Laura (eds)
Queer Print in Europe

How have radical print cultures fostered and preserved queer lived experience from the 1960s to the present? What alternative stories about queer life across Europe can visual material reveal?

Queer Print in Europe…

SOVA, Reagan M.
Wildcat Dreams in the Death Light

Wildcat Dreams in the Death Light is an incantatory work of narrative poetry. Infused with hobo melancholy, Jewish lore, bloodshed, and hilarity, this epic poem is nothing short of a contemporary masterpiece.


Identity Pitches

In Identity Pitches, artists Stine Janvin and Cory Arcangel have composed conceptual music scores based on the knitting patterns for traditional Norwegian sweaters known as Lusekofte. Utilizing three of the most popular…

The classic of in passing

A collection of pictures taken, or found, by Gintaras Didžiapetris during a stay in Japan. Most of the photos have been slightly altered with inclusion of digital patterns. The book is an integral part of the artist’s…

THOBURN, Nicholas
Brutalism as Found. Housing, Form and Crisis at Robin Hood Gardens

The Robin Hood Gardens public-housing estate in East London, completed in 1972, was designed by Alison and Peter Smithson as an ethical and aesthetic encounter with the flux and crises of the social world. Now demolished…

LEE, Chris
Immutable: Designing History

Immutable: Designing History explores the banal genre of the document and its entanglement with statecraft and colonial(ism/ity). This is framed as a ~5,000 year chronology, imbricating the developments of money…

The Clearing

BACK IN STOCK : ) JJJJJerome Ellis’s The Clearing asks how stuttering, blackness, and music can be practices of refusal against hegemonic governance of time, speech, and encounter. Taking his glottal block stutter…

Souris en résidence

Après Schappi et ses fables politico-animales, Anna Haifisch revient à son thème de prédilection : l’artiste. Dans Souris en résidence, elle raconte la résidence artistique de…

SELF, Jack (ed.)
Real Review #13 (Winter 2022)

All times appear equally and at once. The past no longer recedes in an orderly way, but threatens to resurface at any moment in the guise of the contemporary. Nostalgia cycles are getting faster. Old material artefacts…

DITTMAR, Jérôme (ed.)
Pandore : le monde dans l’œil d’Adam Curtis

En plus de trente ans de carrière, Adam Curtis est devenu l’une des figures majeures du cinéma documentaire. Célébré dans le monde anglo-saxon, mais peu connu en France alors qu’il a pourtant tout d'un cousin punk de Jean-Luc…

SOFER, Danielle
Sex Sounds

In Sex Sounds, Danielle Shlomit Sofer investigates the repeated focus on sexual themes in electronic music since the 1950s. Debunking electronic music’s origin myth—that it emerged in France and Germany, invented…

Paths to Autonomy

A path is created when a direction is taken, its production marks the imbrication of personal choice, communal action and subhuman (structural, historical, ecological) conditionings. We are at the same time the makers…

PEETERS, Julie (ed.)
Here comes the fourth issue of the awesome “magazine without words”: BILL ! With Greece shot by George Tourkovasilis, Cinzia Ruggeri through the lenses of Ilvio Gallo and OCCHIOMAGICO, SC103’s first runway,…
FLYNT, Henry
Three essays on Spirituality & Art

Three Essays may be the first book ever published that offers a panoramic account of spirituality without reference to religion or comic-book supernaturalism. Of course, that means redefining spirituality. The…

HIGGINS, Dick (ed.); CENTAMORE, Alice (ed.)
A Something Else Reader

A Something Else Reader is a previously-unpublished anthology edited by Dick Higgins in 1972 to celebrate Something Else Press, the publishing house he founded in 1963 to showcase Fluxus and other experimental…

McBRIDE, Jason
Eat Your Mind: The Radical Life and Work of Kathy Acker

Drawing on exclusive interviews with hundreds of Acker’s intimates as well as her private journals, correspondence, and early drafts of her work, journalist and critic Jason McBride offers the first full-scale, authorized…

