Image Diplomacy

An artistic research on the political construction of representations of socialist and capitalist modernity during the Cold War, through a history of exhibitions.This publication documents Vladislav Shapovalov's eponymous long-term project, and includes a selection of previously unpublished documents from archives in Russia, Italy and the United States, with the aim to shed light on the unknown aspects of the struggle between capitalist and socialist modernities through the means of traveling exhibitions during the Cold War. Vladislav Shapovalov's artistic research "Image Diplomacy" compares neglected cultural and political heritage of the Soviet exhibitionary complex with the story of the world tour of The Family of Man exhibition, nowadays reconstructed at Clervaux Castle, Luxembourg and included in the UNESCO Memory of the World list. The book combines documentary materials with the original contributions of renowned scholars and offers a new perspective on the topics of display and politics of representation from the time when visual culture and exhibition design were capable of shaping political imaginary and forming transnational communities. [publisher's note]

Published by Mousse Publishing, 2020
Curatorial Studies

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