LPPL with Åbäke

It starts in the kitchen in 2014, tentatively showing that a fish is not necessarily rectangular or breaded. Once cleaned, the bones of the animal kingdom eaten by LPPL and åbäke found a new life as dinosaurs interpreted and imagined by LPPL. John Dory, ducks, chicken, squirrels, garfish, pheasants and cows rise again as T-regina, Ankylosaurus or the diplodoclus.

In 2021, the dinosaurs are gathered together in Troika’s proto-studio in London, photographed by Angus Mill for this publication.

Published by Dent-De-Leone, 2021
Design by Åbäke
Children's Books / Artists' Books

Price: 25€

LPPL with Åbäke - Diplodocus

LPPL with Åbäke - Diplodocus

LPPL with Åbäke - Diplodocus