Mezzanine [MYMIK]

An endeavor more than a year and a half in the making, yours truly here at Inpatient Interactive present to you Mezzanine – a psychotronic point-and-click adventure set deep within San Francisco’s Multimedia Gulch on the eve of the year 2000. Featuring realistic non-linear office-based gameplay with multiple endings, Mezzanine explores the origins of the internet and lets you trace the hidden threads of the early web connecting venture capitalists, new media prophets, tech firms, and various three-letter agencies.

Take on the role of the HR administrator for an up-and-coming bleeding edge media agency called Zentropy. It might be New Year’s Eve, but you’re busier than ever: staff reorganization, Q1 preparations, planning a corporate mindfulness retreat, and making sure the right year-end reports land on the right desks. This may require a pot of coffee! [publishers’ note]

Published by Inpatient Press, 2022
Games / Media Studies / Scenes

Price: 30€

ANZUONI, Mitch; CHRISTIAN, Peter - Mezzanine [MYMIK]