YAMAMOTO, Aya; NODA, Yoshiko
Onigiri Koro Koro

Perfect for lunch or a snack, easy to cook and handy to take with you, onigiri are the Japanese comfort food par excellence and can be made in so many different ways. Starting with the ones suggested in this book, where two authors – both born in Japan but living in Italy for many years – share recipes, tips and even a fairy tale where onigiri play a key role.

Aya Yamamoto, who opened her Gastronomia Yamamoto in Milan with the idea of introducing people to the customs and dishes that are part of Japanese people's daily lives, is back to work with Yocci on a new illustrated cookbook, following Yocci’s Menu. A notebook of Japanese recipes (2019). In the same playful and light-hearted style, with meticulous explanations and lots of trivia, Onigiri koro koro celebrates a simple and very popular recipe, showing us once again just one of the tastiest ways to get to know another culture: through food.

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Published by Corraini Edizioni, 2022
Food Culture

Price: 20€

YAMAMOTO, Aya; NODA, Yoshiko - Onigiri Koro Koro