Texte Zur Kunst 30/120 The Feminist

“Exactly three decades after the inaugural issue of TZK was published, we return to the question of where the hard-won and still-embattled rights of women* stand. With this issue, entitled ‘The Feminist’, we celebrate 30 years of controversial discussions about contemporary art and culture. We have invited 30 artists, critics, curators, and theorists of art and culture to talk about a cultural object that they believe is currently of particular interest from a feminist perspective. In highlighting feminist discourses that are especially relevant to the present moment, this issue should illustrate the plurality of thinkers who contribute to feminist projects today. A gesture to the unity and the alliances that critique grounded in solidarity can build!”
—from the editorial by Isabelle Graw, Katharina Hausladen, and Genevieve Lipinsky de Orlov.

With contributions by Isabelle Graw, Jeanetta Rich, Mirjam Thomann, Amanda Schmitt, Christian Liclair, Juliane Rebentisch, Jessica Aimufua, Katharina Hausladen, Nikita Gale, Beate Söntgen, Stacey Gillian Abe, Genevieve Lipinsky de Orlov, Taylor Le Melle, Victoria Sin, Julia Heldt, Nadja Abt, Alina Astrova, Astrid Mania, Hanna Magauer, Brigitte Weingart, Paul Niedermayer, Keren Cytter, Steven Warwick, Bini Adamczak, Raphaela Vogel, Miriam Zeh, Lili Reynaud-Dewar, Violaine Huisman, Trakal …

Published by Texte Zur Kunst, 2020
Periodicals / Art Theory / Feminism

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TEXTE ZUR KUNST (ed.) - Texte Zur Kunst 30/120 The Feminist