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"Translationships was a long-term work initiated in 2011 (up to 2014), which consisted in set of diverse operations dealing with failure, digital depression, performance anxiety, freedom of choice, and coexistence with human and non-human entities in an environment mediated by technological debris: a declaration of detachment, possibly via achieving awareness in complexity.

A pathway towards a feeling of optimistic nihilism, Translationships exists as a series of loosely related instances, consisting also (but not only) in: multiple versions of a record to its final disintegration; a text; 4 subsequent videos (3 of 4 below), further derivative work, and documentation material of the process in various forms, from word of mouth to torrent file."


[artist's note]

Self-Published, 2017
Artists' Books / Monographs

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BOCCIOLETTI, Enrico - Translationships