MILLER, Nicole; MACKLER, Lauren (eds.)
Michael in Black by Nicole Miller

Michael in Black by Nicole Miller focuses on a single sculptural work by artist and filmmaker Nicole Miller: Michael in Black (2018), a bronze cast of Michael Jackson’s kneeling figure, poured from a mold made directly from his body circa 1987. This charged object comprises myriad aspects of performance, celebrity, and image: the objecthood of the performer, the potency and perversity of objects, death, grief, and editing. This sculpture is an outlier in Nicole Miller’s largely video and installation-centered work, though it excavates some concerns she has similarly articulated in moving image: her recurring interest in the self- performance of her film subjects; the dehumanizing effects of the mass gaze; the celebrity as a host object for contemporary projections; the tactility of film; the sculptural qualities of editing; and the potential for self- storytelling to reconstitute an individual’s wholeness.

The publication coalesces images of Miller’s work alongside newly commissioned texts and visual artworks by a cast of other artists and writers, as well as republished texts and existing artwork recontextualized through the publication’s subject.

Michael in Black by Nicole Miller features new texts byNegar Azimi, Hannah Black, Jared Sexton, and Greg Tate; republished texts by Pier Paolo Pasolini, Anna Deavere Smith, and Ocean Vuong; interviews with Dr. Yvonne Cagle, Alonzo King, Nicole Miller, and Bradford Young; artworks by Nikita Gale, Kazu Hiro, Ligia Lewis, and Jasper Marsalis; as well as additional plates by Lutz Bacher, Manuel Álvarez Bravo, Todd Gray, Lyle Ashton Harris, Arthur Jafa, Deana Lawson, Herman Makkink, A. Michael Noll, Heji Shin, and others. [publishers’ note]

Published by Public Fiction / CARA, 2022
Design by Lauren Mackler
Artists' Books / Anthologies / Cultural Studies / Scenes

Price: 26€

MILLER, Nicole; MACKLER, Lauren (eds.) - Michael in Black by Nicole Miller

MILLER, Nicole; MACKLER, Lauren (eds.) - Michael in Black by Nicole Miller