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ANDVIG, Kjersti G. ANDVIG, Kjersti G. Personne ici n'est innocent Torpedo Press Monographs 20€ 20€
BUGGE, Liv BUGGE, Liv To accept theirs, to make it mine, to wish it for myself Torpedo Press 2018 Artists' Books / Counterculture / Politics 26€ 26€
BUGGE, Liv; GAITAN, Juan BUGGE, Liv; GAITAN, Juan You Make Me Want To Die In The Country Side Torpedo Press Monographs / Artists' Books 25€ 25€
DIETRICHSON, Espen DIETRICHSON, Espen Sketches For A Mechanical Sunrise Torpedo Press Monographs 15€ 15€
ENGH, Marius ENGH, Marius An Aggregation of Adversary Torpedo Press Monographs 18€ 18€
ENGQVIST, Jonatan Habib (ed.) ENGQVIST, Jonatan Habib (ed.) In Dependence. Collaborations & Artists' Initiatives Torpedo Press Art Spaces / Anthologies 20€ 20€
FURU, Bodil FURU, Bodil The Aesthetics of Investigation Torpedo Press Monographs 25€ 25€
GARCIA, Dora GARCIA, Dora Segunda Vez: How Masotta Was Repeated Torpedo Press 2018 Art Theory / Performance / Politics 30€ 30€
GRØNLI, Lina Viste GRØNLI, Lina Viste Library Torpedo Press / MIT List Visual Arts Center 2015 Artists' Books / Artists' Writings 10€ 10€
GUNNES, Mai Hofstad GUNNES, Mai Hofstad Baby Snakes Hatching. Ruins. Ruins. Torpedo Press Monographs / Artists' Books 12€ 12€
HANSEN, Tone (ed.) HANSEN, Tone (ed.) What Does Public Mean? Torpedo Press Essays / Curatorial Studies / Politics 26€ 26€
HARALDSETH, Geir HARALDSETH, Geir Great! I've written something stupid but I haven’t signed a contract with anyone to produce solely wise and perfect works. Selected projects by Geir Haraldseth 2005-2012 Torpedo Press 2012 Art Theory / Essays 21€ 21€
HURUM, Marianne HURUM, Marianne Stretchers Torpedo Press Monographs / Artists' Books 12€ 12€
JONES, Nicholas John; WITHERS, Rachel (eds.) JONES, Nicholas John; WITHERS, Rachel (eds.) Don’t rest, narrate Torpedo Press 2021 Book Culture / Artists' Writings / Artists' Books 24€ 24€
KLIMAŠAUSKAS, Valentinas KLIMAŠAUSKAS, Valentinas B and/or an Exhibition guide in search of its exhibition Torpedo Press 2014 Curatorial Studies / Essays / Artists' Writings 18€ 18€
LANGDALEN, Erik Fenstad; PINOCHET, Andrea; SZCAKA, Léa-Catherine LANGDALEN, Erik Fenstad; PINOCHET, Andrea; SZCAKA, Léa-Catherine Concrete Oslo Torpedo Press 2018 Urban Studies / Architecture 30€ 30€
LARSSON, Karl LARSSON, Karl Poetical Assumption Torpedo Press / Jan Van Eyck Academie 2012 Poetry / Essays 11€ 11€
LENDING, Mari; HVATTUM, Mari (ed.) LENDING, Mari; HVATTUM, Mari (ed.) Modelling Time. The Permanent Collection 1925-2014 Torpedo Press Urban Studies / Exhibition Catalogues 30€ 30€
LIND, Maria; ZOLGHADR, Tirdad (eds.) LIND, Maria; ZOLGHADR, Tirdad (eds.) A Fiesta of Tough Choices Torpedo Press Art Theory / Essays 15€ 15€
OLA-PERSSON, Dan OLA-PERSSON, Dan Music for the video of Lars Laumann Torpedo Press LPs & EPs 26€ 26€
PRESTSÆTER, Ellef (ed.) PRESTSÆTER, Ellef (ed.) These are Situationist Times! Torpedo Press 2019 Monographs / Counterculture / Book Culture / Art History / Documents 38€ 38€
RANA, Matthew RANA, Matthew The Theory of the Square Torpedo Press 2014 Poetry 18€ 18€
SOLVOGNEN SOLVOGNEN When Santa Claus came to town – with Solvognen Torpedo Press Performance / Facsimile & Reprints / Politics 12€ 12€
STEYERL, Hito STEYERL, Hito Hito Steyerl Torpedo Press Monographs 10€ 10€
STORIHLE, Sille (ed.) STORIHLE, Sille (ed.) FRANK Torpedo Press 2021 Anthologies / Gender Studies / Queer Culture 30€ 30€
STORIHLE, Sille (ed.) STORIHLE, Sille (ed.) The Stonewall Nation Torpedo Press 2023 Documents / Essays / Queer Culture 20€ 20€
VISTE GRONLI, Lina VISTE GRONLI, Lina Sentences in English and other writings Torpedo Press Monographs / Artists' Books 12€ 12€