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DECROOS, Bart; PATTEEUW, Véronique; SCHWARZ, Marius (eds.)
OASE #100: Karel Martens and The Architecture of the Journal
The 100th issue of OASE takes the journal’s long-standing collaboration with its graphic designer Karel Martens as a starting point to explore the relationship between architecture journals and graphic…
BLAMEY, David; HAYLOCK, Brad (eds.)

This new volume in the Occasional Table series of critical anthologies focuses on the act of distribution as a subject for serious creative consideration and one of great social and economic importance. Contributors from…

MAGNUSSON, Jonas J.; GRÖNBERG, Cecilia; MAIER, Tobi; CANOILAS, Hugo (eds.)
OEI #80/81 The Zero Alternative

The last issue of OEI has just arrived! What is it? What is it not? OEI #80-81 is not an anthological publication, and has no representative ambition. It is a montage-based publication trying, in as material…

FRASER, Andrea
2016 (In Museums, Money, and Politics)

Do you remember 2016?
Do you know who in art donated money to Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton
Do you know who funds, for instance, the Art Institute of Chicago?
This heavy book will give you all the information…

Weight of the Earth. The Tape Journals of David Wojnarowicz

 “In these moment I hate language. I hate what words are like.”

Weight of the Earth is a transcript of tapes David Wojnarowicz was recording in his room, by himself, as an attempt to understand how his…

From Sleepwalking to Sleepwalking

Part artist notebook, part meditation on grieving, From Sleepwalking to Sleepwalking is above all an apparitional soundtrack through memory and 21st century cityscapes that haunts like a dream through waking hours;…


Copia/Copy is the result of Dolores Dorantes’ residency at Poetry International 2018, published in collaboration with Publication Studio Rotterdam. Dorantes' poetry constructs and deconstructs, remembers and forgets,…

HEGRAY, Hendrik; DELABORDE, Jonas (eds.)
Nazi Knife #11

When only the best is good enough … it means it’s time for Hendrik Hegray and Jonas Delaborde to get a new issue of Nazi Knife to the printer! NK #11 goes back to the small, perfect bound format of the…

Text Zur Kunst 29/111 (Sep. 2018) Amerika

Partly inspired by Franz Kafka’ unfinished Amerika, this issue of Texte Zur Kunst deals with “the idea of Amerika itself as a an essential contradiction between America (US America) as idea or ideal,…

WEKUA, Andro

An impressive new monograph, gathering pages of collages, as well as illustrations spanning the last ten years of Georgian artist Andro Wekua’s work. 

Published in conjunction with Andro Wekua’s exhibition “All…

The Brutal Turtle

“Hey, turtle, why you are so brutal?” asks the Curious Squirrel, who was passing by the house of the Brutal Turtle. “Because strangers kicked me out of my house,” said the Brutal Turtle, and told his story.”


To Become Two – Propositions for Feminist Collective Practice

This book is an outcome of artist Alex Martinis Roe’s research into a genealogy of feminist political practices in Europe and Australia, from the 1970s until today. The first part of the book gathers essays by the artist,…

SUHR, Maike; LIPPMANN, Malve Lippmann; SUNGU, Can (eds.)
Bitter Things - Narrative and Memories of Transnational Families

This publication features academic and literary contributions, interviews, songs and photos which explores the impact of labor migration on the notion of motherhood from the perspectives of women migrant workers and children…

SHAW, Lytle
The Moiré Effect

In 2002, literary scholar Lytle Shaw was dispatched to Zurich to investigate the life and work of Ernst Moiré—a mysterious Swiss photographer who often seems more like a phantasm than the flesh-and-blood figure who will…

BARBER, Stephen
White Noise Ballrooms

A lost city in the North of England during the momentous winter of 1978 and the accelerating collapse of the UK's final socialist government—the so-called “Winter of Discontent”, and the final winter before the onset of…

ANGIAMA, Sepake; BUTCHER, Clare; EFTHYMIOU, Alkisti; KATS, Anton; ZEQO, Arnisa (eds.)
aneducation – documenta 14


“This is not a book of good intentions.”

