Feast of the Ass event
5 April 2024 07:00PM

We are delighted to welcome the booklaunch of Feast of the Ass, by Jahan Khajavi, published by Ugly Duckling Presse!

Those honeyed faces of the revolution

have only just begun to unveil themselves,

revealing mind-plans full of resolution.

Were they to fail, they'd only fail themselves

since the world resists assisting in their pligt—

when they succeed, it will expose they might

& we, the asses of the revolution,

will be ready to avail ourselves.

Using Iranian verse traditions such as rubaiyat and ghazal, practiced during the 11th- and 13- century, Jahan Khajavi composes poems in which the sacred and profane fuck on the page.


 - Feast of the Ass event