April 20 2024 07:00PM
Journal Municipal

Je suis presque toute enragée.

Une soirée de découverte de M qui se balade, s'attriste, s'amuse, s'énerve et sévit dans la ville de B, en banlieue parisienne.

Lancement du livre Journal…

April 16 2024 07:00PM
Sophie Hamacher // Supervision: On Motherhood and Surveillance

Please come on Tuesday, April 16th at 7pm and squeeze in to listen to artists Sophie Hamacher and Laetitia Badaut Haussmann talk about the book Supervision: On Motherhood and Surveillance. A wide-ranging, first-of-its-kind…

April 6 2024 07:00PM
POETRY FRENZY w/ Verity Spott, Dolly Rae Star, Kat Addis, and Joseph Minden

All the way from the wide ethereal and not-so-very-faraway shores of Brighton and Hove, After 8 Books brings you a night of poetry and song to usher in the spring, from four of the finest poets in all the land — Verity…

April 5 2024 07:00PM
Feast of the Ass event

We are delighted to welcome the booklaunch of Feast of the Ass, by Jahan Khajavi, published by Ugly Duckling Presse!


April 5 2024 07:00PM
Duplicate of Feast of the Ass event

We are delighted to welcome the booklaunch of Feast of the Ass, by Jahan Khajavi, published by Ugly Duckling Presse!


March 28 2024 07:00PM
Marcel Devillers, Jordan Derrien: 2 Books 3 Dice

An evening that’s an alternative to classic dice. Roll the Three Dice and enjoy the book you’re reading!

LANCEMENT de Like The Gold at The End of The Rainbow de Jordan Derrien & Je suis Jessica,…

March 22 2024 07:00PM
SCRAP ! Calla Henkel scraps Paris in good company

Can't wait for you to squeeze in on March 22th to feast on the release of SCRAP by Calla Henkel. Calla will be in conversation with pop icon / actress Lily McMenamy.

There was something about the unspooling…

March 20 2024 07:00PM
ON YOUR FEET BOOK LAUNCH with Jacqueline Feldman & Friends

Please join author and translator Jacqueline Feldman as she launches her new book, On Your Feet: A Novel in Translations, which features a story by Nathalie Quintane. Feldman will read from On Your Feet,…

March 8 2024 07:00PM

À l’occasion de la sortie du livre de Vanessa Theodoropoulou Le Monde en situation – La révolte sensible de l’Internationale situationniste, une conversation entre l’autrice et Emmanuel Guy, autre Situ scholar,…

February 29 2024 07:00PM
Booklaunch / lecture : Oraison funèbre pour Zelda1990

Il arrive tard mais pas trop, mais plus tôt que prévu.

Venez nous retrouver pour une lecture par Romane Constant de son nouveau livre : Oraison funèbre pour Zelda1990, publié par Dépense Défensive.

February 21 2024 07:00PM
The Voice that Remains: An evening with PAUL O’NEILL

How to conceive of exhibition making today?
How to consider curatorial modes of public address?
What happens between writing and curating?
Get ready for all you ever wanted to know about the art of curating…

February 7 2024 07:00PM
Sentiero by Alex Cecchetti BOOKLAUNCH

Please be welcome for a conversation with curator Lucia Pietroiusti, philosopher Emanuele Coccia and artist Alex Cecchetti to celebrate his latest publication, Sentiero. The book follows a mountain path designed by the…

January 19 2024 07:00PM
Caramel lancement

Lancement de Caramel, un livre de Zoé Philibert!

Meute de sensibles entrelacés,
La·e chien·ne seul.e qui s’échappe échappe à son maître.
La meute qui s’échappe…

January 18 2024 07:00PM
Verdicts – Lancement

Nous accueillons le lancement de Verdicts, un livre de poésie de Lida Youssoupova publié en français par les éditions Zoème en présence de la traductrice : Marina…

December 19 2023 07:00PM
Whore Foods. Chroniques d’une caissière en chien / lancement

Tuesday : sex in the supermarket ! Nous accueillons le lancement de la traduction française de Whore Foods en présence de LA Warman.

LA Warman transforme les rayons d’un supermarché bio en boîte à fantasmes.…

December 17 2023 05:00PM
L’histoire d’une histoire du cinéma + projection 16mm

Sunday special! Enrico Camporesi et Jonathan Pouthier accompagneront le lancement du livre L’histoire d’une histoire du cinéma d’une projection sur les murs de la librairie de films en 16mm. Programme surprise…

December 15 2023 07:00PM
EYES · · Inge Grognard by Julie Peeters

The second in a series of monographs published by BILL, this publication – presented like a newspaper in an offset printed folder – explores eyes and makeup from Inge Grognard’s unique point of view and lens.


December 13 2023 07:00PM
Arnaud Labelle-Rojoux présente LCDB + SMS

Une soirée avec Arnaud Labelle-Rojoux, autour de 2 nouveaux livres! Le Culte des Banni.e.s et Stop Making Sense .·:

LCBD oopsi LCDB – Le Culte des Banni.e.s est un essai…

December 8 2023 07:00PM
About Ed, a booklaunch with Robert Glück

So happy to host American poet and writer Robert Glück, co-founder of the New Narrative movement in 1980s San Francisco, for an evening of reading and a conversation around his new novel: About Ed. The book is…

November 24 2023 07:00PM
Deux voies vers le Paradis ❂ 23/11 Institut suédois ❂ 24/11 rue Jarry

Double lancement de notre dernière publication, Les Voies du Paradis – en présence de l’auteur, Peter Cornell!

⊹ Le 24 Novembre 2023 à 19h, à After 8 Books, avec Peter Cornell,…

November 17 2023 07:00PM
lancement. Isabelle Cornaro

After 8 Books accueille Isabelle Cornaro et Clément Dirié pour le lancement d’une nouvelle monographie dédiée au travail d’Isabelle publiée par JRP — avec des contributions de Tim Griffin, Cécile Debray, Fabrice Stroun,…

November 16 2023 06:30PM
BOOKLAUNCH ! with Bob Nickas – ‘Corrected Proofs. Previously Unpublished, Uncollected, Unwanted’

Revenge publishing? A new genre? Or has it been around since writers first put pen to paper? Isn’t all writing to some degree a means to avenge an oversight or a rejection, intending to set the record straight? A number…

November 15 2023 07:00PM
Heinz Peter Knes in conversation with Bojan Šarčević

Very happy to welcome artists Heinz Peter Knes and Bojan Šarčević for the release of Knes’ new book, Correspondences, published by Is-Land ❊

Heinz Peter Knes has developed a photographic-documentary practice…

November 11 2023 07:00PM
An evening with Ariana Reines

Dear friends, in the midst of this emotional storm, as we are witnessing a catastrophic shift in an already unbalanced world, let's try to stay sane and awake together. We are happy to welcome you all to a special evening…

November 10 2023 07:30PM
The Third Hand, Marton Perlaki - booklaunch

Please join us for a celebration of The Third Hand, by Marton Perlaki, a new publication by UK-based In Other Words.
The book captures the five year period from 2018 to 2023, during which time Perlaki moved…

October 18 2023 07:00PM

The art marathon has just begun, and Paris in on fire. Come dry your tears and feed your feelings at our special bookstore at Paris Internationale* ! For this year's edition we have teamed up with artist Thomas Jeppe for…

October 14 2023 07:00PM
CLINAMEN presents... une soirée de lectures par Johana Blanc et Ketty Steward

Tempus Fugit, Ketty Steward —
Dans un futur pas si lointain, la notion du temps telle que nous la connaissons a disparu. Le temps, et surtout le temps de chaque individu, est devenu la valeur marchande principale…

October 13 2023 07:00PM
Love, Emily (Acte 3) - Kathy Acker + Nox LP launch !

