COLES, Alex; ROSSI, Catharine (eds)
EP Vol. 3 – Post-Craft

The notion of the handmade has shifted from the margins to center stage. Craft's value is increasingly recognized across creative, economic, social, cultural, and political contexts. Owing to dissolving disciplinary boundaries and the widespread appropriation of craft, its meaning is changing. While its claims to values such as authenticity and anti-consumerism are in question, the role of craft is poised to be optimized within the contemporary climate. Amid new economies of making, as craft moves from "modern craft" to "post-craft," we need to examine not only the practice of craft but also its mediation and interpretation. [publisher's note]

Contributions by Glenn Adamson, Assemble, Jeremy Deller, Peter Dormer, Tanya Harrod, John Roberts, Richard Sennett.

Published by Sternberg Press, 2022

Price: 22€

COLES, Alex; ROSSI, Catharine (eds) - EP Vol. 3 – Post-Craft