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ATLAS GROUP; RAAD, Walid ATLAS GROUP; RAAD, Walid The Atlas Group. Volume 1: The Truth Will Be Known When The Last Witness Is Dead Verlag der Buchhandlung Walther König 2004 Artists' Books 100€ 100€
BAKST, Léon BAKST, Léon Designing Dreams: A Celebration of Léon Bakst Mousse Publishing / Nouveau Musée National de Monaco Monographs / Design / Fashion 100€ 100€
BRODSKY, Alexander (ed.) BRODSKY, Alexander (ed.) 101st km l’Esprit de l’Escalier 2018 Artists' Books / Artists' Writings 7€ 7€
BRONSON, AA; AARONS, Philip BRONSON, AA; AARONS, Philip Queer Zines Box Set, Volumes 1 & 2 Witte de With 2014 Zines / Queer Culture 40€ 40€
ESTRELA, Alexandre; HARRISON, Scott (eds.) ESTRELA, Alexandre; HARRISON, Scott (eds.) manual Self-Published 2003 Comics & Illustrations 10€ 10€
HAMILTON, David; ROTH, Dieter HAMILTON, David; ROTH, Dieter Canciones de Cadaques Primary Information LPs & EPs / Facsimile & Reprints 200€ 200€
JAMISON, Aaron Flint JAMISON, Aaron Flint YU Contemporary VS Dept. of Revenue Oregon & Mult. Co. Assessor Galerie Max Mayer Artists' Books / Politics 250€ 250€
JOHNSON, Larry JOHNSON, Larry Larry Johnson Hammer Museum 2009 Monographs / Exhibition Catalogues 60€ 60€
KELLEY, Mike; FALCKENBERG, Harald (ed.); KELLEY, Mike; FALCKENBERG, Harald (ed.); Mike Kelley: 99.9998% Remaining Verlag der Buchhandlung Walther König 2012 Monographs 80€ 80€
KINMONT, Ben KINMONT, Ben On becoming something else (Broadside) Antinomian Press 2009 Multiples & Ephemera 30€ 30€
KINMONT, Ben KINMONT, Ben Gastronomie (Broadside) Antinomian Press 2009 Multiples & Ephemera 500€ 500€
KINMONT, Ben KINMONT, Ben An exhibition in your mouth (Broadside) Antinomian Press Multiples & Ephemera 500€ 500€
KIPPENBERGER, Martin KIPPENBERGER, Martin The Happy End of Franz Kafka’s »Amerika« Oktagon / Deichtorhallen Hamburg 2000 Monographs 75€ 75€
KIPPENBERGER, Martin KIPPENBERGER, Martin Martin Kippenberger Villa Arson 1990 Monographs 30€ 30€
LAWSON, Tom (cur.) LAWSON, Tom (cur.) A Fatal Attraction: Art and The Media The Renaissance Society Artists' Writings / Exhibition Catalogues / Group Shows 30€ 30€
LEAVITT, William LEAVITT, William The Particles (of White Naugahyde) 1rst edition Edition Patrick Frey / Studiolo Monographs / Artists' Writings 50€ 50€
MILLER, John; EICHHORN, Maria MILLER, John; EICHHORN, Maria Between Artists: John Miller / Maria Eichhorn A.R.T. Press Monographs / Conversations 30€ 30€
OLESEN, Henrik OLESEN, Henrik Some Faggy Gestures JRP|Ringier / Migros Museum fur gegenwartskunst 2008 Artists' Books / Queer Culture 75€ 75€
SMITH, Jack SMITH, Jack The Beautiful Book Granary Books Artists' Books 500€ 500€
WILLIAMS, Christopher WILLIAMS, Christopher Printed in Germany: 3 colors SET Koenig Books Monographs / Artists' Books 300€ 300€
WILLIAMS, Christopher WILLIAMS, Christopher The Production Line of Happiness (green edition) Art Institute of Chicago / Yale University Press Monographs / Artists' Books 50€ 50€
WILLIAMS, Reese (ed.) WILLIAMS, Reese (ed.) Fire Over Water Tanam Press Literature 35€ 35€