PARKER, McIntyre (ed.)

A slim book about Pied-à-terre, an off-space run by McIntyre Parker from 2009 to 2016. The volume gathers texts and contributions by artists, curators, and writers who visited or worked with Pied, forming little by little a subtle portrait of a peculiar project. 

With texts by Benjamin Ashlock, Kim Bennett, Amanda Gracia Blanco, Juliette Blightman, Alice Channer, Shannon Ebner, Anthony Huberman, Blueberry Elizabeth Morningsnow, Kim Nguyen, Josh Minkus, K.r.m. Mooney, McIntyre Parker, Scott Ponik, Lisa Radon, Nick Raffel, Sophia Rhee, Michael Snow, Jordan Stein, Diego Villalobos, Hazel White

72 pages; edition of 701
Offset printing by Gary Robbins, sewing and letterpress by Aaron Flint Jamison.

Published by Pied-à-terre, 2017
Art Spaces / Scenes

Price: 12€

PARKER, McIntyre (ed.) - Pied-à-terre