HEGRAY, Hendrik; DELABORDE, Jonas (eds.)
Nazi Knife #11

When only the best is good enough … it means it’s time for Hendrik Hegray and Jonas Delaborde to get a new issue of Nazi Knife to the printer! NK #11 goes back to the small, perfect bound format of the first ones, and gathers contributions (if I got it well?) from Jeff Hartford, Andy Bolus, Romaric Sobac, C.F., Stéphane Prigent, Anne Bourse, Ola Vasiljeva, Jean Agassi, Jocko Weyland, Yu Matsuoka, Pat Maherr, Cyrille Le Vély, Hotu, Marc Matchak, Eden Editions, Rafael Delacruz, Jacques Noël, Philipp Simon, Ian Flynn, and of course Jonas Delaborde and Hendrik Hegray.

Published by BATT COOP / Nazi Knife, 2018
Zines / Artists' Books

Price: 20€

HEGRAY, Hendrik; DELABORDE, Jonas (eds.) - Nazi Knife #11