Posters From Paddington Printshop

In the mid-1970s, in a disused taxi-meter factory, a group of artists and designers opened Paddington Printshop. Specialising in making posters for local campaigns, it quickly became a model of community activism, crystallising a wide range of causes into brilliant and memorable images. Anyone could come in to request a poster (although 'nothing sexist, racist or commercial please!'). Focusing on housing rights, neighbourhood initiatives as well as gigs and festivals, this local community resource used vibrant images to make the voices of underrepresented groups heard in local, national and international campaigns. 100 posters (1974-1988) in this book form a remarkable collection: powerful and passionate, with messages that still resonate today. [publisher's note]

Published by Four Corners Books / 38th Street, 2019
Graphic Design / Counterculture

Price: 24€

Various - Posters From Paddington Printshop