Building collects works spanning more than twenty years, presented as a visual essay on experimental space-making that culminates in the two major exhibitions of the artists' work planned for 2023. Balanced on the fulcrum between sculpture and architecture, the work of Oscar Tuazon uses processes of modeling and construction to transform the spaces of exhibition into a field for performative, improvisatory forms of building. Tracing a trajectory of sculptural interruptions in the utilitarian-built environment, the career survey at Kunst Museum Winterthur frames the progression of Tuazon's work through a series of objects. The project at Bergen Kunsthall concentrates on the scale model as a propositional device for imagining other spaces, as well as a means of temporary occupation of the exhibition space, culminating in a 1:1 scale model of the artist's current work Water School.

The catalogue has a contribution by art historian Jessica Horton, poems by Cedar Sigo, and a conversation between the artist and curators Benedikt Fahrnschon, Lynn Kost, Christina Végh, and Axel Wieder. [publishers’ note]

Published by DoPe Press, 2023
Design by Dorothée Perret

Price: 35€

TUAZON, Oscar - Building