MAGLIONI, Silvia & THOMSON, Graeme
B for the birds

B for the birds is a singular book that aims to rethink the film-form as an open cartography of its lines of enquiry, desire and fabulation.

Its starting point is Common Birds (2019), an experimental adaptation of Aristophanes' play The Birds, written around 2500 years ago, which imagines a radical line of flight from debt. Departing from their experience of preparing and making the film, the artists and filmmakers experiment with different narrative modes to explore the potentialities of withdrawal and worklessness, zombie languages, outlandish oralities, hauntologies of extinction, symbiotic collaborations and the powers of metamorphosis in creating new alliances among endangered species and imagining a space of re-enchantment for fugitive dwellers of a wounded planet.

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Published by Errant Bodies Press, 2023
Artists' Writings / Film & Video / Monographs

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MAGLIONI, Silvia & THOMSON, Graeme - B for the birds