GLÜCK, Robert
I, Boombox

This is a sexy poem of bellicose minimalism with a sly sense of prosody. Instigative miscomprehension becomes the mode of discovery and generation: "I cast my net, /inattention." The subconscious refracts reportage, fiction, poetry, decorative arts, et cetera into streams of meaning, daydreaming, and perverse nonsense. Death lurks in pleasure's subtext. Glück implores: "Start a genital/uprising," but "the rest is memory."

I, Boombox is a major new long poem, two decades in the making, delivered from the New Narrative perspective. It will "stun on every/page." Glück will teach you how to "Breathe into/history with/your wet mouth, that/intricately/corrupt primal/real estate." Rush out and crack open I, Boombox as soon as you can! [publisher's note]

With illustrations by Colter Jacobsen.

Published by Roof Books, 2023

Price: 24€

GLÜCK, Robert - I, Boombox