COSTE, Teddy
The Junction

If you live vertically, or diagonally we will probably meet at a junction. Some people call it a junction, some people call it an encounter, some people call it an event, some people call it a performance. A junction can take place on the road, an event can take place in a bookshop, a performance can take place at a karaoke.

This book gathers documentation (script + photographs) on a performance by Teddy Coste at Lunchtime Gallery, Glasgow, in July 2022. The piece deals with “trying to be an artist and trying to make a living”… Oh baby! what a day!!!

With an introduction by Caitlin Merrett King (Lunchtime Gallery) and a text bt writer Phoebe Eccles.

Riso printing **

Published by Lunchtime Gallery, 2022
Design by Musheto Fernandez
Zines / Performance / Labor

Price: 8€

COSTE, Teddy - The Junction