CELEBRATORY MOOD for this beautiful sound object by Slow Moves.
Originally released in a long sold-out edition of 50 cassette tapes, Love, Emily (Acte 3) was the third and final album of Michel Henritzi’s…

September 30 2023 07:00PM
Rosanna Puyol Boralevi & Aodhan Madden

Fresh from the oven ! We gonna celebrated two new pamphlets this Saturday at the bookstore, with readings by the writers.


September 29 2023 07:00PM

FIRE! Une soirée dédiée à Lizzy Mercier Descloux – autour des livres Don’t Take of Yourself. Lettres à Christine 1974-1983 (Isti Mirant Stella) et Desiderata (Inpatient Press), traduction anglaise en…

September 21 2023 07:00PM
T&P Work Unit : Low-Tech et Querelle historique

tout ce que vous avez toujours voulu savoir sur le graphic design sans jamais oser le demander ...
LANCEMENT des deux nouvelles Anthologies par T&P Work Unit

Chaque volume de cette collection rassemble une…

September 16 2023 08:00PM
A night to celebrate Dodie Bellamy at Treize!

Treize, After 8 Books & Finch are joining their energies to celebrate Dodie Bellamy, and launch the new editions of Kevin Killian’s Argento Series and Dodie’s Cunt Norton !

Readings by Dodie Bellamy…

September 14 2023 07:30PM
◊ CATASTROPHE Book launch ◊

Gary Zhexi Zhang will be in conversation with Yuri Pattison about Catastrophe Time! – a collection of essays, fictions, and interviews exploring the weird temporalities of finance and catastrophe, edited by Gary…

September 8 2023 07:00PM
BOOKLAUNCH The Complete Fear of Kathy Acker

C'EST LA RENTRÉE ! Join us for this first one to fire up the season.
We will welcome a hologram reading by author Jack Skelley + an IRL conversation with Sabrina Tarasoff and (drums) Dennis Cooper.


July 13 2023 07:00PM

COME CELEBRATE CEREBRAL REBELS SUMMER PARTY X WORMS #7 !  Friends & lovers & haters come together right now.

The ‘Artists who Write and Writers who Art’ Issue. For Worms 7 we’ve looked to our visual counterparts…

July 6 2023 07:00PM
The Order of Release, by A. E. Brandt

For those of you who are still picking up that leaflet ;)

The Order of Release gathers and comments upon a number of press releases written by artists. The format of the press release came to the…

July 1 2023 06:00PM
Tout ce qu'on tait on sait / We Know What Remains Unsaid // Wages For Wages Against #2

En présence des éditrices Ramaya Tegegne et Tiphanie Blanc, qui donnera une lecture de son texte Compter sur nous. Sur les enjeux du partage des savoirs militants et sera en conversation avec Thierry Bertrand.


June 22 2023 07:00PM
PARADIS by Marie Angeletti and more °°° BOOKLAUNCH !

I was not interested to stop, never learned how to; to feel too much, on my side, is to burn. All these events, layers of individual stories, add up; influences and new behaviors happen backwards, forwards, live. This…

June 20 2023 07:00PM
Gaëlle Boucand. JJA, Changement de décor, JA

ELINKA FILMS & NAÏMA ont le plaisir de vous convier au lancement d'une édition autour de trois films de Gaëlle Boucand avec des lectures de Clara Schulmann, Hélène Gaudy, Mathieu Larnaudie et en présence d'une partie des…

June 13 2023 07:00PM
Steffani Jemison in Paris!

Please join us for a reading to celebrate Steffani Jemison’s experimental novel, A Rock, A River, A Street. Moving deftly across narrative genres and styles as she interrogates the boundedness of the self, the…

June 7 2023 07:00PM
WEDNESDAY NIGHT by Joseph Matick

We are happy to host an evening of readings and performances by a special new friend / adopted talisman just landed in Paris from the USA, poet and musician Joseph Matick. There will be music and words, together with *

June 2 2023 07:00PM
Iliazd by Rab-Rab Press

Launch of bie bao series dedicated to militant zaum investigations of Ilya Zdanevich – Iliazd, published by Rab-Rab Press.

Ilya Zdanevich was a poet, designer, typographer, theoretician, and publisher…

June 1 2023 07:00PM
Disorganisation & Sex by Jamieson Webster

How do you like it ? We are very happy to host psychoanalyst Jamieson Webster, in conversation with writer Santiago Amigorena and writer Sinziana Ravini, about her book: Disorganisation & Sex, published by Divided Publishing.

May 26 2023 07:00PM
LAUNCH: Enter Fatima — Charlotte York

Please join us for the launch of Enter Fatima, a passport-sized mysterious publication which follows the book: The Knife. The book narrates the adventures of a rather peculiar traveller, educator and designer (I think…

May 25 2023 07:00PM
DAVID DOUARD. 0´THEE LIL' 0 _ lancement

SO SO HAPPY to invite you all to celebrate this new After 8 Books publication, dedicated to the work of French artist and ami extraordinaire David Douard. A long time in the making, this one has been a windy road with…

May 11 2023 07:00PM
A read-through of F.R.D (Z) by Will Holder

Back in town! Will Holder will be with us to present the ZEE issue of F.R.DAVID

It’s a very special one, with 16 different covers, from Lutz…

May 9 2023 07:00PM
A reading by Gail Scott

Incroyable, Gail Scott will be among us to read from her books Heroine, The Obituary, and also the forthcoming…

May 5 2023 07:00PM
Yve-Alain Bois’ Oblique Autobiography

Exploding galaxies! Let’s celebrate with Yve-Alain Bois his latest book, An Oblique Autobiography: a transatlantic collection of writings where, as he discusses the work of others, Bois recounts his own intellectual…

May 3 2023 07:00PM
Textes à lire à voix haute. Lancement !

Présentation de la publication et lectures suivies d'une discussion autour de la traduction... avec une partie de l'équipe de traduction du livre : Luana Almeida, aurore/a zachayus et Rosanna Puyol, éditrice de Brook.


April 27 2023 07:00PM
Le jukebox des trobairitz // LANCEMENT

Nous sommes WOW d'inviter Helena de Laurens, Clara Pacotte et Esmé Planchon pour une présentation de leur nouveau WOW "Le jukebox des trobairitz", un abécédaire assez incroyable à lire ensemble ce jeudi même. Publié par…

April 14 2023 07:00PM
WHAT IS L'Attitude de la Pictures Generation ? BOOKLAUNCH

Aux États-Unis, à la fin des années 1970, des artistes comme Dara Birnbaum, Jack Goldstein, Barbara Kruger, Louise Lawler, Sherrie Levine, Robert Longo, Richard Prince ou Cindy
Sherman se mettent à reproduire des…

April 12 2023 07:00PM
OEI #98-99: Aural Poetics LAUNCH

Michael Nardone and Lisa Robertson will be present alongside the editors of OEI, Jonas (J) Magnusson & Cecilia Grönberg - what a treat !

