Practising Structures: India

"This book is the result of my first visit to Kolkata, India, from January to February 2020. [...]
Drawing became a daily practise for me in Kolkata. I bought a bunch of drawing paper and coloured pencils at an art supply shop. I kept the paper vertical and drew a basic framing line on every sheet as a way of beginning. [...] ‘Have you ever thought of being a barber who works in the open air under a huge bodhi-tree?’ ‘Have you ever thought about using bamboo sticks to climb up high walls?’ ‘Have you ever coloured an elephant green?’ I was drawing a roof so as to build it on the paper, so as to simulate seeing it above my head. I was drawing
a landscape so as to walk along the little path with my imagination. Drawing could be a series of imaginary attempts to simulate certain perceptible experiences. In this way, suitable for my introverted nature, I found a daily exercise for diving into an everchanging structure." (Sachi Miyachi, excerpt from introduction)


Published by n.k.g. publications, 2023
Artists' Books / Monographs

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MIYACHI, Sachi - Practising Structures: India