Documents for Contemporary Art: Health

In an era of fitness programmes, record antidepressant usage, nutrition counselling and health-management apps, wellness is one of the defining issues of contemporary life, dictating every intimate aspect of our lives. Historically, art has been entwined with the values of medicine, beauty and the productive body that have defined the western scientific paradigms; contemporary artists are increasingly confronting and reshaping these ideologies, critically tackling illness and impairment in their practice while changing ableist institutional dynamics. At a moment in which epidemics and global warming menace all forms of life, this anthology engages with the ways the vulnerability of our bodies and the maladies that seize them also reveal structural aspects of our societies, exposing how health intersects with sexuality, ethnicity, gender, class and coloniality. By reclaiming other realities, beyond a state of health as a norm, this reader questions the myths, stigmas and cultural attitudes that shape normative perceptions, ultimately revealing the interdependence of our entangled existences. [publisher's note]

With newly commissioned texts by artists Mahmoud Khaled and Patrick Staff; new essays by curator Clare Barlow on disability in the museum and curator Portia Malatjie on the work of Dineo Seshee Bopape; and two recent texts on Covid-19 by writers Anne Boyer and Filipa Ramos.

Artists surveyed include Oreet Ashery, Lucy Beech, Lorenza Böttner, Canaries & Taraneh Fazeli, Grupo Chaclacayo, Anne Charlotte Robertson, Patricia Domínguez, Dora García, Felix González-Torres, Luke Fowler, Tamar Guimarães, Joseph Grigely, Gran Fury, Johanna Hedva, Mujeres Creando, Carolyn Lazard, Simone Leigh, Park McArthur, Pedro Neves Marques, Tabita Rezaire, Jo Spence, Christine Sun Kim, Pedro Reyes, David Wojnarowicz.

Writers include Aimar Arriola & Nancy Garín, Khairani Barokka, Dodie Bellamy, Rizvana Bradley, Eli Clare, Alice Hattrick & Naomi Pearce, Theodore (ted) Kerr & Alexandra Juhasz, Eve Kosofsky Sedgwick, R.D. Laing, Miguel A. López, Catalina Lozano, Audre Lorde, Margarida Mendes, Peter Pál Pelbart, Maria Puig de la Bellacasa, Susan Sontag, Paul B. Preciado, Mary Walling Blackburn, Simon Watney & Sunil Gupta.

Published by Whitechapel Gallery, 2021
Health / Artists' Writings

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RODRIGUEZ MUNOZ, Bárbara - Documents for Contemporary Art: Health