”The domain of the aural opens, at once, on to the act of composition and…

April 7 2023 07:00PM

You need an outside policeman every time the inner policeman breaks down

Readings with Aurelia Guo and Sam Riviere, celebrating The World of Interiors.
In World of Interiors I use collage…

March 30 2023 06:30PM

Gyn Gausserand (1932-2018) demande son émancipation à l’âge de seize ans pour pouvoir se former à la poterie à l’école de Fontcarrade à Montpellier. Sa “relation impérative” à l’argile se traduit sous différentes formes…

March 15 2023 06:00PM
TRAIN LORD booklaunch with Jayne Tuttle and Oliver Mol + Nathan Roche LIVE !

Please join Australian writer Oliver Mol as he celebrates the paperback launch of his book TRAIN LORD, published by Penguin Michael Joseph. TRAIN LORD recounts how he lived through the hell…

March 9 2023 07:00PM
Lancement : Ce qui vit la nuit par Grace Krilanovich

Protégez vos jugulaires et rejoignez-nous pour une soirée autour de cette publication very dark. Nous avons aussi prévu une conversation entre l’éditeur et le légendaire journaliste Lelo Jimmy Batista. Garde à vous ! 


March 5 2023 05:00PM
don't do this to me Sunday with Constance Debré, Estelle Hoy and Stephanie LaCava

Don't fall off your chair but please squeeze in on Sunday for a crazy astral conjunction during which three of the most incredible minds and why not bodies of our sick sad times will meet and read and hopefully it won't…

February 24 2023 07:00PM
Le Plaisir d’un casse retardé par les plantes maintenant ou En toute occasion passe comme un coup de vent (the event)

C'est le lancement de Le Plaisir d’un casse retardé par les plantes maintenant ou En toute occasion passe comme un coup de vent, une ode de fantasy où les plantes prennent pas mal de décisions pour un monde mortel…

February 18 2023 06:00PM
Cyberfeminism Index BOOKLAUNCH !

A very special book launch, with a conversation between designer and editor Mindy Seu and legendary multimedia artist Shu Lea Cheang !

In Cyberfeminism Index, hackers, scholars, artists, and activists…

February 17 2023 07:00PM
Two Readings with Moist Books + Ma bibliothèque

Be welcome to an evening of readings with Isabella Streffen and Sharon Kivland, introduced by Tom Allen.

Isabella Streffen, Fabulae. How it begins, MA BIBLIOTHÈQUE, 2022
Isabella Streffen will…

February 12 2023 05:00PM
HOOT #9 Moyra Davey, Sophie T. Lvoff LAUNCH !

STL: So how do you justify that, as a trivia, factoid, or a known fact
about your process?
MD: It is something that I wrote literally as a desire, a wish. And I tried.
There were probably a few images that…

January 20 2023 06:00PM
BOOKLAUNCH : La Politesse de Wassermann, Laëtitia Badaut Haussmann

"This is the way, step inside" is a line in the chorus of the song Atrocity Exhibition by Joy Division. The title of the track is taken directly from the novel by J.G. Bal­lard. It is also from this book that…

January 13 2023 06:30PM
LANCEMENT: The Artificial Kid

Lancement de The Artificial Kid avec Elsa Vettier, Julie Héneault & more

Publié suite à la résidence curatoriale d'Elsa Vettier à la Maison Populaire de Montreuil, ce recueil rassemble une sélection d’images, d’archives,…

January 12 2023 06:00PM
LANCEMENT : How to become irrésistible #4

Lectures & performance par la team + cocktails !

Cet ouvrage rassemble des textes pensés et écrits au cours d’une année d’atelier à l’ebabx Bordeaux par sabrina soyer, Marie Legros M, Nayun Eom, Charles Dauphinot,…

December 8 2022 07:00PM
Fentanyl Flowers / Émilien Chesnot

Comment gérez-vous vos flux, vos biens et vos humains, Peter ?
prenez votre temps
nul stress ne gagne
prenez votre temps
la pression n’est pas de mise, en tout cas nôtre

December 3 2022 07:00PM
Rocher du Ciel / Martin Desinde aka Dépense Défensive

J'ai reçu sur la tête le plus gros rocher du ciel et j'ai perdu beaucoup de facultés
 Par Martin Desinde, lecture de Teddy Coste sur un arrangement musical…

November 29 2022 07:00PM
Immutable: Designing History by Chris Lee / booklaunch
Immutable: Designing History is a new book that outlines a thematic genealogy of the document – graphic design’s most banal genre – and its entanglement with statecraft and colonial(ism/ity). This is framed as a roughly…
November 17 2022 06:00PM
Caconrad // En attendant de mourir à son tour BOOKLAUNCH !!

Caconrad sera avec nous pour le lancement de la traduction en français de son ouvrage 'While Standing in Line for Death' ! Traduit par Elsa Boyer & Camille Pageard.
Lectures, projections (!) et suspence assurée xxxx…

November 12 2022 06:00PM
A tooth for a tooth / Black Mass Publishing

A visual conversation between Yusuf Hassan and Kwamé Omari, thinking about how images live in space next to one another, in or out of context. Each artist selecting 51 images in response to one another, the two build a…

November 2 2022 07:00PM
Langages tissés, Isabel Carvalho, lancement et lectures

Nous vous donnons rendez-vous le mercredi 2 novembre 2022, à partir de 19h, pour le lancement de Langages tissés, un livre consacrée au travail de l’artiste…

October 28 2022 07:00PM
Young Americans by Jackqueline Frost

Join us for the book launch of Young Americans ! Readings by Jackqueline Frost and special guest Nat Raha, Q&A with Rona Lorimer.

October 21 2022 07:00PM

FINALLY we get to host Amy Sillman herself, in Paris, for a spectacular bilingual booklaunch of both the French version and the English one — in a new, expanded edition – of her seminal book : Faux Pas. Selected Writings…

October 20 2022 07:00PM
I Fear My Pain Interests You / Booklaunch & Screening

When I was five, I told my father I wanted to be a beasty-boy. Two words, like a snow leopard, an animal-creature. The Boy part, the Leopard: unsexed.
It was a cold autumn night on the rue Jarry in Paris.…

October 13 2022 07:30PM
Solitary by Tyler Coburn / booklaunch
Solitary is an experiment in site-specific writing, produced at a wellness center in South Korea designed as a mock prison. Tyler Coburn will give a talk about the project, touching on the site and its unique…
October 7 2022 07:00PM
The Falling by Marie Lund / booklaunch & edition

Please join us to celebrate the release of this beautiful artist’s book, made in collaboration with Frederik Worm and designed by Åbäke. We are also installing – and selling! – Marie Lund’s newest edition, an enameled…

October 5 2022 07:00PM
Craig Owens / Le discours des autres

Nous sommes ravi.e.s d'accueillir les éditeurs de MMPLH en conversation avec Gaëtan Thomas, qui a établi et traduit ce recueil, un document essentiel à l'histoire politique et critique de l'art.
Aussi, pour toustes…

July 16 2022 07:00PM
The Window, Tarek Kiswanson

 The title is important. The poem is not the one who dies. You can order the book. Through the window of my bedroom.

