hooks, bell
Feminism is for Everybody

“Simply put, feminism is a movement to end sexism, sexist exploitation, and oppression.” So begins Feminism is for Everybody, a short, accessible introduction to feminist theory by one of its most influential practitioners. Designed to be read by all genders, this book provides both a primer to the question “what is feminism?” and an argument for the enduring importance of the feminist movement today.

Beginning with a broad survey of feminism's most important themes and concerns, bell hooks demystifies contentious concepts and turns apparent ideology into common sense. Providing a critical evaluation of the successes and failures of contemporary feminism, she looks at a wide variety of topics including reproductive rights, sexual violence, race, class and work. hooks encourages us to demand alternatives to patriarchal, racist and homophobic culture and thereby to seek out a different future. [publisher's note]

Published by Pluto Press, 2000

Price: 22€

hooks, bell - Feminism is for Everybody