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September 29 2023 07:00PM

FIRE! Une soirée dédiée à Lizzy Mercier Descloux – autour des livres Don’t Take of Yourself. Lettres à Christine 1974-1983 (Isti Mirant Stella) et Desiderata (Inpatient Press), traduction anglaise en…

RICO, Lucie

Ariane est une jeune femme en difficulté sociale et personnelle. Elle préfère rester cloîtrée chez elle, jusqu'au jour où Sandrine, sa meilleure amie d'enfance, l'invite à ses fiançailles. Pour l'aider à se repérer et…

TAMZALI, Wassyla
En attendant Omar Gatlato - Sauvegarde

À Alger, dans les années 1970, Wassyla Tamzali et sa bande d’ami·es fréquentent quotidiennement la Cinémathèque algérienne, espace unique de débats et de cinéphilie au cœur d’Alger. Ils vibrent au rythme des cycles de…

DCX, Théophylle

"Cascada s'écoute à fond ou ne s'écoute pas". C'est la phrase qu'enfant déjà, Théophylle Dcx se répètait quand ses parents lui demandaient de baisser le son, de l'autre côté de la porte de sa chambre. De ses danses de…

QUINTANE, Nathalie; BERARD, Stephane
Club Bizarre
CLUB BIZARRE est un livre à double fond, ou peut-être à triple fond, ou plus encore. Un livre qui pourrait se jouer du lecteur, ou des sens de lecture.s, ou de tout ce qui n'est…
Drive It All Over Me

Honestly, I'm not so sure I feel like laughing anymore.

How about you?


An essay about chairs, design, architecture and racism.


Tower Street, East London, 1975: a crumbling block of artists’ studios shaped by the myth of male genius but maintained by Connie, a female caretaker struggling to find her creative voice. Cut to 2017, and this…

LÄRM (ed.)
LÄRM #3 - Nostalgia and Reason

The third issue of LÄRM presents a collection of essays on nostalgia at the junction of pop culture and individual memory.

What is it about the emotional warmth lurking in our recourse to the past? What about the…

DONDIS, Donis A.
La Syntaxe de l’image. Introduction à l’alphabétisation visuelle

Comment apprendre à lire les images ? Donis A. Dondis livre dans cet essai une approche précise et documentée des mécanismes à l’œuvre dans ce processus. Alors que la lecture d’une image semble relever du domaine de l’intuition,…

WILLIAMS, Angharad

Welcome to the world, Eraser! We are proudly annoucing the release of Angharad Williams’ book, which concludes a two-year process of writing and has existed in the form of an exhibition, a performance, and a book.…

Hidden in the cave we forge of one another

Hidden in the Cave We Forge of One Another gathers a selection of CAConrad’s soma(tic) poems, written from rituals performed by the author, which call for a state of consciousness grounded in the now and an awareness…

MOSES, Serubiri
The moon is reading us a book

The moon is reading us a book is the debut collection of poetry from a writer who displays a wide-ranging palette for storytelling and folklore in a suite of narrative poems. The collection is built around an…

Weak Tongue Sharp Smile

Sharp Smile was an exhibition project conceived for MACRO, Rome, by artist Eva Barto to unfold with and in contrast to its counterpart in Paris, the show Weak Tongue at Le Plateau – Frac île-de-France.…

Votre monde en cendres

Votre monde en cendres, c'est une poésie explosive et revendicative qui témoigne de la matérialité de nos luttes. C'est d'abord une langue érotique qui dit le corps dans son rapport à l'autre et à sa sensualité.…

KUDO, Tori

Ceramics, Tori Kudo says, is a “half-guaranteed chance operation.” Kudo, who once described himself as the “king of error,” regards relinquishing all expectations for his work as the foundation of his artistic output.…

ZHANG, Gary Zhexi (ed.)
Catastrophe Time!

A collection of essays, fictions, and interviews exploring the weird temporalities of finance and catastrophe.

