BRENER, Alexander; SCHURZ, Alexander
Bukaka spat here

A: Bukaka is a relentless, tasteless, walking revolution, she spits and swallows, is weak and indestructible. Her philosophy does not quote Foucault and other dead white male jerks: it is barboodas, klikusha, pfush. She has no footnotes. Blood, spit and cum boil where she walks. Would make an excellent weekly comic. I know you are not Raymond Pettibon: he never did anything that exciting.

A&B: No, Bukaka is not really a comic book with a savage and sexy heroine but rather the story of a mad and oppressed migrant who tries to find radical political methodologies and ways of living. It is more a metaphoric portrait of a current left activist than a spitting machine. It is a story of personal and ideological disasters, a story of a naïve but brave soul who can’t obey to a world of masters and slaves. As well it is a metaphor for the danger of discourses and how these discourses exist in bodies. Besides, this book is about the impossibility of any ‘literature’, any aesthetics now.

Published by Vargas Organisation, 2002
Artists' Writings

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