EDJABE, Ntone (ed.)
The Chimurenga Chronic. New Cartographies (March 2015)

We understand the role of cartography as a tool of imperialism. However, in this edition of The Chronic, we ask: what if maps were made by Africans for their own use, to understand and make visible their own realities or imaginaries? How does it shift the perception we have of ourselves and how we make life on this continent? We don’t have an easy answer, nor will we find one alone. Together with the Kenyan literary magazine Kwani? we’ve invited writers and artists to produce this new language, in words and images. [publisher’s note]

This edition is produced in Cape Town, Nairobi, Johannesburg, Lagos, Luanda, Abidjan, Barbados, Mombasa, Katanga, Kampala, Kinshasa, Dar es Salaam, Malabo, Tripoli, and Slemani and distributed globally. Contributors include Achille Mbembe, Philippe Rekacewicz, Billy Kahora, Chris Abani, Yvonne Owuor, Yemisi Ogbe, Agri Ismail, Sinzo Aanza, Antonio Andrade Tomas, Stacy Hardy, Kiluanji Kia Henda, Francis Burger, Nolan Dennis, Wendell Hassan Marsh, Stefano Harney and Tonika Sealy and others.

The supplement Chronic Books notably comprises an essay by André Naffis-Sahely on the new cultural politics of the Emirates, a text by Kwanele Sisobo on poet and singer Bigg Dogg, and a conversation between writer Jamal Mahjoub and Stacy Hardy.

Published by Chimurenga, 2015
Periodicals / Postcolonial Studies / Economy / Politics / Book Culture

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EDJABE, Ntone (ed.) - The Chimurenga Chronic. New Cartographies (March 2015)