Once, financial practitioners plied a hybrid trade as hydrologists, star-gazers, and weather-watchers…

GIBBONS, June-Alison
The Pepsi-Cola Addict

He walked into the turbulent super market. There were people everywhere. His eyes swept over the shelves and stabilised on a large stack of Pepsi-Colas. He could almost experience the cool fizzy liquid descending his…

WEEMS, Carrie Mae
Reflections for Now

A woman stands in the thaw of winter, the beginning of spring; reflecting, considering, imagining; contemplating the past, imagining the future. With one step she could be in the future in an instant or in the past…

Argento Series

Reprinted for the first time in over twenty years, Kevin Killian’s first book of poetry is an audacious, operatic dive into the darkest recesses of the AIDS crisis.

In 1991, Killian reported he was “frozen, unable…

Suppose You Met a Witch

Would you like to meet a witch? What would happen if she popped you into a sack and stole you away? In illustrating Ian Serraillier's striking poem, Ed Emberley shows us what took place when such a thing happened to two…

In Pursuit of Color

Over the centuries our manipulation of the natural world has resulted in an explosion of synthetic dye production and application globally. To gain insight into the history of how folk practices have been lost and technical…

Story of Water and Fire

Story of Water and Fire is a captivating account of the joint life of two prominent figures in the Iraqi art scene, poet and art critic May Muzaffar and artist Rafa Nasiri. This book offers a glimpse into the…

ALFERI, Pierre

Recueil de 9 des Romans-Photos de Pierre Alferi (“Masquerade”, “Out of the fog”, “It’s all right”, “(Music)”, “Darby”, “Bloody Hell”, “The Darkness”, “Les fils de la vierge”, “L’homme qui”), chacun édité en un…


Collection de poèmes de circonstance, sous forme de chromos fictifs, pensés comme des selfies. Dans leur cadre graphique les textes tremblés sur deux colonnes plus ou moins conjointes se veulent fidèles à l’émoi et à l’hésitation…

BUCHMANN, Sabeth; GRAW, Isabelle; KÖLBL, Antonia; LICLAIR, Christian; SINOFZIK, Anna; SÖNTGEN, Beate (eds.)
Texte Zur Kunst 33/131 (September 2023) REVIEWS

“Art criticism has been said to be in crisis for decades, and that crisis has inevitably also affected one of the practice’s mainstays: the review” …

A roundtable conversation between Claire Bishop, Jarrett Earnest,…

England’s Hidden Reverse

3rd EDITION*** The secret history of the UK esoteric underground—aka the biography of Coil, Current 93 and Nurse With Wound—by Wire contributor and Volcanic Tongue co-founder, David Keenan. Revised & expanded…

RUSCHA, Ed; CHERIX, Christophe (ed.)
Ed Ruscha / Now Then

Spanning sixty-five years of Ed Ruscha’s remarkable career and mirroring his own cross-disciplinary approach, Ed Ruscha / Now Then features more than 200 artworks produced from 1958 to the present, in genres including…

18 Brum’Hair

[BACK IN STOCK :-] 18 Brum’Hair est un recueil de poèmes écrits à quatre mains par Martin Desinde et Phœbe Hadjimarkos-Clarke au rythme du calendrier révolutionnaire. Si son titre fait référence—non sans un humour…

Appel – et autres textes suivis d’effets

Il n’y aura pas de salut social universel. Il n’y aura qu’une série de prises de parti, sensibles et situées, partielles et partiales, dans un contexte de guerre civile mondiale. L’Appel, publié clandestinement…

The Complete Fear of Kathy Acker

Published in excerpts over almost four decades, Jack Skelley’s “secretly legendary” novel is at once an homage to the thrillingly inventive spirit of Kathy Acker’s cut-up novels and a definitive history of LA’s underground…

BOOKER, Eric (ed.)
Smokehouse Associates

A groundbreaking study of the public art collective Smokehouse Associates, whose abstract works transformed New York’s Harlem community in the late 1960s
Between 1968 and 1970, the artist collective Smokehouse…

Inside the Spiral. The Passion of Robert Smithson

This first biography of the major American artist Robert Smithson, famous as the creator of the Spiral Jetty, deepens understanding of his art by addressing the potent forces in his life that were shrouded by…

A Theory of Assembly. From Museums to Memes

Digital and social media have transformed how much and how fast we communicate, but they have also altered the palette of expressive strategies: the cultural forms that shape how citizens, activists, and artists speak…

Better Living Catalog

Pippa Garner’s Better Living Catalog, originally published in 1982, takes the form of a mail order catalog featuring clever and whimsical inventions that parody consumer goods while simultaneously critiquing America’s…

WEATHLEY, Michael (ed.)
The Horned God - Weird Tales of the Great God Pan

This new collection in the Tales of the Weird series brings together stories from classic horror writers alongside perhaps unexpected writers who were influenced by the cultural fascination with Pan.


