Hand Smoothed by Coin

Matter lies like the skin, it moves between genres. HAND SMOOTHED BY COIN is a collection of works that combine and intertwine to form an accumulative portrait of objects moving between art and design. The book presents material extracted from three events.

Palimpsest by Fos,
Nils Stærk gallery, 2018

After Palimpsest by OK-RM with Fos and Esther Theaker, Them Magazine Issue No.20, Winter 2018
Hands Smooth by Coins SCAD Georgia US 2018

Hands Smooth by Coins by Fos, Copenhagen Contemporary, 2019

Text by: Deborah Birch.
Garment Fos and Maja Brix

Published by InOtherWords, 2019
Design by OK-RM
Fashion / Graphic Design / Poetry

Price: 35€

FOS - Hand Smoothed by Coin