KALKHOVEN, Emma (ed.)
Roger Ackling. Between the Lines

Edited by Emma Kalkhoven, this is the first comprehensive overview of the work and teaching of the late British artist Roger Ackling. Through writings by former students, colleagues, contemporaries, and friends, the book details Ackling's unique teaching style and discusses the quiet beauty and pure methods of his work, which he made by burning sunlight on wood. Ackling influenced generations of students and peers alike, broadening horizons through a mixture of insightful questions and humour. With contributions by Sylvia Ackling, Juan Cruz, Hamish Fulton, Neil Gillespie, John Haldane, Dean Hughes, Alan Johnston, Richard Long, and Trevor Sutton, among others. [publisher's note]

Published by Occasional Papers, 2015
Artists' Books

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KALKHOVEN, Emma (ed.) - Roger Ackling. Between the Lines