LAANEMETS, Mari (ed.)
Abstraction as an Open Experiment

Abstraction as an Open Experiment’ addresses the exploration and interpretation of the potentiality of abstraction, which starting from the 1960s became a vehicle for artists to rethink the relationships between modernist art, the individual and society. This book focuses on four women artists – Zofia Kulik, Dóra Maurer, Sirje Runge, Falke Pisano – who have each experimented with radically abstract forms and abundant possibilities of colour as well as systems and transfers, creating artworks which are fundamentally open and inclusive, developing a distinctive approach to art and society and thereby transforming our understanding of abstraction in Eastern Europe.[publisher's note]

Published by Lugemik, 2019
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LAANEMETS, Mari (ed.)  - Abstraction as an Open Experiment