ACKER, Kathy
In Memoriam to Identity

In this characteristically sexy, daring, and hyperliterate novel, Kathy Acker interweaves the stories of three characters who share the same tragic flaw: a predilection for doomed, obsessive love. Rimbaud, the delinquent symbolist prodigy, is deserted by his lover Verlaine time and time again. Airplane takes a job dancing at Fun City, the seventh tier of the sex industry, in order to support her good-for-nothing boyfriend. And Capitol feels alive only when she’s having sex with her brother Quentin. In Memoriam to Identity is at once a revelatory addition to, and irreverent critique of, the literature of decadence and self-destruction. [publishers’ note]

Published by Grove Press, 1990

Price: 18€

ACKER, Kathy - In Memoriam to Identity