Book launch    &  reading  ------> The Window by Tarek…

July 2 2022 07:00PM
Bookaunch: Michael in Black by Nicole Miller !

Michael in Black by Nicole Miller (2022) focuses on a single sculptural work by the artist and filmmaker: a bronze cast of Michael Jackson’s kneeling figure, poured from a mold made directly from his body circa…

June 28 2022 07:00PM
Lancement "Bote-tchu & Sèllatte" de Simon Boudvin

Du Jura bernois aux montagnes neuchâteloises, Simon Boudvin traverse ici un territoire témoin des luttes que nous raconte l’historienne Marianne Enckell, bibliothécaire et archiviste bénévole au Centre international de…

June 25 2022 07:00PM
Devenir Féministe - booklaunch !

Pour célébrer le lancement du livre, Nora Barbier* sera en conversation avec Clara Schulmann**
Le livre commence comme un film. On place le décor, on introduit le personnage : «Elle, assise à un bureau face à un mur,…

June 18 2022 07:00PM


La typothèque Bye Bye Binary présente des fontes inclusif·ves, non-binaires, post-binaires en construction. Ces fontes utilisent læ Queer Unicode Initiative (QUNI) pour encoder leurs…

June 16 2022 07:00PM
Jennifer West. Media Archaeology BOOKLAUNCH !

Please join us for an evening with Jennifer West ! Celebrating an amazing book with screenings, conversations, drinks, and a few very special zines by West herself ✁ Retrouvez-nous pour le lancement de l'ouvrage monographique…

June 10 2022 07:00PM
BOOKLAUNCH ! In Search of The Third Bird

A great deal of uncertainty—and even some genuine confusion—surrounds the origin, evolution, and activities of the so-called Avis Tertia or “Order of the Third Bird.” Sensational accounts of this “attentional cult” emphasize…

June 9 2022 07:00PM
Georgia René-Worms raconte José Leonilson

Georgia René-Worms, artiste et autrice sera en conversation avec Cédric Fauq, commissaire en chef / responsable du service des projets au CAPC musée d’art contemporain.
Discussion introduite par Sylvie Mokhtari,…

May 31 2022 07:00PM
Take 'Em Down: Scattered Monuments and Queer Forgetting by Simon(e) van Saarloos in conversation with Claire Finch !
Who determines what is remembered and commemorated, and why? How can we commemorate something that is both in the past and a daily reality? In Take 'Em Down,…
May 25 2022 07:00PM
L'Internationale Noire // lancement

Premier volet paru sous forme de feuilleton de la saga de George Schuyler, L'Internationale noire est un véritable sommet de fiction spéculative, mêlant thématiques afrofuturistes et problématiques socio-politiques.…

May 19 2022 06:00PM
Apollo Thomas. Mecha Sakura

We are happy to welcome you for chats & drinks at the bookstore !
This publication by Apollo Thomas is made in collaboration with EDWIN

April 23 2022 06:00PM
FORGET VENICE // launch of Ivan Cheng’s new novel ¡

NOTE: This event is at galerie Edouard Montassut – 61 rue du Fbg Poissonnière, not at rue Jarry ; °)

Ivan Cheng will read from Confidences / Majority, his…

April 22 2022 07:00PM
FORGET VENICE // Suckcess Magazine launch !

Drama, careers, sabotage, compromissions... the first issue of Suckcess Magazine begins with a selection of poems by the flamboyant Rene Ricard, edited with the help of Editions Lutanie, and continues with contributions…

April 19 2022 07:00PM
William Wegman. Writing by Artist BOOKLAUNCH & Screenings !

HEY WOW ! We are delighted to host a booklaunch for this fantastic new Primary Information publication, edited by artist Andrew Lampert.

Writing by Artist is the first collection to focus on William Wegman’s…

April 7 2022 07:00PM
BOOKLAUNCH Ce que Sylvère Lotringer n'écrivait pas

Il y a toujours quelque chose d'inachevé dans ce que je fais, même si cela laisse des ouvertures. Il se trouve que j'écrivais beaucoup de préfaces pour nos livres, mais je n'ai pas tellement publié moi-même. C'est…

March 30 2022 07:00PM
Marie Cool Fabio Balducci. Works 1995–2020 LANCEMENT

Lancement de la première monographie consacrée au travail de Marie Cool Fabio Balducci ; en présence des artistes et de Laurence Schmidlin, éditrice, conservatrice au Musée cantonal des Beaux-Arts de Lausanne

March 25 2022 07:00PM
An evening with OEI and Lytle Shaw

Hello ! Come celebrate with us the latest publications by our swedish brainy and sexy friends OEI : the latest Issue (#94-95: geographies), as well as New Grounds for Dutch Landscape by Lytle Shaw, who…

February 24 2022 07:00PM
° NEW BOOK ! ° Lancement et lectures! Piero Heliczer. Poems & Documents / Poèmes & Documents

We’re very happy to invite you to an evening of readings by Rachel Valinsky, Dennis Cooper, Marcel Devillers amongst others... at rue Jarry, to celebrate the poetry of Piero Heliczer on the occasion of the launch of our…

February 17 2022 06:00PM
Un Moyen Âge Émancipateur LANCEMENT !

Nouez vos capes et tressez vos mèches. Nous allons fêter ce soir le lancement de Un Moyen Âge Émancipateur, en presence des auteur.es Thomas Golsenne et Clovis Maillet et d'autres invité.es d'exception !


January 14 2022 06:00PM
Success in Failure... Wolfgang Stoerchele BOOKLAUNCH

Who is Wolfgang Stoerchle ? Come find out on Friday night, with editor Alice Dusapin and a selection of video works by the artist.
Wolfgang Stoerchle is a particularly notable artistic figure of the early seventies…

November 25 2021 06:00PM
Labano Twist with Lina Schlageter

Viens pour apprendre à jouer aux cartes avec Laban, à interpréter les signes qui feront frissonner ton corps...


Un jeu conçu par Lina Schlageter.



November 18 2021 06:00PM
Twice in Paris with Lauren Elkin & Estelle Hoy

Please join us for the warmest double date of November ... Paris two ways.

Friday Afternoon.
This bus is on diversion. The driver breaks the fourth wall to tell us. Then so do the passengers,…

November 11 2021 11:00AM
OFFPRINT OFF with Roma Publications and Dent-de-Leone

Friends still make books, and yes, books still make friends ! Please come visit us later this week, we will be hosting - pushing the walls ! - our dearest publishers friends visiting town, and several events as planned…

October 20 2021 06:00PM

OMG OMG OMG Join us to celebrate this one! What’s better than the poisonous atmosphere of a FIAC week and its jetlagged dwellers to come together in a promiscuous bookstore loaded with symbolic value and play with stickers…

October 15 2021 06:00PM
booklaunch : Resisting Exactitude + About Jane Dickson and Maximilian Klawitter

Please join us for the unpacking of two new publications by German-born, Paris-based Bauer Verlag. Lines and stories that might and might not cross, intermingle, and tie a knot...

