UEBELE, Andreas
andreas uebele material

what is beautiful? what is functional? what works and what doesn’t? where does it feel wrong and why? this book is a sketchbook, a project catalogue, a collection of interviews and a volume of essays. it explains and describes with and through pictures. it’s a book for reading and for using, a collection of material and materials. it presents 85 projects along with the materials from which they emerged – interspersed with material by people who’ve accompanied us along the way: kai bierich, joachim blüher, hannes böhringer, matthew carter, andreas cukrowicz, adrian frutiger, durs grünbein, hans hansen, klaus klemp, norbert lammert, jórunn ragnarsdóttir, thomas ruff, karin sander, manfred schmalriede, klaus schmiedek, eva-maria schön, massimo vignelli, hermann zapf and peter zizka. [author's note]

Published by Unit Editions, 2017
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UEBELE, Andreas - andreas uebele material