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BAL, Mieke; WILLIAMS GAMAKER, Michelle; FERRO, Renate BAL, Mieke; WILLIAMS GAMAKER, Michelle; FERRO, Renate Saying it Occasional Papers Exhibition Catalogues 12.5€ 12.5€
BORDEN, Lizzie; LASSINARO, Kaisa (ed.) BORDEN, Lizzie; LASSINARO, Kaisa (ed.) Born in Flames Occasional Papers 2011 Feminism / Film & Video 18€ 18€
BRITTON, Alison BRITTON, Alison Seeing Things. Collected Writings on Art, Craft and Design Occasional Papers 2022 Crafts / Design / Essays 35€ 35€
COBBING, Bob COBBING, Bob BOOOOOK: The Life and Work of Bob Cobbing Occasional Papers 2015 Poetry / Monographs 25€ 25€
collective MMS (eds.) collective MMS (eds.) The Natural Enemies of Books: A Messy History of Women in Printing and Typography Occasional Papers 2020 Essays / Feminism / Typography / Book Culture 20€ 20€
CRUZ, Juan CRUZ, Juan Catalogue: It will seem a dream Occasional Papers Monographs / Artists' Writings 23€ 23€
DAVIES, Ivor; ROMS, Heike (ed.) DAVIES, Ivor; ROMS, Heike (ed.) Silent Explosion. Ivor Davies and Destruction in Art Occasional Papers Monographs / Essays 30€ 30€
DE BONDT, Sara (ed.) DE BONDT, Sara (ed.) Off the Grid. Histories of Belgian graphic design Occasional Papers 2022 Graphic Design / Art History 30€ 30€
DE BONDT, Sarah; MUGGERIDGE, Fraser (eds.) DE BONDT, Sarah; MUGGERIDGE, Fraser (eds.) The Form of the Book Book Occasional Papers 2015 Essays / Book Culture / Graphic Design 18€ 18€
DE SMET, Catherine: DE BONDT, Sara (eds.) DE SMET, Catherine: DE BONDT, Sara (eds.) Graphic Design: History in the Writing (1983–2011) Occasional Papers 2014 Graphic Design / Essays / Anthologies / Art History 22€ 22€
DREHER, Peter DREHER, Peter Just Painting Occasional Papers 2015 Monographs / Painting 12€ 12€
FILLIOU, Robert FILLIOU, Robert Teaching and Learning as Performance Arts Occasional Papers Artists' Books / Facsimile & Reprints / Education 38€ 38€
GARABEDIAN, Mekhitar GARABEDIAN, Mekhitar Import – Export, Friperie Occasional Papers 2023 Monographs 28€ 28€
GORDON, Melissa GORDON, Melissa Vital Signs: Writings on Gesture Occasional Papers 2023 Artists' Books / Artists' Writings / Painting 25€ 25€
HENDRIKSE, Paul HENDRIKSE, Paul The Ideal Form Occasional Papers Monographs 15€ 15€
HENRI, Adrian HENRI, Adrian Total Artist Occasional Papers Monographs 30€ 30€
HOLLIS, Richard HOLLIS, Richard About Graphic Design Occasional Papers 2012 Essays / Graphic Design 23€ 23€
HOLLIS, Richard HOLLIS, Richard Henry van de Velde: The Artist as Designer Occasional Papers 2019 Graphic Design 24€ 24€
HORN, Sarah HORN, Sarah En-Suites Available Occasional Papers 2022 Photography 20€ 20€
HOUÉDARD, Dom Sylvester HOUÉDARD, Dom Sylvester Notes from the Cosmic Typewriter. The Life and Work of Dom Sylvester Houédard Occasional Papers Monographs / Artists' Books 32€ 32€
KALKHOVEN, Emma (ed.) KALKHOVEN, Emma (ed.) Roger Ackling. Between the Lines Occasional Papers 2015 Artists' Books 20€ 20€
MCBRIDE, Rita MCBRIDE, Rita Explorer Occasional Papers / WIELS 2018 Exhibition Catalogues 14€ 14€
POYNOR, Rick POYNOR, Rick Why Graphic Culture Matters Occasional Papers 2023 Essays / Graphic Design 28€ 28€
ROELANDT, Hugo ROELANDT, Hugo Let's Expand the Sky Occasional Papers Monographs 28€ 28€
SENIOR, David (ed.) SENIOR, David (ed.) Please Come to the Show Occasional Papers 2014 Book Culture / Curatorial Studies / Graphic Design / Exhibition Catalogues 22€ 22€
THOMAS, Philippe; BOSSER, Daniel THOMAS, Philippe; BOSSER, Daniel Philippe Thomas Declines His Identity Occasional Papers 2015 Artists' Books / Facsimile & Reprints / Art Theory 22€ 22€
WEINMAYR, Eva WEINMAYR, Eva (pause) 21 scenes concerning the silence of Art in Ruins Occasional Papers Monographs / Zines 15€ 15€
WEINMAYR, Eva WEINMAYR, Eva Art in Ruins and Unknown Strangers Occasional Papers Monographs / Zines 8€ 8€
WILLATS, Stephen WILLATS, Stephen Street Talk: Amsterdam Occasional Papers 2011 Artists' Books / Facsimile & Reprints / Urban Studies 15€ 15€
WILLATS, Stephen WILLATS, Stephen The Artist as an Instigator of Changes in Social Cognition and Behaviour Occasional Papers 2018 Artists' Writings / Essays / Art Theory 16€ 16€
WOOD, Luke; HAYLOCK, Brad (eds.) WOOD, Luke; HAYLOCK, Brad (eds.) One and many mirrors: perspectives on graphic design education Occasional Papers 2020 Graphic Design / Education 25€ 25€