No. 1: Resisting Exactitude by…

October 2 2021 06:00PM
SAÂDANE AFIF // Morceaux Choisis: A Monograph & Side Magazine: The Professor


FR // Morceaux Choisis est la première monographie consacrée aux pratiques artistiques de Saâdane Afif. De Melancholic Beat au Folkwang Museum, Essen, en 2004 à Musiques…

September 28 2021 06:00PM
Stage of Recovery by Georgia Sagri // booklaunch !

I was not offended when you looked at me and I realized there was no one in my place to look back at you. I comprehend. Seriously, I have strange feelings about the different wars that are going on in the universe…

September 17 2021 06:00PM
Electric Brine + The Wayward Canon // Double Book Launch !

Electric Brine. Esther Leslie in conversation with Jennifer Teets
Flowing, seeping, leaking, cascading, shaping. Electric Brine is a volume of poetry and critical essays by women voices from diverse…

September 10 2021 06:00PM
BOOKLAUNCH : Îlles by Georgia René-Worms, Roxanne Maillet

WOW ! Nous sommes youpiiii d'ouvrir la saison avec Îlles. ❦

Cette publication tisse un récit mêlé de fiction et de données historiques autour de l’existence, à travers les âges, d’une garde-robe non genrée. Des…

June 18 2021 07:00PM
Proces Verbaux booklaunch

En 13 procès-verbaux et avec les outils de la poésie objectiviste, l'auteur nous plonge dans le langage de la justice militaire française en Algérie entre 1954 et 1963. Historien, Marius Loris Rodionoff est l'un des premiers…

May 30 2021 03:00PM
Propos filmiques & plus si affinité DIMANCHE de 15h à 18h

Enfin c'est du LIVE ! Nous sommes heureu.x.ses de retrouver Jean-Claude Lebensztejn et l'équipe des éditions Macula pour le lancement de Propos filmiques. En pure perte - un nouvel ouvrage, édité par Enrico Camporesi…

May 29 2021 07:00PM
Little Joy online booklaunch !

"One day, after dropping acid (the one and only time I've tried acid in my life), some sort of identity crisis overtook me. Who am I? And who are my friends? Do I have allies or are they all frenemies? Back then, there…

May 13 2021 04:00PM
Le Gabion / launch !

Dans un élan de fébrilité et d’anticipation, nous sommes ravi-e-s d’annoncer l’impression du nouveau livre de Théo Robine-Langlois, Le Gabion,…

January 8 2021 06:00PM
Transmissions, a book and an exhibition. Presentation by Nick Mauss

We are delighted to open this year’s online program with a book and two persons that we love. Artist Nick Mauss will be in conversation with publisher and actor Baptiste Pinteaux about his publication Transmissions,…

December 18 2020 06:00PM
booklaunch of KERAMIKOS, by Matthew Lutz-Kinoy and Natsuko Uchino

a book launch and online conversation to celebrate, discuss and lift up our spirits with exquisite crafts :)
6 pm in Paris ° noon in NYC ° 2 am in Tokyo ⤹…

December 5 2020 06:00PM
book launch of Women in Concrete Poetry: 1959-1979

Hosted by After 8 Books, this event celebrated the publication of Women in Concrete Poetry: 1959-1979 (published by Primary Information) with a discussion between the book's editors Alex Balgiu and Mónica de la…

November 27 2020 07:00PM
Pisti. 80 rue de Belleville, a reading with Estelle Hoy

My first tryst with polyamory lasted less than a month, I couldn’t take to the weekly transparency meetings and banal disclosures packaged as respect. I didn’t have the patience for all the shedding and moulting. Besides,…

November 12 2020 08:00PM
The Superrationals. Online reading by Stephanie LaCava in conversation with Chris Kraus

LaCava's new novel takes us on—remember those?—transatlantic flights and short taxi rides to places that seem much too easy to recognize, until they turn uncanny. Mathilde and Gretchen write, sleep and converse through…

September 25 2020 06:30PM
Lancement de CHAOSMOGONIE de Nanni Balestrini + Lecture de Nathalie Quintane

Nous accueillons les éditions la Tempête et Nathalie Quintane pour le lancement de Chaosmogonie, recueil de montages poétiques et politiques de l’écrivain, artiste et militant italien Nanni Balestrini (1935−2019).


September 6 2020 04:00PM
WORK, a street party celebrating a new record by Hanne Lippard

COME ONE COME ALL ! Sunday the street will be open to celebrate this drôle de rentrée ... the parisian label Collapsing Market invites artist Hanne Lippard to present her new album, WORK.
And it's great !…

March 13 2020 06:00PM
Annulation du lancement

Malgré notre stock de solution hydroalcoolique, nous préférons annuler le lancement prévu ce soir avec B42.
La librairie reste néanmoins ouverte et vous pouvez y découvrir le livre Technique…

February 20 2020 07:00PM
Sara Magenheimer’s Beige Pursuit with Claire Finch, Émilie Notéris, and Barbara Sirieix !!

A character called X journeys through a present that is neither here nor there, but feels oddly proximate. She moves through landscapes of words. Narrative is always under construction. The preferred medium for X's peregrinations:…

February 18 2020 07:00PM
Fiévreuse plébéienne, une lecture par Élodie Petit

On habite ce que l’on peut : la faïence, la baignoire, le hlm, le trottoir, on construit une cabane. Du début à la fin on utilise l’amour comme survie collective. 

Fiévreuse plébéienne est un texte en…

February 15 2020 07:00PM
booklaunch & reading: The Baudelaire Fractal by Lisa Roberston

For now I would continue to test the hypothesis of lust. I would test it in bookshops, in museums, and at fountains. I would test it, as I have described, in attic rooms, maid's rooms as they were called. As unfixed…

February 6 2020 07:00PM
LANCEMENT ! Encyclopédie pratique. Détours, par Lenio Kaklea

Une conversation entre la chorégraphe Lenio Kaklea, Alexandra Baudelot, Franck Gautherot et Lou Forster pour présenter Encyclopédie pratique. Détours.
Dans les rues d'Athènes, Aubervilliers, Essen, Guissény,…

January 24 2020 07:00PM
LANCEMENT de (D) deux pierres retrouvées d’Amedeo Modigliani !

DID YOU KNOW ? Une légende locale raconte qu’en 1909 le peintre et sculpteur Amedeo Modigliani jeta plusieurs sculptures dans les eaux du canal de Livourne, sa ville natale. En 1984, la célébration des cent ans de la naissance…

December 20 2019 07:00PM

Please join us for an evening celebrating the 3rd issue of Slanted House zine, a publication which is always born in the aftermath of an exhibition. Slanted House is an artist's collective split between Berlin, Paris and…

December 14 2019 07:00PM
Booklaunch } Exquisite Mariposa, a novel by Fiona Alison Duncan

With a reading by Fiona Alison Duncan, joined by artist Matt Hilvers, plus pre-Winter specials!