This publication attempts to introduce a chorus of voices that speak from different positions on aneducation, the education program for Learning from…

Rene Ricard 1979-1980

A new edition of the late Rene Ricard’s first book of poetry, originally published in the Dia Art Foundation in 1979. A painter, a poet and a writer, Rene Ricard joined Andy Warhol’s Factory upon his arrival in the mid-1960’s.…

ABLOH, Virgil
The Incidents. "Insert Complicated Title Here"

Audience: Hey, Virgil. A quick question. Yes or no, real quick: can you sign my shoes after this?
Virgil Abloh: I've got to leave in 10 minutes, but I'll do it.
Audience: Right now? Okay, I'll walk up.

Now the Night Begin

A novel that is a meditation on friendship, love, obsession, power, and abuse, by turns hyperrealist and phantasmagoric, recalling the work of Sade and Bataille. [publsher's note]

Afterword by Bruce Hainley and…

Glenn Ligon: Untitled (I Am a Man)

An illustrated examination of Glenn Ligon's iconic Untitled (I Am a Man) (1988)—a quotation, an appropriated text turned into an artifact. [publisher's note]

Collected Essays

This long-awaited volume brings together much of Brian O’Doherty’s most influential writing, including essays on major figures such as Edward Hopper, Mark Rothko, and Andy Warhol, and a substantial follow-up to his iconic…

GIBBONS, Adam; WILSON, Eva (Eds.)
“ ” (Quotation Marks) #04 GCC Internal Affairs 2013–2018

A collection of selected images and conversations from the artist collective GCC's five-year WhatsApp archive.

GIBBONS, Adam; WILSON, Eva (Eds.)
“ ” (Quotation Marks) #02 James Hoff and Maria Kaiser

A conversation between artist/musician/publisher/poet James Hoff and writer/theoretician Marian Kaiser, discussing Hoff’s music practice as well as the notion of the public, what is poetry today, and the weird beauty of…

GIBBONS, Adam; WILSON, Eva (Eds.)
“ ” (Quotation Marks) #05 Badlands Unlimited (Act 1)

Set behind the scenes of the artist-run publishing house Badlands Unlimited, this three-act play follows the characters as they launch an erotic novella, deal with internal conflicts, and imagine the promise and threat…

MARAUD, Guillaume
Version n°0005, July 2018, “May 2018 SPECIAL”

Guillaume Maraud started in 2016 the publication series Versions: he had already self-published n°0001 − n°0002, n°0003, and n°0004,…

MENDES, Margarida (ed.)
Matter Fiction

Matter Fictions addresses fiction as a mode of producing reality as well as the significance of matter—animal, vegetable, mineral, hybrid—beyond binaries. Recounting a partial history of our relation with matter,…

PRYDE, Josephine
lapses in Thinking By the person i Am

lapses in Thinking By the person i Am presents documentation and texts from Josephine Pyde’s eponymous exhibition shown [in 2015] at the CCA Wattis Institute for Contemporary Arts, San Francisco, and Institute…

"The Outside Can't Go Outside"

Why has there been so much interest in “surplus value” in recent years? In “The Outside Can't Go Outside”, artist Merlin Carpenter considers how this term has been inserted into contemporary art theory following the financial…

Le Large

Wow, we made it ! This light, pocketbook format new publication by After 8 Books gathers works by French artist Julie Beaufils, and three short stories commissioned for the occasion, dealing altogether with social tensions…

OH, Min
Score by Score

Score by Score was conceived as an extension of Oh Min’s study of score, which she has maintained in parallel with her work with video and performance. She interviewed seven other artists who actually make and…

GRAW, Isabelle
The Love of Painting

American critic Isabelle Graw conducts an innovative genealogical study on the success of painting as a medium. Keeping a close eye on painting's fourteenth century theoretical foundations, Graw analyses the work of artists…

MOSSET, Olivier; JETZ, Gianni (ed.)

