SUTER, Vivian

Between December 2022 and March 2023, Vivian Suter shared hundreds of photos, all taken with her mobile phone, with the designer and editor of this book. A selection of these snapshots, condensed, juxtaposed, complementing each other, now forms a kind of photographic journal. It offers insights into Suter’s work on her art and everyday life, which are inextricably interwoven: Photos of canvases and paint pots in the thicket of her jungle-like garden and in the studio, of her dogs, of the house with its characteristic aquamarine green and purplish-red walls, of family pictures, of the play of light and shadow in nature and architecture. Among the many photos, one occasionally finds images of watercolours on (coloured) paper, which the artist made especially for the book.

Lorenzo Giusti’s essay describes Suter’s home in Panajachel, remote from the art world, as a creative centre of gravity; Dieter Roelstraete analyses the significance of landscape in Suter’s paintings, which he also considers to be landscapes themselves; and in an interview with Jeanette Pacher, the artist talks about her family ties to Vienna, among other things.

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Languages: English, Italian, German

Published by Secession, 2023

Price: 24€

SUTER, Vivian - Secession