BURZ-LABRANDE, Manon (ed.)
Spectral Sounds: Unquiet Tales of Acoustic Weird

The violent peals of a disconnected bell in the night; a trudging footfall in the hush of an abandoned manor; the whisper of a deathly voice in the ear: uncanny sounds remain the most frightening heralds of danger and…

GLÜCK, Robert
I, Boombox

This is a sexy poem of bellicose minimalism with a sly sense of prosody. Instigative miscomprehension becomes the mode of discovery and generation: "I cast my net, /inattention." The subconscious refracts reportage, fiction,…

HELL, Richard
What Just Happened

Kentucky native Richard Meyers dropped out of high school and moved to New York to be a poet, but after a few years of writing and editing poems and pamphlets and literary magazines he decided—in 1972—to change his name…

A Cruel Nirvana

A Cruel Nirvana both is and is not a new Jerome Rothenberg collection. In other words, almost everything in this collection has been published before. Each of the three major sections (Narratives and Real Theater…

Punks: New & Selected Poems

A landmark collection of poetry by acclaimed fiction writer, translator, and MacArthur Fellow John Keene, Punks: New & Selected Poems is a generous treasury in seven sections that spans decades and includes previously…

Up Against the Real. Black Mask from Art to Action

With Up Against the Real, Nadja Millner-Larsen offers the first comprehensive study of the group Black Mask and its acrimonious relationship to the New York art world of the 1960s. Cited as pioneers of now-common…

Hypnotised: A Journey Through Trance Music 1990-2005

Trance has been the flagship for electronic music across the globe during the nineties and early zeroes. The sound’s trademark optimistic and euphoric aspects has brought some of the most compelling musical pieces of its…

Catgut – The Opera

In 2021, Rhea Dillon presented a performance of Catgut – The Opera as part of the Serpentine Gallery’s Park Nights series. Dillon’s libretto ruminates on the conditions and capaciousness of Black performance as…

ALGERA, Kirsten; VAN DER HOEVEN, Ernst (eds.)
MacGuffin #12: The Log

In this issue, MacGuffin takes a walk in the woods to explore the design and politics of timber. From the last Norwegian trunks that floated down the Glomma to the indigenous logs that help map the Amazon, and…

Miss Major speaks

Miss Major Griffin-Gracy is a veteran of the infamous Stonewall Riots, a former sex worker, and a transgender elder and activist who has survived Bellevue psychiatric hospital, Attica Prison, the HIV/AIDS crisis and a…

Deadly and Slick

If race is increasingly understood to be socially constructed, why does it continue to seem like a physiological reality? The trickery of race, Sita Balani argues, comes down to how it is embedded…

BRADFORD, Katherine; PRINCENTHAL, Nancy (ed.)
Flying Woman: The Paintings of Katherine Bradford

Known for her vibrant palette and eccentric compositions, Katherine Bradford came to prominence late in life, when her unique style of painting finally garnered critical acclaim in the…


Here at last is an exciting new translation of the modernist Brazilian epic Macunaíma, by Mário de Andrade. This landmark novel from 1928 has been hugely influential. It follows the adventures of the shapeshifting…

WEBSTER, Jamieson
Disorganisation & Sex

BBBBBack in stock for the SSSSSummer! Never does the patient seem more ill than when they try to order associations into a logical tale. Classical analysis sees this in terms of a repudiation…

Some Flowers - Floral arrangements by Chiaki Kokami

Publication produced by Sans titre on the occasion of Jacent's exhibition « House Call » in Paris (2023), including paintings and drawings by the artists, floral arrangements by Chiaki Kokami and lyrics by Billie Holiday,…

The Speak Angel Series

The Speak Angel Series is composed of six full-length books in various forms but towards the achievement of a unifying epic narrative in which the poet, as character, leads all the souls of all the living and…

