KASPAR, Tobias
New Address

“The many black and white images in New Address depict carefree yet fastidiouly edited scenes, settings, individuals, groups and objects mapping the artist’s career, moving around the kind of places one has come to expect from a certain résumé . . . New Address as a document revisits the commodities and subjects that together have then and now informed the curated lifestu-yles the artist and his circle are authors of; models for; consumed by.”
—excerpted from Daniel Horn’s essay, “New __________ Address”

New Address gathers a book of photographs and an insert with texts by Mikael Brkic and Daniel Horn.

This is the old New Address. For the new New Address, click here.

Published by Nero / Silberkuppe, 2017
Artists' Books / Photography

Price: 22€

KASPAR, Tobias - New Address

KASPAR, Tobias - New Address