Rip It Up

Kou Machida is a punk singer who turned to poetry and fiction after releasing one of the seminal Japanese punk albums with his band INU.

Set in a kaleidoscopic hyperreal Japan circa Y2K, Rip It Up catalogues the misdeeds and misgivings of a down-and-out wannabe debonair who ekes out a meager living at the fringes of the art world, wracked by jealousy at his friend's success and despondency of his own creative (and moral) bankruptcy. In turn hilarious and also horrifying, Machida's pyrotechnic prose plumbs the discursive depths of the creative spirit, a head-spinning survey of degeneration and self-sabotage.

[from the publisher's note]

Published by Inpatient Press, 2022

Price: 20€

MACHIDA, Kou - Rip It Up