NOLAND, Cady; ANASTAS, Rhea (ed.)
The Clip-On Method

The Clip-On Method is THE book on the work of Cady Noland everybody was waiting for but nobody expected. Two volumes, almost 600 pgs, that gather a minute, specific, documentation of the artist’s works (“often…

VITORELLI, Rita (ed)
Spike #76 – An Artist's Life

Spike #76 is dedicated to the artist. From the ultracontemporaries to those whose success came too late to be enjoyed, this issue is about aging, enduring, and surviving death, in their works as much as their stories.…

Ixiptla #05 – Amarantus

The word amarantus, which gives name to this publication, comes from the Greek aμάρανθος, and describes a flower that never wilts. This plant is still used to prepare ixiptlahuan, which are anthropomorphic and zoomorphic…

CHAMMAS, Carla; DEDMAN, Rachel; KHOLEIF, Omar (eds)
Helen Khal. Gallery One and Beirut in the 1960s

Helen Khal: Gallery One and Beirut in the 1960s is a reflective exhibition catalogue; part archive, as well as a living testament to the late Helen Khal (1923-2009). A polymath, an artist, educator, and…

PANDHAL, Hardeep; SADLER, Leomi; STEANS, David
Ma go est… un bigorneau ?!?

_1 Alone with my abalone comic by Hardeep Pandhal, remixed and colored by Leomi Sadler, translated in FRENCH by Bouzrfjs Les Lilas Dcsdkcvjqexaz

perennial fashion presence falling

“...some ekphrastic evening, this’ll be both criticism and poetry and failing that fall somewhere that seems like in between.”

So writes poet, critic, theorist, and MacArthur fellow Fred Moten in his latest poetry…

WARK, McKenzie

BACK IN STOCK ; ) I’m interested in people for whom raving is a collaborative practice that makes it possible to endure this life. There’s a lot of metaphors I could throw at this: rave as addiction, ritual, performance,…


This book is not a book. It's a cosmic abjection, chronologically framed through durational accumulation and insecurity whose qualities are best described, I think, in terms of a metallic aftertase.

Formafantasma: Oltre Terra

In the exhibition "Oltre Terra. Why Wool Matters" the multidisciplinary design studio Formafantasma investigates the history, ecology and global dynamics of the extraction and production of wool. A wide range of artworks,…

D for Daughter
Deep in the woods in Dalarna, Sweden, scattered among stumps and newer-growth trees stand centuries-old Scotch pines – thick, gnarled, and covered with carvings. The messages inscribed in their trunks are…
BENFODIL, Mustapha
Terminus Babel

Le narrateur de Terminus Babel est… un livre. Abîmé par une lectrice maladroite, K’tab (« livre » en arabe) se retrouve mis au rebut, dans l’antichambre du pilon, avec ses compagnons d’infortune : le distingué…

AL QADIRI, Monira; TRUMMER, by Thomas D. (ed.)
Monira Al Qadiri: Mutant Passages

Published on the occasion of her exhibition Mutant Passages, at KUB, Bregenz, this monograph on the work of Monira Al Qadir features documentation on recent + older projects by the artist, thus offering a comprehensive…

Fassbinder Thousands of Mirrors

Melodrama, biography, cold war thriller, drug memoir, essay in fragments, and mystery, Fassbinder Thousands of Mirrors is cult critic Ian Penman’s long-awaited first full-length book: a kaleidoscopic…

Do Everything in the Dark

During the summer of 2001, the narrator of Do Everything in the Dark, a gallery curator, receives intermittent dispatches from his far-flung friends—many of whom resemble well-known figures in the art and intellectual…


Tupamadre mêle textes narratifs, poésies et archives. Enfant de guerrillxs Tupamarxs d’Uruguay, L. Etchart a grandi avec des souvenirs de luttes, de violence, de fascisme et d’espoir. Elle raconte qui était sa…

WEDEL BRUUN, Malou; KOLD, Anders (eds.)
Richard Prince: Same Man

For aficionados of Richard Prince eh eh eh and of the possibilities of the book form hum, this unique exhibition catalog is an exclusive three-in-one kind of publication! Designed in the dimensions of a 12-by-12-inch LP…


A retrospective of thirteen years of image production by the artist duo Hippolyte Hentgen.
The four-handed drawing practiced by Hippolyte Hentgen has gradually mutated into a practice of the image in the broadest…

The Great Psychic Outdoors: Lo-Fi Music and Escaping Capitalism

Homemade records, tape-hiss worship and a taste for a very peculiar kind of psychedelia have carved themselves a weird niche in the contemporary musical landscape under the name of lo-fi.

