From Some Paintings 2000/2010


In this book, small everyday objects from some of Nathalie du Pasquier's most recent paintings are re-represented. They are extrapolated from the time and space of the artwork—in much the same way as when the artist, after observing them in reality, represented them in paintings.
From Some Paintings 2000-2010 is a hybrid, that is, between a catalogue and an artist's book. It presents a selection of still life paintings made between 2000 and 2010 alternating full size reproductions and details with the aim of producing a new narrative. The original colored oil paintings are translated into black and white images, forcing the viewer to seek harmony somewhere else. [publisher's note]

Published by La Loge / Nero
Monographs / Artists' Books

Price: 50€

DU PASQUIER, Nathalie - From Some Paintings 2000/2010