LACAVA, Stephanie
I Fear My Pain Interests You

Finally in, this was long-awaited *** come catch Stephanie LaCava in Paris on the 20th October here at the shop for the launch of the book !

Margot’s on her way to Montana, with blood on her face and a jeweled cigarette case full of pills. She’s fresh from a bad break-up and fleeing the cold comforts of her famous family – legendary punk parents and an overbearing show business scion of a grandmother.

But while the eyes of the world are elsewhere for the first time in Margot's life, a graveyard encounter with a disgraced doctor and the discovery of a dozen old film reels leads to a troubling new subjecthood, as her congenital inability to feel pain puts her center stage for one man’s desire and ambition.

A jarringly sensual book about the peculiarities of our bodies and the impossibilities of our families, and a young woman trying to find a way forward with both. [publisher's note]

Published by Verso, 2022

Price: 12€

LACAVA, Stephanie - I Fear My Pain Interests You