We are very happy to host the Paris launch of Exquisite Mariposa, a contemporary memoir about transitioning…

December 11 2019 07:00PM
Une généalogie des grandes oreilles - Lauren Tortil LANCEMENT ET PERFORMANCES!

Ce livre est le résultat d'une recherche iconographique sur des dispositifs de surveillance militaire qui sollicitent l’écoute médiate (une écoute augmentée d’un médiateur: outil, instrument, architecture, système, etc.)…

November 22 2019 07:00PM
LANCEMENT !! Laura Mulvey: Fétichisme et curiosité

Retrouvez Laura Mulvey, figure exhaltante, critique de cinéma, féministe, british. Ce soir avec nous pour le lancement de la première traduction en français de l'anthologie de ses écrits sur l'image en mouvement: Fétichisme…

November 7 2019 05:00PM
I'M OFF to Offprint

find us this week-and-week-end at the fanciest Art Book Fair in town !
SPECIAL PROGRAM on Sat 9 in the Amphi d’honneur : the best kept secret in the Ecole des Beaux-Arts !!
Lancement / Performance…

October 17 2019
to October 20 2019
A8B X SALON DE NORMANDY - books what else

After 8 Books participates in the Salon de Normandy with The Reason(s) Why I'm Staying in Paris, a hotel bookshop that welcomes one event a day for a four-day trip, from the 17th to the 20th of October 2019. More…

October 13 2019 04:00PM
SUNDAY brainwaves: Age of Sand, a publication by Lisa Radon

Come over this afternoon to hear the great Lisa Radon read from her new publication !
Age of Sand is a book of log entries that imagines impossible interconnectivities, rewritings and rewrightings of the digital and…

October 11 2019 07:00PM
Kathy Acker (1971-1975) // booklaunch and more !

Retrouvez-nous pour célébrer la publication de ce recueil inédit d'écrits de jeunesse de Acker publiés par les Éditions Ismael
7pm: lectures par Claire Finch & Élodie Petit
+ Projection des films Untitled…

October 11 2019
to November 2 2019
Kathy Acker at A8B

On the occasion of the release of Kathy Acker (1971–1975), After 8 Books presents some documents from her archive, and two videotapes from 1974.
Claire Finch and Théo Robine-Langlois spent some time digging…

October 5 2019 07:00PM
A “Recto Verso” evening. Launch of F.R.David (C) + ...

Parisian spleeny Autumn kicks in, and what a better timing for launching the Summer ‘19 F.R.David issue, “Recto/Verso” ? Will Holder will tell us very little about it, being more focused on the unveiling of a major feature…

September 26 2019 07:00PM
book launch: Sleeveless by Natasha Stagg

Fashion, Image, Media, New York 2011-2019. We are honored to host the pre-launch of Natasha Stagg's new book ! Stagg has worked as editor and consultant for many fashion, art, culture - high and low - brands and industries.…

September 14 2019 06:00PM
LANCEMENT ! Journal de l’Université d’été de la Bibliothèque Kandinsky N° 5

Juillet 2018. Un groupe de jeunes artistes, chercheuses et chercheurs, éditeurs et éditrices* se retrouve à la Bibliothèque Kandinsky, au Centre Pompidou, pour partager leurs travaux sur les publications d’artistes, leur…

July 26 2019 07:00PM
BRUNO SERRALONGUE: Comptes rendus photographiques... lancement du livre et sgroppinos

... des sorties des Naturalistes en lutte sur la ZAD de Notre-Dame-des-Landes, août 2015 – avril 2017
Ensoleillé. Température maximale prévue 31°C. Risque d'averses le soir, avec une minimale prévue de 17°C.

July 10 2019 07:00PM
Nicholas Tammens on the art and teaching of Belgian artist, Jef Geys. A lecture

An evening dedicated to a beloved artist, by a beloved friend ! Nic will be speaking around 7.30.

In many instances, Geys’ projects began at the site of his middle school classroom in rural Flanders. Through looking…

July 7 2019 04:00PM
ceramics frenzy SALE with Natsuko Uchino

30 juste 30 nouvelles pièces par Natsuko, installées hors de portée de kids - donc kids friendly event! Street party puisque la street sera car-free dimanche ! + du saké et/ou du thé, quoi d'autre?
prices from 35…

July 6 2019 07:00PM
A SANDWICH, A WALLET AND A GIRAFFE - booklaunch Resistance by Lyn Hejinian

uh books publishes “Resistance”: 1. Lyn Hejinian’s unpublished prose poem which (in her better-known essay The Rejection of Closure) the author reads closely as model for various, open, equitable relations between language…

June 29 2019 12:00AM
booklaunch + celebrating our *new* kid's section! Two Kids, One Grown-up bookbrunch with editor ❤︎ Stephanie LaCava ❤︎

So happy to introduce you to this emoticonic artist’s book by John Baldessari! The plot is a non-linear narrative, based on the blown-up emojis from the artist's 2017 series. Playing with the limits of language and imagery,…

June 28 2019 06:00PM
Richard Roe by Tyler Coburn § booklaunch

Richard Roe is the fictional memoir of a legal person, published by Sternberg Press and designed by Luke Gould. The name is one of the oldest used in English law when the real name of someone is withheld, or when…

June 27 2019 06:00PM
booklaunch : Bardhi Haliti: May 25 is now October 1

Finally introducing our audience to the definitive, most extensive to-date research across Kosovar sports activities that took place in seven identical sports halls between 1974 and 2018! A frantic choreography of newspapers'…

June 18 2019 06:00PM
Octopusnotes 9

Retrouvez nos héro.ine.s semestriel.le.s pour un lancement sans pareil.le.s !
Au sommaire: Ana Baliza, Tenzing Barshee, Tomás Cunha Ferreira, Alice Dusapin, Alexandre Estrela, Wade Guyton, Pati Hill, Merlin James,…

June 15 2019 06:00PM
SideReal Reader launch

Artist-run project SideReal looks into alchemical ideas of passage, manipulation, magic, and occult politics through events and research related to music, art, and theory. Considering alchemy as a counterpublic…

May 18 2019 06:00PM
Activating Active Art

Lancement du livre édité par Maija Rudovska, Barbara Sirieix & Joachim Hamou, qui prolonge les réflexions du philosophe letton Andrejs Kurcijs et de son essai “Art Actif.” Avec une lecture de Laura Boullic | Launch of…

April 27 2019 06:00PM
Lancement ! METROMARXISME. Un conte marxiste de la ville

En présence de son auteur, Andy Merrifield, du préfacier de l’édition française, Xavier Boissel, et de l’équipe des éditions Entremonde, qui inaugurent avec ce titre une nouvelle collection, Métro, consacrée à l’urbanisme…

April 20 2019 06:00PM
Vzszhhzz book launch !

A novel that captures the glancing intersections of a loose group of artists and lawyers, restaurateurs, philosophers, wine-makers, and boxers.

Having dinner at the Triennale, Massimiliano is cooking Pho. He bought…

April 18 2019 07:00PM
Mind Walks book launch !

