STUART, Matthew; WALSH-LISTER Andrew (eds.)
Bricks From the Kiln #6

This instalment of Bricks from the Kiln doubles as issue #6 of the journal and as an exhibition catalogue for the thematic show BFTK #6: Tentative — Incomplete — Inconsistent: A Catalogue of the Disappeared, Destroyed, Lost or Otherwise Inaccessible.

Presenting objects, artworks, artefacts, models, events and animals that no-longer — or never did — exist in physical form, the exhibition explores themes of death, destruction and reincarnation, examining persisting interests in notions of ephemerality and permanence, memory and record, preservation and erasure, creation and reconstruction. How do we remember and memorialise? How is space given to the unrecorded? How do we experience the out of reach, concealed, unseen, undiscovered? How can the dematerialised be materialised again, through the mediation of writing, image and sound? [publishers’ note]

Contributions by Matthew Stuart, Andrew Walsh-Lister, Rachael Allen, Emily LaBarge, Lucy Mercer, Crystal Bennes, Will Harris, Rose Higham-Stainton, Ali Na & Mindy Seu, Jennifer Hodgson, Paul Purgas, Sarah Hayden, Juliet Jacques, Ellef Prestsæter, Gilbert Again, David Hering. Cover by Helen Marten.

Published by Bricks From the Kiln, 2023
Periodicals / Exhibition Catalogues

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STUART, Matthew; WALSH-LISTER Andrew (eds.) - Bricks From the Kiln #6