This genreless genre,…

HAYNES, Ebony L.
Nora Turato

Originally trained as a graphic designer, Nora Turato adapts text to subvert and create messages. Although many of Turato’s performances and works appear to be drafted by free association, she meticulously and thoughtfully…

The Order of Release

The Order of Release gathers + comments upon a number of press releases written by artists*. The format of the press release came to the author’s attention through her work at an exhibition space where she was…

COSTE, Teddy
The Junction

If you live vertically, or diagonally we will probably meet at a junction. Some people call it a junction, some people call it an encounter, some people call it an event, some people call it a performance. A junction…

The Feminist Killjoy Handbook

Do colleagues roll their eyes in a meeting when you use words like sexism or racism? Do you refuse to laugh at jokes that aren't funny? Have you been called divisive for pointing out a division? Then you are a feminist…

Hozen in de regen / Hailing in the rain

A collection of six poems by K. Schippers, translated from the Dutch by David Colmer, written and manufactured at the Jan van Eyck Academy. The simple typeset and print reminds of the seventies, the time when Schippers…

Fly, Robin, Fly. Chanteurs castrats, voix & politique des genres

Le publication Fly, Robin, Fly prolonge un projet du curateur et artiste Nils Alix-Tabeling, portant sur le potentiel sémantique fluide et mutant des chanteurs castrats. Le titre du livre est emprunté à l'un des…

STUART, Matthew; WALSH-LISTER Andrew (eds.)
Bricks From the Kiln #6

This instalment of Bricks from the Kiln doubles as issue #6 of the journal and as an exhibition catalogue for the thematic show BFTK #6: Tentative — Incomplete — Inconsistent: A Catalogue of the Disappeared,…

ABU HAMDAN, Lawrence
Lawrence Abu Hamdan: Live Audio Essays

This volume compiles transcripts from performances and films by Beirut-based Lawrence Abu Hamdan, an artist known for his political and cultural reflections on sound and listening. Taken from seven works dating from 2014…

JONES, William E.
I Didn’t See It Coming

The dark and exciting culmination of William E. Jones’ trilogy of novels set in Los Angeles. The new book begins several years after the end of the second novel: I Should Have Known Better’s former art school…

MYLES, Eileen
a "Working Life"

a “Working Life” is a book transfixed by the everyday: the “sweet accumulation” of birds outside a window, a cup of coffee and a slice of pizza, a lover’s foot on the bed. These poems arise in the close quarters…

RODNEY, Ronald; BIRKETT, Richard

Originally produced as both a website and CD-ROM, Donald Rodney’s Autoicon was conceived by the artist in the mid-1990s but not completed until 2000, two years after his death from sickle cell anaemia, by a group…

BENGAL, Rebecca
Strange Hours: Photography, Memory, and the Lives of Artists

In Strange Hours: Photography, Memory, and the Lives of Artists, Rebecca Bengal considers the photographers who have defined our relationship to the medium. Through generous essays and interviews, she contemplates…

Reza Shafahi, The Diary of a Gambler

Iranian artist Reza Shafahi (b. 1940) began his career in his 70s, having spent the preceding decades largely disconnected from his family, working through an addiction to gambling. Art became a way out when his son, artist…

KAPIL, Bhanu
Incubation: a space for monsters

This book is for all the monsters. This book is for anyone who did not discover, until it was almost too late, that they were beautiful in the eyes of strangers. This book is for anyone who came upon their origin story…

Gaia and Philosophy

In the 1970s, microbiologist Lynn Margulis and atmospheric chemist James Lovelock developed the Gaia theory. Embracing the circular logic of life and engineering systems, the Gaia theory states that Earth is…

HUJAR, Peter; ULLRICK, Andrew; LAWRENCE, Steve (eds.)

