Anemones: A Simone Weil Project

The author’s research on troubadour poetry yields this experiment in thinking ‘near and with’ philosopher and political activist Simone Weil. Moving between the epistolary, poetry, performance and scholarly research, it centres on a new translation of Weil’s 1942 essay ‘What the Occitan Inspiration Consists Of’ that elevates the troubadour concept of love to a practice of political resistance rejecting force in all its forms. Robertson dwells on the transhistorical potential of this concept from the violent context in which it emerged to the troubling conditions of the present. Embracing actualised and suppressed histories, the work testifies to words, friendship and readership as resistance across distances. [publisher's note]

Published by If I can't dance I don't want to be part of your revolution, 2022
Design by Will Holder
Literature / Poetry

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ROBERTSON, Lisa - Anemones: A Simone Weil Project