When Olivier Mosset bought his first motorcycle — a US Army surplus Harley Davidson — in Paris back in the late 1960s, he helped start up a subculture still wholly unknown in Europe at the time: the motorcycle club. The…

My ideas

Conceived by Greg Parma Smith as an active archive, this artist's book combines a selection of recent paintings, an extensive number of drawings (preparatory sketches, studies, simple patterns and designs, cartoons, notes,…

HAN, Byung-Chul
Shanzhai. Deconstruction in Chinese

Tracing the thread of “decreation” in Chinese thought, from constantly changing classical masterpieces to fake cell phones that are better than the original. [publisher's note]


Meditations, aphorisms, maxims, notes, and comments construct a philosophy of thought congruent with the inconsistency of our reality. [publisher's note]

GRAFF, Jeanne

Composed between destinations, in airplanes, trains, museums, and bars over three years, Jeanne Graff's Vzszhhzz captures the slight intersections of a loose group of artists and lawyers, restauranteurs, philosophers,…

DAVIES, William
Economic Science Fictions

From the libertarian economics of Ayn Rand to Aldous Huxley's consumerist dystopias, economics and science fiction have often orbited each other. In Economic Science Fictions, editor William Davies has deliberately…

Gore Capitalism

Written by the Tijuana activist intellectual Sayak Valencia, Gore Capitalism is a crucial essay that posits a decolonial, feminist philosophical approach to the outbreak of violence in Mexico and, more broadly,…

Wars and Capital

In Wars and Capital, Éric Alliez and Maurizio Lazzarato propose a counter-history of capitalism to recover the reality of the wars that are inflicted on us and denied to us. We experience not the ideal war of philosophers,…

JAFA, Arthur
A Series of Utterly Improbable, Yet Extraordinary Renditions

Attention: this is a HUGE volume! Over the past three decades, the American filmmaker, cinematographer and artist, Arthur Jafa, has developed a dynamic and multidisciplinary career that is centred upon questions of identity…

TAN, Fiona
10 Madnesses

Five Portraits of the Insane by the nineteenth century French artist Théodore Géricault are said to be all that remain of originally ten commissioned portraits of insane patients. Each painting depicts a particular…

Boris by the sea

Boris is a precarious creature thrown into a world he is ill-suited for — a bit like Monsieur Plume and other relatives. The world was “somewhere inside his skull. And it hurt.” These poems and dramatic sketches, however,…

SUTER, Batia
Radial Grammar

Radial Grammar was created by Batia Suter in 2018 on the occasion of her eponymous exhibition at Le Bal in Paris, from May 25 till August 26, 2018. The imagery in this book, which revolves around radial shapes…

BOCK, Katinka

Artist book with photographic work by Katinka Bock dating from 2007 till 2017. It marks the occasion of three interrelated exhibitions by Bock in the space of one year in Kunst Museum Winterthur (Sonar/Tomorrow's Sculpture),…

Animal Books for Jaap Zeno Anna Julian Luca

Lous Martens about the book: "Seventeen years ago our grandson Jaap was born. That was the start of an animal book for Jaap. I used a dummy for the OASE journal of architecture and loosely pasted in pictures of animals…

ESTRELA, Alexandre; MARIA GUSMÃO, João; PAIVA, Pedro
Lua Cão

Lua Cão is the eleventh publication in Kunstverein München’s Companion series, and corresponds to an exhibition by Alexandre Estrela and João Maria Gusmão & Pedro Paiva. Initiated by Natxo Checa at ZdB in Lisbon,…

Stories of Almost Everyone

This book addresses how artifacts and objects of contemporary art create meaning and mythology in equal measure. What challenges does exhibiting a work pose to the inherent muteness of objects? How do artists choose to…

DONNOT, Kévin; GAY, Elise; MASURE, Anthony (eds.)
Back Office #2 (2018)

Back Office n°2 aborde les notions d’indexation, de tri et de représentation des données numériques. La faculté à stocker et à traduire l’information en entités discrètes est une caractéristique fondamentale de…

POTTER, Norman
Qu'est-ce qu'un designer: objets. lieux. messages (nouvelle édition)

Qu’est-ce qu’un designer est un témoignage ardent et critique destiné à tous les acteurs du design. Loin de se contenter d’une interrogation (ou d’une réponse) bien formulée, Norman Potter énonce les conditions…