HOLDER, Will (ed.)
F.R.David (C) Summer 2019. “Recto Verso”

The 18th issue of F.R.DAVID “Recto Verso” had its beginnings in prosody, the measure of language, geometry, and a notion of imagist transcription, even. A two-dimensional exercise, it turns out, on paper. Words were tuned out, in favour of the volume of values our bodies exchanged: “the historical and bodily movement of language amongst subjects.” Attentions turned—taking (the measure of) classes in body language: the non-verbal: the insinuated: the reverse-side of image: the backside, and, oddly: Oh no: we don’t speak about that—to the next page… [publisher's note]

Published by uh books, 2019
Design by Will Holder
Artists' Writings / Essays / Graphic Design / Periodicals

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HOLDER, Will (ed.) - F.R.David (C) Summer 2019. “Recto Verso”