Books and Other Matters

After 8 Books publishes books, and sometimes other kinds of objects. Promoting, circulating and discussing contemporary book practices, After 8 Books deals with the pragmatics and poetics of publishing. It develops projects with artists, graphic designers, writers, editors, with intellectual as well as sentimental attention.

After 8 Books édite des livres et, occasionnellement, des éditions d’artistes. Alors que l’échange de données et la disponibilité sans limites de toute création semblent être devenues des évidences, After 8 Books prend le parti d’une forme de minutie et d’attention, en travaillant sur des projets répondant à une nécessité autant intellectuelle que sentimentale.

MARAUD, Guillaume
Version n°0005, July 2018, “May 2018 SPECIAL”

Guillaume Maraud started in 2016 the publication series Versions: he had already self-published n°0001 − n°0002, n°0003, and n°0004,…

Le Large

Wow, we made it ! This light, pocketbook format new publication by After 8 Books gathers works by French artist Julie Beaufils, and three short stories commissioned for the occasion, dealing altogether with social tensions…

Time Piece

Experimental Jetset’s Time Piece continues their experiences in “turning language into objects." Conceived in close collaboration with the artists, these editions are devised to support the activities of After…

BARBIER-BOUVET, Stéphane; WILLS, Camilla
Block the Light and Preserve Yourself

Stéphane Barbier-Bouvet and Camilla Wills’ collaboration on Block the Light and Preserve Yourself suggests…

De la Couleur

Souvent, quand je suis dans mon atelier, entourée de seaux et de Sopalin, je me demande quelle erreur freudienne a fait de moi une peintre.
Amy Sillman, “On Color”

“On Color”, dans sa version française,…

WANG, Evelyn Taocheng
Unintended Experience. A Job in Amsterdam

She had a lot of siblings she told me, so she wouldn’t get any pretty clothes until she had a likely match—but since she didn’t have anything pretty to wear, she couldn’t get a match. She was trapped in a vicious circle,…