FORTI, Simone; LO PINTO, Luca (ed.)
Simone Forti: News Animations

The book is the complete collection of Simone Forti’s News Animations, one of the works that best reveal her artistic practice. The news and, more broadly, the most pressing issues of the global socio-political situation, are used to explore the potential of language, its dimensions, and its combination with dance, movements, words, images, and music. Simone Forti has always “danced” the news, it’s the way she tells them. But, above all, it’s the way she internalizes them, feels them, and processes them. Through a stream of consciousness, the artist grants voice and body to thoughts about the world, its conflicts, war, injustices, and inequalities. The volume collects Simone Forti’s News Animations from 1980 to 2018 – through the transcriptions of the performances (some being collaborations with the likes of Jeremiah Day, Fred Dewey, Manny Rabbit, Batyah Schachter) images, and drawings – seeking to capture their spirit, their poetic stance and, mostly, understand how they manage to describe the society and the world we live in. [publisher’s note]


Published by Nero, 2021
Design by NERO
Artists' Writings / Performance / Dance

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FORTI, Simone; LO PINTO, Luca (ed.) - Simone Forti: News Animations