CHAN, Paul; NAKAMOTO, Tominaga
Above All Waves: Wisdom from Tominaga Nakamoto, the Philosopher Rumored to Have Inspired Bitcoin

This book introduces English readers to the life and ideas of Tominaga Nakamoto (1715–46), an 18th-century maverick Japanese philosopher who is rumored to have been an inspiration for the inventor of Bitcoin, known only…

IGLIORI, Paola (ed.)
Harry Smith: American Magus

Best known during his lifetime as an experimental filmmaker and Folkways Records music anthologist, Harry Smith (1923–1991) was a spiritual outsider and one of the most original, influential artists of the mid-century…

HOLLANDER, Benjamin (ed.)
Letters for Olson

“I commissioned these letters, hoping for a depth of response which would echo correspondence with Charles Olson, coming in any form, as if correspondence were, in the words of Kenneth Warren, "the seal of the planets…

MEUNIER, Karolien; GRAW, Isabelle; LICLAIR, Christian; SINOFZIK, Anna (eds.)
Texte Zur Kunst 32/128 (Dec. 2022) Art History Update

This December issue of Texte zur Kunst attempts an “update” of art historical methods, which have been regularly reflected upon since the publication’s founding. The pressing questions of the moment not only ask whether…

LAGUNA, Fernanda; GÜIRALDES, Rosario (ed.)
Fernanda Laguna: The Path to the Heart

Estimada Nueva York,
Hace días que me pregunto como conectar con vos… así afectivamente. Me doy cuenta que mi alta de ganas de conocer geografías nuevas un poco puso un freno a nuestra relación, aún casi inexistente.…

Queen of Wands

“You ought to bow a little before you enter the house. Upon entry we are greeted by a smell of dried plums, sour and seeped by smoke. While our eyes are adjusting to the darkness we might not notice an old cane standing…

TEIGE, Karel; BOYNIK, Sezgin (ed.); FEINBERG, Joseph (ed.)
Karel Teige. The Marketplace of Art / Commentary (2 volumes)

Acclaimed as one of the leading theoreticians of avant-garde art and architecture between the two world wars, Teige's more political writings still remain to be discovered. Written in 1936, in the context of the rising…

RUGGERI, Cinzia; LO PINTO, Luca (ed.)
Cinzia Says...

Artist and fashion designer Cinzia Ruggeri (1942–2019) made her artistic research a tool for inquiry into the functional and semantic properties of the object and the architectural…

Ignota Diary 2023

This beautifully designed diary and week-to-view planner is filled with historically significant magical and sacred dates from around the world. Drawn from events such as the Buddha’s…

SYMS, Martine; CALESHU, Rocket
The African Desperate

The African Desperate is the script of the eponymous film by Syms. The camera follows Palace Bryant on one very long day in 2017 that starts with her MFA graduation in upstate New York and ends at a Chicago Blue…

SILT, Irene
The Tricking Hour

What is a world in which work disappears? “Time has never made any sense to me. Or rather, I am told the way I describe my experience of time does not add up. I am so disconnected from any common meter that I remain in…

GUFO (ed.)
HOOT #8 Carla Adra

Une conversation imprimée entre Gufo et Carla Adra, entre retranscriptions de discussions et échanges épistolaires, où il est question de marionnettes, d’auto-stop, de Bureau des Pleurs, de Paroles Chaudes,…

CHAN, Paul; PYS, Pavel S. (ed.)
Paul Chan. Breathers

This volume surveys Paul Chan’s publications and works made between 2010 and 2022 following his return to artmaking. The exhibition takes as its organizing principle the notion of the “breather,” a word that can signify…

FAR-NEAR Volume Four: Guidance

FAR–NEAR is a curated cross-cultural book series broadening perspectives of Asia through image, person,…

MMDC3: Angie Keefer

MMDC is a series of publications documenting libraries. Initiated by Julie Peeters in 2015, the series allows an artist to enter into a dialogue with a particular library collection. The publication can be seen as a kind…