Choosing Suitor

In their practice, SoiL Thornton have been working against the grain of some of the art world’s conventions, from medium specificity to questions of branding and commodification. In so doing, they inquire into modes of circulation of artworks and into how artists can become brands and accrue value with their public personas. To the artist, renegotiating the limits of artistic media and common presentation formats seems as crucial as unsettling expectations and conceptions of identity directed at individuals––above all, artists.

This publication, released in conjunction with an exhibition at Secession, Wien, gathers street-style photographs taken by SoiL Thornton with their cell phone since 2015, the codes for gender identities and sexualities of the LGBT Flags Merge! game app, and a text commissioned by the artist to Andrew Blackley. [publishers’ note]

Published by Secession, 2023
Design by Sabo Day
Artists' Books

Price: 24€

THORNTON, SoiL - Choosing Suitor