A wordless, picture-only periodical that ran for fourteen issues and featured the disparate practices of over forty artists, Newspaper was published in New York City between…

Primetime Contemporary Art: Art by the GALA Committee as Seen on Melrose Place

Primetime Contemporary Art is a publication documenting a radical, two-year intervention by the GALA Committee on the primetime television show Melrose Place. Originally published in a limited run in…

A Book of Music
A new edition of the posthumously published collection A Book of Music by the American poet Jack Spicer (1925-1965).
While little known outside a circle of friends and poets in his…
Letterpress Revolution - The Politics of Anarchist Print Culture
While the stock image of the anarchist as a masked bomber or brick thrower prevails in the public eye, a more representative figure should be a printer at a printing press. In Letterpress…
MALM, Andreas
Fighting in a World on Fire. The Next Generation's Guide to Protecting the Climate and Saving Our Future

Young people are inheriting a world of climate catastrophe. Young people are also one of the strongest forces leading movements for climate justice, and to halt the fossil fuel emissions that are making our Earth unlivable.…

Working Girl. On Selling Art and Selling Sex

Sex and art, we're told, are sacred, two spheres that ought to be kept separate from the ravages of the marketplace. Yet both prop up two incredibly lucrative industries, built on the commodification of creativity and…

DE MEYER, Frédéric
Immaculée Prostitution

Un jeune homme se donne à des partenaires de passage, tantôt inconnus, tantôt réguliers. Avec eux, il se montre tendre ou détaché, parfois insatisfait. Tout cela est sans rapport avec le travail du sexe. Il s’agit d’une…

Un été à M.

sSous un soleil de plomb, dans la campagne suisse, le narrateur vit sans le savoir le dernier été de son adolescence. Il aide son père dans l’exploitation 

The Rainbow Book

The reprint of a cult book of post-1968 psychedelic culture, The Rainbow Book is a collection of essays and illustrations devoted to the rainbow and color spectra, analyzing the significance of color (both physical…

DEAN, Aria
Bad Infinity

Compiled here for the first time, the selected writings of Aria Dean mount a trenchant critique of representational systems. A visual artist and filmmaker, Dean has also emerged as one of the leading critical voices of…

SPINA, Costanza
Manifeste pour une démocratie déviante

Là où le fascisme estime que seules certaines vies sont dignes d’être vécues, la pensée queer et féministe nous enseigne que toutes les vies comptent. Dans cet essai politique incarné et sensible, Costanza Spina démontre…

Les pédales et leurs ami·es entre les révolutions

Fable politique géniale, Les pédales et leurs ami·es entre les révolutions paraît aux États-Unis, en 1977. Larry Mitchell pensait initialement écrire un livre pour enfants, puis aboutit à tout autre chose. Objet…

Tainted Love – From Nina Simone to Kendrick Lamar

Titled after Soft Cell's version of the original 1965 Gloria Jones track, Tainted Love is the first book-length inquiry into the subject of the twisted romantic ballad, giving…

GERRITY, Jeanne; FRANCIS, Jacqueline (eds)
Is Now the Time for Joyous Rage? – (A Series of Open Questions, vol. 4)

The fourth book in the annual series A Series of Open Questions published by CCA Wattis Institute for Contemporary Arts and Sternberg Press is informed by themes found in the work of Lorraine O'Grady, including…

SUTER, Vivian

Between December 2022 and March 2023, Vivian Suter shared hundreds of photos, all taken with her mobile phone, with the designer and editor of this book. A selection of these snapshots, condensed, juxtaposed, complementing…

Mille et une bornes

Il est probable que le Mille bornes vous évoque instantanément quelques souvenirs d’enfance, ses compositions épurées aux couleurs franches ayant la capacité d’imprimer fortement la mémoire. Mais savez-vous qui se cache…

BOUCAND, Gaëlle; LACROIX, Agathe (ed.), PIEL, Manon (ed.)
JJA, Changement de décor, JA

Un journal autour de trois films de Gaëlle Boucand regroupant des contributions de Clara Schulmann, Hélène Gaudy, Mathieu Larnaudie, Charlotte Garson, Nicolas Feodoroff, Alban Lefranc, et un entretien entre la réalisatrice…