BLOCK, Ursula; GLASMEIER, Michael (eds.)
Broken Music

A new facsimile edition of the encyclopedic catalogue for the  exhibition held in the daadgalerie in Berlin from 1988 to 1989. The exhibition, curated by Ursula Bock and Michael Glasmeier put together a wide spectrum of artists working with the vinyl medium, while focusing on the archival - recording - function of it and using it in unconventional manners. As a result the exhibitions featured 'regular' music from artists as well as 'freer' handlings by just using it as a means to record memories. So that the range of what a record can be categorized as was extended to: ''(...) records, record-covers, record-objects, record-installations'' (Ursula Block in the introduction) to reflect the widened status of the record.

The catalogue also features classical texts from the likes of Theodor W. Adorno, Laszlo Moholy-Nagy, Jean Dubuffet, Hans Rudolf Zeller and Milan Knížák and a thorough collection of Artists' Recordworks; and includes a flexi disc of the Arditti String Quartet performing Milan Knížák's Broken Music.

Artists documented in the volume include Vito Acconci, albrecht/d., Laurie Anderson, Guillaume Apollinaire, Karel Appel, Arman, Hans Arp, Antonin Artaud, John Baldessari, Hugo Ball, Claus van Bebber, John Bender, Harry Bertoia, Jean-Pierre Bertrand, Joseph Beuys, Mel Bochner, Claus Böhmler, Christian Boltanski, KP Brehmer, William Burroughs, John Cage, Henri Chopin, Henning Christiansen, Jean Cocteau, William Copley, Philip Corner, Merce Cunningham, Hanne Darboven, Jim Dine, Marcel Duchamp, Max Ernst, Lawrence Ferlinghetti, Fischli and Weiss, R. Buckminster Fuller, Allen Ginsberg, Philip Glass, Jack Goldstein, Peter Gordon, Hans Haacke, Richard Hamilton, Bernard Heidsieck, Holger Hiller, Richard Huelsenbeck, Isidore Isou, Marcel Janco, Servie Janssen, Jasper Johns, Joe Jones, Thomas Kapielski, Allan Kaprow, Martin Kippenberger, Per Kirkeby, Cheri Knight, Milan Knizak, Richard Kriesche, Christina Kubisch, Laibach, John Lennon, Sol Lewitt, Roy Lichtenstein, Annea Lockwood, Paul McCarthy, Meredith Monk, Josef Felix Müller, Piotr Nathan, Hermann Nitsch, Albert Oehlen, Frank O’Hara, Claes Oldenburg, Yoko Ono, Dennis Oppenheim, Nam June Paik, Charlemagne Palestine, A.R. Penck, Tom Phillips, Robert Rauschenberg, The Red Crayola, Ursula Reuter Christiansen, Gerhard Richter, Jim Rosenquist, Dieter Roth, Gerhard Rühm, Robert Rutman, Sarkis, Thomas Schmit, Conrad Schnitzler, Kurt Schwitters, Selten Gehörte Musik, Richard Serra, Robert Smithson, Michael Snow, Keith Sonnier, Strafe für Rebellion, Jean Tinguely, Moniek Toebosch, Tristan Tzara, Ben Vautier, Yoshi Wada, Emmett Walsh, Andy Warhol, William Wegman, and Lawrence Weiner.


Published by Primary Information, 2019
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BLOCK, Ursula; GLASMEIER, Michael (eds.) - Broken Music