FINALLY! Le lancement le plus attendu de l'année aura lieu. Et quel lieu ;) -> attention, nouvelle adresse au 7, rue Jarry 75010
Nous sommes ravis de discuter avec Karl son nouveau projet éditorial all in black…

April 13 2019 06:00PM

5pm - Doors Open!
7pm - Readings by Claire Finch (& Elodie Petit) + John Dewitt + Adrien Dannatt & Duncan Hannah
9pm - Paul Bonnet plays CIA Debutante: “The Landlord”
& ... to support your favourite…

March 16 2019 03:00PM
Copy This Book—book launch and copyright discussions

From 3 to 6 pm, designer and author Eric Schrijver invites you to meet and discuss your copyright cases—both those related to copying and to getting copied!
>> If you wish to meet with Eric during the afternoon, please…

January 26 2019 07:00PM
Oh, My Darling & Other Rants by Valentinas Klimašauskas

According to the author, auto-correction, street performers, earworms and migration are to be blamed for the inception of this textile. The person who invented auto-correction should go to
hello. This is how he moved…

January 19 2019 06:00PM
The Daily Bread by Dépense Défensive _ booklaunch

The Daily Bread is a collection of beginnings. It stems from Dépense Défensive’s residency at Le Petit Versailles community garden on the Lower East Side, between the 2nd and the 17th of August, 2018. Everyday,…

December 14 2018 06:00PM
aneducation launch ! - documenta 14

I know what you did last summer. Now come, and celebrate this book!

This is not a book of good intentions. It attempts to introduce a chorus of voices that…

December 7 2018 06:00PM
Zin Taylor "Lavender Glass" Book Launch and Cocktail Party

Come and have a toast! Longtime in the making, the first extensive monograph on Zin Taylor's work is out. To celebrate its release, Zin will be serving lavender cocktails* and playing music linked to the book, bulding…

December 1 2018 06:00PM
Samedi soir, un peu d'académie avec MARGES. Lancement de la revue

Et hop ! Trêve de plaisanterie ! Retrouvons notre sérieux samedi soir pour le lancement du nouveau numéro de la revue Marges, pour une plongée de critique et analyse des arts et pensées contemporaines. Le périodique, crée…

November 24 2018 06:00PM

Hey ! Format 102 × 232 mm, mini poche. Idoine d'hiver pour le métro. Idoine, depuis 2015, un magazine monographique apériodique. Venez découvrir le dernier numéro,…

November 17 2018 06:00PM
“what I mean is—” Will Holder presents the 16th issue of F.R.DAVID

Here we go! We are delighted to reiterate. Will Holder will be in and down–town to read from the latest issue legendary F.R.DAVID – that's the (') issue, a special one. Look at the colophon and shiver. 

November 1 2018 03:00PM
"The Switch." Shiv Kotecha reads and talks with Rami Karim

This Thursday afternoon, we will have the pleasure to host New York-based poet Shiv Kotecha and discover his latest book, The Switch, published by Wonder Press.
From the introduction of the word kiss

October 27 2018 05:00PM
Le Réalisme capitaliste, par Mark Fisher -- booklaunch !

Venez nous voir samedi après-midi! On discutera malaise structurel, domination, et encore pire en compagnie du philosophe Ray Brassier, ami du théoricien culturel Mark Fisher (1968-2017), pour célébrer la sortie chez les…

October 19 2018 06:00PM
Rich and Famous - magazine launch at Paris Internationale

Pretty, Pretty, Pretty... Good !!! Join us for the launch of Peter Friel’s Rich and Famous infamous magazine, with Bonny Poon at After 8 Books booth - 4th floor at Paris Internationale, the hottest art fair in…

October 12 2018 02:00PM
Tobias Kaspar: The Incomplete Aesop

Intense appropriation of a cosmetic consumer item and hacking onto existing narratives are recurring methods in Tobias Kaspar’s work. Aesop is a company that relies on “prestige branding” to market its healthy products,…

October 10 2018 06:00PM
Book Launch, Claires Fontaines
Join us for an evening of Risograph frenzy with Animal Press !
Initialement présentées sous la forme d’une page web, les 40 pages de Claires Fontaines par Antoine Orand décrivent…
September 6 2018 06:00PM
The One & Patricide, by Jos Bitelli

Just before the opening of his project 2.4 parents for la plage, we are happy to share with you an evening with artist Jos Bitelli and his new publications. //Jos est à Paris pour 2.4…

July 20 2018 06:00PM
BOOK LAUNCH: Version n°0005, July 2018, "May 2018 SPECIAL, de Guillaume Maraud

Started in 2016, Guillaume Maraud’s publication series Version is getting to its variation n°0005.
Conceived by Maraud as both a record to keep track of his artistic practice in an ever-accelerating time,…

July 12 2018 06:00PM
LE LARGE _ Julie Beaufils. Book Launch & Readings at Balice Hertling

Hey ! We made it. Please join us for the launch of After 8 Books's new publication, Le Large, a very special collection of drawings by artist Julie Beaufils,…

May 29 2018 06:30PM
An Evening with Ugly Duckling Presse

Started as a zine in the 90’s, Ugly Duckling Presse has become an essential press for contemporary literature and art. Working independently from Brooklyn, NY, UDP publishes poetry, translation, experimental nonfiction,…

April 20 2018 07:00PM
BOOK LAUNCH The Psychopathologies of Cognitive Capitalism Part Three, with Warren Neidich

Join us for the lauch of the third volume of The Psychopathologies of Cognitive Capitalism, Warren Neidich's long-standing research-conference-symposium-publication enterprise. Focusing on some of the most alarming…

April 7 2018 06:00PM
Book Launch ! Samuel B. Morse par Jean-Philippe Antoine: Pour qui peindre et parler ? Un art de la conférence

Prononcées à New York en 1826, et longtemps restées inédites, ces conférences

March 16 2018 04:00PM
Ass Book Fair | Palais de Tokyo

We'll be assuring Brain to Ass connections.  //  Liaison Cortex - Cul assurée.
ASS BOOK FAIR 16-18.03.2018
Palais de Tokyo, Paris
Entrée libre…

March 10 2018 06:00PM
"Flurry" F.R.David #15
Presentation of “Flurry,” the 15th issue of F.R.DAVID, with a talk and reading by editor Will Holder. “Flurry” came about after being asked to propose ten books for acquisition by the Rietveld Academy library, Amsterdam;…
January 19 2018 06:00PM
Pasolini’s Bodies and Places / Book Launch

Ciao ragazzi! Join us for the launch of a very special publication by Edition Patrick Frey, and a maybe spectacular 3-days’ film projection on our windows. Hosted by Benedikt Reichenbach, who put the book back on our memories…

January 17 2018 06:00PM
Croissant. A timely selection for KW Institute of Contemporary Art, Berlin

If / When in Berlin. We have made a tailored selection of 50-some titles for KW, most beloved art venue in town. The books will be presented, updated, shifted…

December 17 2017 04:00PM
Dodie Bellamy & Kevin Killian: Writers Who Love Too Much

Join us for a Sunday tea and cake conversation with Dodie Bellamy & Kevin Killian - in Paris for the first time ! - and their new book by Nightboat - gluten-free welcome !

November 2 2017 07:00PM
Stone Theatre by Camila Sposati: booklaunch

Anatomical Theatre of the Earth was a wooden construction based on the form of a small circular arena with the stage in the center and around it the seats for the audience watching the scenic performances. In form and…

October 17 2017 06:00PM
In it for the money

Best books in best art fair. Come by & buy !

Paris Internationale 2017
October 18–22
11, Rue Beranger
75003 Paris

Public opening hours:
Wed, Oct. 18 to Sat, Oct. 21: 12pm—8pm

October 6 2017 06:00PM
F.R.David, 'Recognition' → chez TREIZE rue Moret, Paris

Book launch and performance with Will Holder and Scott Rogers, co-editor for this issue. ALPTRUTh: Techniques for Situational Awareness is a performance that examines the intricacies and intimacies of backcountry…

July 12 2017 06:00PM
Alberto Garcia del Castillo and Steev Lemercier: Merman

Merman is a queer travelogue of a boating voyage on Belgium’s inland waterways with merman and singer Steev Lemercier in the company of Chanel and Dolce, who are a cat and a dog, during the first months of their friendship…

July 7 2017 07:00PM
Marie Lund: Scout

with a text by Jesper List Thomsen; 
designed and edited by Åbäke; 
published by MIDI/Mousse. 

Reading of “Avoiding the Genius” by Jesper List Thomsen.

June 30 2017 06:00PM
Jean-Michel Wicker: #picturebook1

artist’s book, offset, 27 × 28.5 cm, 396 pages, including 360 pages in colour and 36 pages in black on LuxoArt Silk 150 g/m2 paper, glossy colour cover, LuxoArt Silk 350 g/m2, 10 inserts, colour, 26.5 × 28 cm, LuxoArt…

June 23 2017 06:00PM
David Antin: Essais Choisis
Chers amis, nous vous invitons à découvrir - et à emporter, comme bien plus qu'une lecture de plage - la traduction française d'une large sélection d’articles initialement publiés dans des catalogues ou des revues américaines…
May 5 2017 06:00PM
Michael Van den Abeele: Forked Apologies

book launch and reading, with Michael Van den Abeele.
The sign on the door says
You can keep your weapons but Leave your careers outside
Inside a heartwarming brunch is hosted Almost…

April 1 2017 05:00PM
Julie Bena: It Needed to be Tender and to be Whipped

book launch by Julie Béna.
Béna's practice mostly enfolds in performance and sculpture. However, this collection of poems, essays, film and theater scripts wind around her visual art work.

March 24 2017 06:00PM
Karel Martens: MOTION

Book launch and screening, with Karel Martens, Julie Peeters, and Chris Fitzpatrick!

He is back! So happy to host living legend typographer and book magician Karel Martens, in conversation with designer Julie Peeters…

March 9 2017 06:00PM
The World in Which We Occur

The World in Which We Occur is an event series co-led by Margarida Mendes and Jennifer Teets, taking place live over the telephone, and formulated around questions addressed by speakers across the world. Embarking on modern…

February 27 2017 06:00PM
"Inverted Commas" F.R.David ",D"

‘Inverted Commas’ is the 13th issue of the journal F.R.DAVID. Books launch, Singing, Reading wih Will Holder and Riet Wijnen at The Community!
This issue departs from Riet…

February 24 2017 06:05PM
Lisa Robertons: 3 Summers

Book launch and reading from her lates book of poetry, with poet Lisa Robertson


   The Seam
   On Form
   On Physical Real Beginning and
        What Happens…

January 27 2017 06:00PM
Evelyn Taocheng Wang: Unintended Experience: a job in Amsterdam

“I said: sir, her name is Tao. She is an artist who only paints sublime churchy subjects, and sir, if someone who has already become an artist, she cannot do anything else anymore in her life, and she is useless in reality…

November 19 2016 07:00PM
Jessica Warboys: Hill of Dreams

Hill of Dreams, a book and a film by Jessica Warboys
The film Hill of Dreams takes the fantastical semi-autobiographical novel of the same name written by Arthur Machen in 1907 as a point of reference for…

November 10 2016 11:00AM
Offprint Paris 2016

On sera là cette semaine at Offprint Paris !
best books in best book fair // Come see us at fancy ENSBA for better wallpapers and expensive macarons.

Avec A.R.T. Press,…

October 13 2016 12:39PM
Paris Internationale 2016

will be selling books & records on the 2nd floor at

October 1 2016 12:43PM
Louis Lüthi: The Preparator

a book by Kasper Andreasen & Louis Lüthi
a gallery-based introspective journey through a XVIII century drawing treatise, lössnus, and the network of cracks in a ceiling.

The Preparator…

September 10 2016 07:00PM
Richard Dailey: Unplugged Yellow

a book by Richard Dailey

1979-80 on the Lower East Side: Artists, collectors and punks in a 1979-80 novel about a love triangle on the Lower East Side, Haiti, Paris and Timbuktu.

July 23 2016 01:37PM
Two Slideshows ~ Ian Burns et al.

Nicholas Tammens: Two Slideshows as a part of Ian Burn et al.
A research query focusing on the legacy of Australian artist Ian Burn (1939-1993), and the work of his network of peers.

Today we will be showing…

July 9 2016 06:00PM
Soleil Politique

Book launch & conversation with Pierre Bal-Blanc & the editorial staff of Paraguay Press.

June 25 2016 06:00PM
Cléa n°1 (Davide Cascio & Michaël Sellam)

Présentation et lectures avec France Valliccioni, Renaud Bezy, David Blair et Benjamin Rondeau.

Avec les contributions de : Julien Audebert, Andrea Aversa, Sam Basu, Tristan Bera, Stéphane Bérard, Patxi Bergé,…

June 18 2016 06:00PM
Matthew Lutz-Kinoy: To Satisfy the Rose

OMG !! Matthew Lutz-Kinoy installs a wave tunnel at Section 7 Books .
We will witness the artist's book launch, featuring recent ceramics from the exhibition "To Satisfy The Rose" with photographs by Rob Kulisek,…

June 5 2016 01:55PM
After 8 Books at Occidental Temporay

books in a room - by Section 7 Books
at Occidental Temporary
$€£ bring your cash ! $€£


April 20 2016 06:00PM
Dena Yago: The Sitter

The Sitter
Dog sitter arrives in in a dog park with two French bulldogs on a split leash. The dogs
have signs hanging from their necks that say “Licensed Therapy Animal.”

TS: How can you stand sitting…

April 17 2016 02:00PM
Ben Kinmont: Antinomian Press

Welcome to the Antinomian Press. A talk by Ben Kinmont; a presentation of various catalogues, books, multiples, and broadsides published by the Antinomian Press; and a new live…

April 15 2016 07:00PM
Louise Hervé & Chloé Maillet: Spectacles sans objet

Qui a inventé la performance artistique ?
les puritains anglais en 1642 ?
les élèves révolutionnaires de Jacques Louis David ? les mystérieux saint-simoniens ?

1642, Oxford. Le parlement décide…

April 9 2016 06:00PM
Yuji Agematsu: ZIP: 01–01–14…12–31–14

It must be a difficult step for any artist to decide to work with trash, to take it, with all its rigid contrivances, folly, and lapses in taste, at all seriously. But Agematsu overthrows the genre with his free-wheeling…